Chapter 58 and 59

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this chapter should be last week chapter but I forgot about it entirely because of my project.

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Chapter 59&60

Chapter 59&60 with ads

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  1. wheres chapter 60?

  2. Thx for the Chapter~!

  3. thediabolicalgenius

    March 18, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Thanks for the chapters Stela.
    It’s just a shame they’re always so short. Especially now that big things are happening. Just as I start to anticipate something happening the chapter ends and in the next we’re looking at someone else.
    Well, I’m not getting a good feeling from those Knights. I’m betting that when Slow finally does arrive both they and the noble in charge will be more worried about themselves and will abandon the academy. “Oh it can’t be helped, the princess is here, we have to protect her!” is what they’ll say, but in reality they’re just unwilling to go into a fight where they aren’t guaranteed to win.

    • I was also surprised, these chapter are getting shorter and shorter (not like I complained about them since it makes me easier to TL it through phone), but I really want to skip these Freakin’ filler already TAT) I’m losing my patience with these filler. I wanna read the main story already!!

  4. It’s getting so good! Thanks for the chapters!

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