Month: January 2019

Sorry for the new delay and a new teaser

Hey guys~ sorry for the delay.

This chapter was hard…. I think there might be still a few mistakes here and there even after I take my time asking my friend to edit it.

And here is the chap, pls enjoy.

Piggy Duke 91

And starting from February, I will do as I promised to you! because finally, we can finally start this series!

the title? oh if you forget what I said before then please wait at February 7th, I will post the first.

And thank you RTD since you gave us permission to do this series >.<)

Oh btw, Mr. maniac will be the one who translates this new series.  He and I currently working in the same project and since the project come to a halt he will do this series for fun (lol).

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To our fellow pig lover

Aaaaaand I have return~

well, that was fun and educating, especially for the ‘pronunciation’ class.

That class makes my tongue cramp, but somehow I survive it and rather miss my English course there now…..

Oh well, that is my current situation and now for your chapter

Piggy duke 89

Piggy duke 90

And I won’t forget to thank you to each and every one of you who still support me.

Especially to my dear patreon for their contributions.

First Last

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Sam hylton

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PS. you can expect the next chapter in the next 48 hour. currently editing and also re-read it since it was longer chapter than usual.

Happy (late) new yeeear~


Hello guys~

We are back in action!

Well even though I said ‘get back in action’, I am still occupied with my job, lol.

So, since I will join an intense English course for a week starting from the 10th this month, hoping I can increase my translation quality.

And thank you guys for your support, and especially my patreon

First Last

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