Sorry, no chapter this week.

Hey guys, it was truly unfortunate. I can’t post any chapter this week. I had some unlucky days it made impossible for me and my team to do any kind of translation or even our RL project.

I know I often delayed posting the chap, and I really feelings bad about it.

We will try our best after we take care of things here. Don’t worry we will not stop translating this one and also we will translating din no monshu starting next week.

Hope you guys can forgive us and be patience.

And once again, we are truly sorry.

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  1. My feelings goes with the word disappointed and ruined will be my companion for the rest of the day. Cant help it then, i really wish to read the next chapter though, i hope that things on your side are going to be okay, soon., Hopefully.

  2. RL is known for its tendency of shoving you around. Otherwise it wouldn’t be RL but some light novel! 😀
    By the way… would you be interested in a dedicated proofreader? I really enjoy this novel and I think I could add to it with improved grammar.
    And yes, I admit I just want to read the chapters a bit earlier than everyone else 😛

    • Sure friend I would be happy to! It’s just……….my working hour was still such a mess. Sometime I have a whole lot of time, sometimes I just to busy with project it makes me unmotivated to do any thing. If you don’t mind such a hectic schedule then…..WE WOULD LOVE TOO !! ( TTATT)> #cryingwhilerolling

      • Great, so we just need a way of keeping contact and exchange these chapters. You could hit me up on Discord (Xinshou, same as here). Any other idea?

        • Hmmmm, should I make a discord channel? I think it will be easier doing it on discord

          • You are the TL, so you call the shots. You like discord – you know how to find me. You like Skype – I will reactivate my old account. You want to do it via online sheets – I’m all for it 😀

  3. kevin springfield

    February 12, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    What happened?

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