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-Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

41.) Finally the mercenary starting to move!?


(Slow POV)


After I came back to my room, without delay I opened the drawer on my desk.

I took out the note that I had a while back when I was still remember things vividly and the map of Yolem that I made personally. On that map there are a lot of crosses marked there, they were places that I indicated as hiding places for the mercenaries that currently are on Yolem.


[What a perfect timing Silva]


Knowing that Silva is also accompanying Martini Cardinal who is leading the Royal Army towards Yolem was a surprise even for me.

He didn’t wrote about it in detail but in general he was talking about the test to choose the ‘Guardian’.

Princess Karina, the next queen of Daris.

Even for me who watched the anime I only know about her information and not once I have ever seen her.

Even though I am kinda intrigued in what kind of person she is, now is not the time.


I believe that the real Aruru-sensei must be kept Inside on one of those many hiding spots on Yolem.

And then my window suddenly opened when a black bird that has sharp talons just like an eagle comes flying into the room, the bird wearing a hat that look liked the one a postman used on its head.


[Is it a Rocket bird? Silva really did it now]


For the masses, this bird is one of the fastest birds in the delivery industry.

It needs quite a big sum of money if someone wants to borrow this bird.


[I leave it you to get this letter to him okay?]




[Buhi!? What was that sound you made!?]


It surprised me! I didn’t know there was a bird with this kind of sound.

Then I pat it’s head and attached my letter and also the map that I turned into a small scroll to it’s feet. When I’m done with that I hurriedly went to school’s gate by jumping through my window.




[Buhi, hiihii, buhii, hiihii]



While I was running towards the school gate while producing sound effects, a fat black cat came out of nowhere and just floated around easily with the wind.

Aah, I see. It is already the time for its report.


[Slow. Just now that woman went to that big building there while watching everything around her]




Every student whom I have passed just saw me talking by himself and looked at me weirdly, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR STARES AT ALL!

It’s not my fault that no one can’t see this great spirit-san’s body here! It will only bring trouble though if they could see it! It would made such a shocking scene if like me they could see a black cat flying around freely in the air!


[It was the old building that you always ran around it nyaa~]


The building I always ran around it?


[The old research facility!]


[I think that’s it nya~]


Right now people are already prohibited from entering that former school building.

It was once a research building that was used by the teachers for their magic experiments and because of that, by now it has been reduced to tatters.

Because there is a high possibility for that building to collapse, people were forbidden to enter that place and that is the reason no one comes near it, the exact same place that I have been using it for my morning run.


[Finally you made your move. In that case, hey Art Ange, would you mind searching the research facility and find out is there a bottle that has a perfume inside of it?]


[Perfume nyaa~?]


[It is a monster attracting perfume. It has a blue border with clear liquid inside it]


[It is really troublesome but I will do it nyaa~. Then, what will Slow do after this nyaa~]


[I will go straight to the forest and see for myself what is the situation on the dungeon there. Oh yeah, before I forget. When you have finished searching for that perfume… you can go back to Charlotte’s side]


When I mentioned Charlotte’s name, the scene before with her flashed on my mind.



I have told her that “I like her”.

And then Charlotte’s face reddened.

Even when my head has been full with this dungeon problem, my mind keep wandering to her place…


Aah, right.

I have become the white piggy duke aren’t I?

I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what kind of face should I use when I meet her next time.




While riding the wind like it always did, the great wind spirit looked at me weirdly.


[I’m the great spirit that will do any discreet things as long as Slow ask me nyaa~. But why did your face became red when you said Charlotte’s name nyaa~?]




It seems my face was also turned red.

Well… I don’t even need to think why did my face turned red.


[…I just confessed my feelings to Charlotte]


Yes , I just told her my feelings.

I have been holding this feeling of mine for a long time, and right now it’s still piping hot just like a fresh grilled steak.

Just remembering that scene from before makes my face to boil.

I shuddered for a moment there.

The harder I was  tried not to think about it, the pinker my mind became.








That’s right! That’s right!

I have somewhat confessed to her!

I had to somehow leave just like that in a hurry even before I heard her reply!

While I was running with the great wind spirit, I was agonizing for what I did.




[Whoa that surprised me!! Hey guys look, the piggy duke is running while shouting some weird sounds!!!]


The students who saw me had this ‘don’t want to get close to that thing’ kind of face while watching me running.

