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It’s not a piggy duke but something new.

hello guys~ whats up???

this time It’s not a release for our beloved piggy guy but something new. it was called


you can check the synopsis from above. and if you like it, try check this


If you like it I will start this series too…….if there is one already TL it first…..

BUUUUUUUUUT I need to remind you it was 4 times the piggy duke length, so I can’t tl it as fast as the piggy duke.

and personally I kinda find this story was a challenge for me since it was harder (for me personally) than the piggy duke. So I’m so sorry if there are still a lot of miss tl or mistype here. This kind of long chapter was a first for me.

please tell me if there was something you want me to improve…..besides the speed release of course.

And THANK YOU Chase Erickson for your patreon, I will try my best to become better and better each day.

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Will go to another world for this weekend

Hello guys,  stela is back in action!

this time the story is from Karina hime POV~ Oh and I will disappear this weekend since OW just reset it’s rank and need to relax once in a while~

And as always, thank you for your support by keep reading my TL. and don’t be shy to support me by the link below~




and here is your chapter boys

Chapter 71


TOC FIXED!!!…….for now that is

Hey,  guys~

TOC fixed for Piggy Duke~ you can check out the page for TOC and tell me how I can improve it~

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……….maybe it needs 3 or 4 more years for the LN and manga to enter your country, but at least we contribute?

Chapter 69

Chapter 70


Should Fix the TOC soon…..

Hey guys, Stela is back~

….well it’s unscheduled as usual….but hey let’s see the bright side, There is a new chapter here!

well, the story is getting near to the climax for this arc, I hope it will be an exciting arc and I REALLY wish to deliver it to you guys with a minimum mistake so can enjoy it to the fullest.

Oh, if you wondering why did I post my chapter so late…..Actually, it was because of a novel that I have been waiting for to be TLed finally here….


it was……soooooo good~ soooo good it made me forget about my own translation…….so you can blame the translator there why did he/she have to pick up such a good novel….if you never read it before, try it.

And thank you for William and first last for your patronage, I will try harder to fulfill your expectation!

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anyway here is the next chapter

Chapter 68

…….Oh yeah, I need to fix the ToC……..

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