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Here comes the loves

OMG this chapter really makes me wanted to bite Charlotte!!

thank you for your support guys, And I can’t stop thanking my patreon for their massive support for me.

there are another 30 chapters before this story arc done, Hope I can tl it faster.

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alright guys without further ado please  enjoy the chapter

Chapter 67

Chapter 65 and 66 is heeeereee

Hello hello~ Stela is back in action again.

here is first chapter of the month, you can expect the next chapter a bit faster.

Chapter 65 is just a short story while chapter 66 is the continuation.

oh Yeah, thank you to my Patreon that always support me in this harsh world, and also you guys that has been giving me so much attention on my TL!! it really makes me happy that someone still supporting this small TL team of mine.

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without further ado, let’s start the party!!

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

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