Month: February 2019

Nuooooo, another 3 minute

No comment here!!! 2 minutes before the date change!!

Piggy duke 92

Din no monshu vol2 chp 1 (1 of 4)


Din no monshu will be in part until I am done with the current piggy duke’s ark


Sorry, no chapter this week.

Hey guys, it was truly unfortunate. I can’t post any chapter this week. I had some unlucky days it made impossible for me and my team to do any kind of translation or even our RL project.

I know I often delayed posting the chap, and I really feelings bad about it.

We will try our best after we take care of things here. Don’t worry we will not stop translating this one and also we will translating din no monshu starting next week.

Hope you guys can forgive us and be patience.

And once again, we are truly sorry.

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