64.) The Wind Child Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (Part 2)
Run, run, anywhere is fine I need to run.
How many times have I been thinking I was dead? And I have already lost count of how many times my belly screaming to be filled.
I refuse to depend on someone.
Seeing someone you know lose their life because of is hard.
Run, run, I don’t care where is it I just wanted to run.
I don’t know how long I have been crying, And I already can’t count how many times I wish this was all but a dream.
The castle and the town must have been burnt down by now.
Everything I have known no longer there, from now on I can only see those sceneries inside my mind.
Run, run, I need to run somewhere.
Remembering those happy memories from the past, I think dead is a better option right now.
And then, I become alone.
I have no one else left.
I was really the only one left in this world.
After that, I have decided one thing.
I won’t cry anymore.
I will, for certain won’t let any tears drop from my eyes.
Because I have forgotten those memories…
My clothes, my cane, everything has been taken away from me.
I’m no longer a princess.
Those memories of the past are all false.
Because it was a false memory, I don’t need to cry anymore.
Even my tears have gone dry.
The world turned into such a gloomy place in my eyes.
Even though I was just a child, I already understand.
Even though I was just a child, I already know that everyone has gone.
Don’t cry
You can’t cry Charlotte, because right now you are alone fighting in this bitter world.
I hate this world.
I hate this world to the point I don’t want to cry one it.
Even though I have resolved myself not to cry, I can’t stop my tears when I saw that boy come towards me.
It was a really terrible failure I have made.

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