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it’s just a quick and short chapter so I guess I will post it early.

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the below is just a mere request and answer some of the comment’s question. So here is the chapter

Chapter 76

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Oh, and can you suggest me a novel that I could TL in the meantime?

I mean I will take Japanese proficiency language test by the end of this year, so I need to train reading more.

So, besides this novel and the one I did TL but will not update again, Is there any suggestion?

Oh, but please don’t give me a novel that looked like Bakemonogatari….. I loved it, but it kills me….coz whenever I read a novel, I always prepared a thick dictionary that could easily be passed as a blunt weapon. And sometimes it even doesn’t have some word that was written in that novel!!

So, yeah, I need a new novel a bit harder than this novel to TL but not as hard Bakemonogatari….

oh and there is a question from sir echo,

“By any chance are the chapters sequence messed up or skipped ? just started reading and reached the second part, but it becomes very hard to read now because I felt like the chapters are jumping here and there… “

the sequence I TL are following the sequence from the original page HERE.

at least there is no chapter skipped as far as I know for now…..For now, that is…..

And I’m sorry it becomes hard to read for you. I was still in the process of learning how to TL in a good way (my goal was to be at least as good as the one one who TL shield bro).

Well, that was the update, thank you for coming~ see you later~