Hey guys, sorry for the long radio silence.

Just got home and finally decent connection to upload. This one is the unedited version. I will update it once I have the edited ver.

So for now, please enjoy

Piggy Duke 94

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  1. Thanks fir the chapter, this was a good one.

  2. She prefers dem love handles, I see.

  3. Thanks for the chapter MASTAH!!

  4. thought there will never be update anymore, turns out i was wrong. thanks for the chapter, it was refreshing to read, after one month of rereading the same stuff again and again.

  5. thanks for the release but some part of the chapter is hard to read. please re-read it for proofreading/need beta readers.

  6. Thanks for the chapter man, what cliffhangers that author xD also i wonder if this is like r15 cause the develpment is kinda mild , as compare to others web novels

  7. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    That l-last part did s-she just say “My personal Mr. piggy”? buhii! she’s awakening!!

  8. Thanks for the chapter, but yes it’s hard to read because it’s unedited right?
    Any ideas when will the edited version be completed?

  9. Um, you know you forgot to post this to Patreon, right?

    • Hello, yes i forgot to post it on patreon, and I have still haven’t accesed patreon ever since. Sorry, it was really slipped my mind since I become busy.

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