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Heya~ sorry, these 2 chapters should be posted on Saturday but I totally forgot about posting it. I am currently trying to TL Din no Monshu (if I’m not mistaken). it has a good story, so I really am interested to TL that.

Without further delay here is your chapter guys~ as usual, please tell me if I did something wrong there.

chapter 79


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  1. Thank you very much for the chapters!

  2. Thanks For update

  3. I remember reading Din no Monshou , sad when it was dropped

  4. Hey so while i appreciate the translation and all have you considered a proofreader? Having another set of eyes look something over is a good practice in general, but doubly so here because frankly the constant and severe spelling and grammatical errors make for a painful reading experience. Just food for thought.

    • thank you for your suggestion. I once have a proofreader for this series, but since we were troubled by things like distance and things like work and study she needs to back off before it disturbed her RL. Right now I was still looking for a proofreader, then when I try to find one, surprisingly the one answering was another TL-er. he will be the one responsible for Din no Monshu later. Thank you for your concern though, I will try looking harder for a proofreader.

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