Month: October 2018

Last Chapter fo the month I guess?

Hello guys~

Sorry, I guess This will be the last chapter for this month. Hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 81

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Now for Stela news~ (you can just ignore it since it will be just an update about what will happen next)

We have bad news and good news,

the good news is…

We got new TL-er for Din no Monshu!!!

But the bad news is

I still waiting for permission to TL the series……

anyway, someone told me to search for proofreader.  I’ll try my best searching for a good one.  Wish me luck guys~

Now, let’s sleep…..

Here is the next chapter

Heya~ sorry, these 2 chapters should be posted on Saturday but I totally forgot about posting it. I am currently trying to TL Din no Monshu (if I’m not mistaken). it has a good story, so I really am interested to TL that.

Without further delay here is your chapter guys~ as usual, please tell me if I did something wrong there.

chapter 79


Ya hello~

Hello guys, sorry I was disappearing for quite a while, fear not I’m not dropping this series, just some problem after another. and here is the chapter.

I won’t hold you more than necessary but before I give you the chapter I need to say thank you to my patreon

you guys are awesome and so patience waiting for me. And also thank you for x 19 and time for your support, I will try my best to be better!!……………..If I’m not tired enough from my work tho.

chapter 77

chapter 78


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