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This chapter was hard…. I think there might be still a few mistakes here and there even after I take my time asking my friend to edit it.

And here is the chap, pls enjoy.

Piggy Duke 91

And starting from February, I will do as I promised to you! because finally, we can finally start this series!

the title? oh if you forget what I said before then please wait at February 7th, I will post the first.

And thank you RTD since you gave us permission to do this series >.<)

Oh btw, Mr. maniac will be the one who translates this new series.  He and I currently working in the same project and since the project come to a halt he will do this series for fun (lol).

Chapter 1 Eight years later

“- 500 years ago, the evil spirit followed by demons, attacked the continent.

The evil spirit swallowed northern countries one by one, fought with the empire which has the greatest power.
At that time, Countries on the continent had broken up in 16 countries.

They united and faced the evil spirit.
The death of the empire which has the greatest power, that means the death of the continent.

Eventually, the foundation of human rule collapses from its root.

Each country mobilized magicians and soldiers they had, without regret.
Four magicians at the time who fought as the leading line.

We call them, “Four genius/virtue on the continent”.

The first four who take the name destroyed the evil spirit and catch him.
The soldiers of both camps collapsing one after another.

However, the four genius/virtue of the continent and all the soldiers of the continent fought over the tribe,

Finally succeeded in sealing the evil spirit.
However, the price was great.

Countries that are affected by the decisive battle with demons.

They repeatedly divided and integrated.

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