Month: February 2018

Chapter 57 here~

Yha guys~ how do you do?

hmmm, before I said anything I wanted to inform you, I think this site will have quite an error for a while like it can’t be accessed or such.

well that was because there will be some server maintance or so they say.

Hmmm, one last thing.


you do help me a lot about patreon and stuff, I will try my best starting the next month!!

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Chapter 57

Chapter 57 ads

Chapter 55&56

Hey guys~

sorry, Got caught up by my boss and being kept a few days working some sudden document.

both of these only a few filler, I hope you guys could bare till the next release with this

well without further delay, this is the chap~

Chapter 55 with ads

Chapter 55

Chapter 56 with ads

Chapter 56 

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Chapter 54

First one *Huffpuff

Chapter 54

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Chapter 53

Hello, there my friend~!

still alive and kicking, and right now I have good news and bad news.

The good news is I have a free time next week! *clap clap clap so you can expect 2 or 3 chapter (and please pray that my boss not calling me or you can be sure I can’t TL).

Fun right?! Yeaaaah!!

And now for the bad news that everyone has been waiting for!!!!!

……I forgot that this month is the deadline for me to pay for this site yearly fee…..

And I blew my paycheck for this month for Hack./G.U and ff12………

I know I know I am being stupid here.

But I can’t help it!!! I have money in my hand, and those 2 was the game I loved!! …

….And before I realized it I blew my meager monthly pay…hahahaha…hahaha….haaaaa…. please don’t follow this idiotic translator money managing style…..

Oh, and before someone ask if I get paid for the ads,  I did have some income from there until September I think? but after that is seems the link can’t be fixed and it can’t generate any income after that.

So I need a suggestion, should I activate those accursed ad clicks again?

Anyway please enjoy~

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