TOC FIXED!!!…….for now that is

Hey,  guys~

TOC fixed for Piggy Duke~ you can check out the page for TOC and tell me how I can improve it~

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Oh And don’t forget to buy The LN or the manga once it came to your country.

……….maybe it needs 3 or 4 more years for the LN and manga to enter your country, but at least we contribute?

Chapter 69

Chapter 70


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  1. Thank you for the fast upload.
    So just like back then with Charlott when all the wind spirits were afraid because Art Ange was enraged all the now all the light spirits are afraid, but why don’t they guide him to Yolem to help the princess out like the wind spirits did back then and have the piggy duke make a contract with the great light spirit?

  2. i like how you say toc fixed when it doesnt include the chapters listed on this page 😛

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