Hello and sorry


I will try to rush as fast as possible another 4 chapters until this arc end.  after that, I will try to finish the rest of Din no Monshu chapter 1 (part 2~4) and chapter 2. Din no monshu was, much harder than I expected, I was forced to learn more since it wasn’t as simple as Piggy Duke. but don’t worry, I will still continue piggy Duke until the end (this will answer some of your question).

oh yeah, I will become more and more busy from now on (I hate it but need the money) I hope you guys could understand.

and please welcome our proofreader


oh and if you guys interested we have a new discord channel (still learning how to set inside it though)

please join us if you have some time to waste!!


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  1. ;-;) thank you for the clarify, i am happy that you will continue the series until the end, it makes feel at ease now, haha. ^-^))

  2. thank you thank you thank you

    awesome fight! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this chapter.

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