I can’t help it! My face is hot! It is piping hot! It is just like burning! I can’t help to just want to move my own body!


[I will find that perfume ASAP nyaa~! And then I can see how that girl Charlotte will look after getting confessed nyaaaaa~!!!]


The great wind spirit looked so happy that it’s just rolling up into the sky and went straight toward the research facility where Aruru-sensei was.

Disgusting! Why the heck did it used that kind of move!?

As usual, the great wind spirit do the things that it usually does.

Geez, how come the wind spirit is called elegant by the people?

The existence of this wind spirit kind of leader is far from what you call elegant!




Well then, time for a dash! I ran at full speed toward the school’s gate.

Buhi! Dungeon, here I come! Let’s put that barrier and come home early today!!


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-Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

40.) A Dungeon!?


The top floor of the staff’s building was the headmaster room, it was a vast open room that could also be said to be a paradise for the water spirits.

After I knock on the door to the headmaster’s room then I quickly got inside, the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei have been waiting there for me.


[Slow-kun. Just outside of this academy, we found a dungeon in the Forest of the lost, it’s weird how we couldn’t find that dungeon until now because that dungeon is a big one]


Eh, Dungeon!?

It’s a word that I have never imagined to be encountered here.

In that vast forest just outside this academy there is a dungeon, even I, the one who have knowledge from the anime, didn’t know it existed.

Right now rokomoko-sensei just silently closed his eyes and folded his hand in front of him.

I was staring at the headmaster face in disbelief.

Somehow his face looked to be so worn out, and the water spirits, as if trying to lighten headmaster’s burden, they are coming close to him.


[It’s really was a coincidence that Rokomoko found it when he was searching for an easy monster to train the students. These days Rokomoko and I have been trying our best to go inside there… It really took our all just to do that. I thought we both were enough to do it, but I guess with only the two of us we can’t reach the bottom of the dungeon.]


[Haaa, it remind me of my times when I was still an adventurer and went deep inside a dungeon… It’s friggin troublesome. By the way Dening, you are the one tracking that mercenary huh?. Geez old man, you could ask me to do it couldn’t you? This Dening here is still a student.]


I heard these two were going somewhere, I can’t believe that they went into a dungeon…

A dungeon will collapse when the it’s core that is located at the deepest part of the dungeon gets destroyed.

Even though it looks like with only the two of them they are lacking people to go into the dungeon, but actually these two’s power are not a joke at all. Rokomoko-sensei was a veteran adventurer and even had qualifications of a B class adventurer, so it should be so easy for these two to subjugate a dungeon that was born just recently. And for them to actually fail to reach the bottom…


[And then, Slow-kun. There is something you want to tell me, right? If it’s possible would you mind telling us in this mean time?]




And so I told them everything.

About the magic formations, about the bundle of hair that has a certain perfume on it that is related to the teacher, and the magic character that was written on the magic formation.

With interest, the headmaster heard the explanation about my investigation, while Rokomoko-sensei took out a bundle of hair from his pocket and a disgusted expression appeared on his face.


[I see, I see. It is really hard to believe… But it all make sense… Now that I think about it, when it was her employment test, she couldn’t even use fire magic at all.]


[Old man! You’re lying right? Are you saying that you believe this crap!? I have exchanged a few words with Aruru-sensei when we were teaching the students and I believe there is no way she will do something like that!]


Rokomoko-sensei seems surprised hearing that, he looked at the headmaster and me alternatively.

There is actually only one hint which can connect Aruru-sensei to ‘No face’, and that was how she falsified her basic magic element.

But those spirits could only be seen by no one but me, and I can’t tell this method to them.


[I believe it, I was the one whom let Slow-kun decide his own investigation method, I have once heard the rumor that the wind child prodigy could actually talk heart to heart with the spirits. Besides, I don’t think I have the ability to find any mercenary that could be hiding inside this academy.]


[Being able to hear the voice of the spirits could only happen on legends you old man!]


[Aren’t you the one who told me that Slow-kun has a love story already at a legendary level?]


Rokomoko-sensei scratched his afro hair roughly.

After that he breathed out his dissatisfaction and urged the headmaster to continue.

It looked like he was already forcing himself to accept this.


[Since we found this dungeon, we are unable to put all our efforts only into finding this mercenary. And depending on the size of the dungeon it will become a much dangerous threat than the mercenary. We need to prohibit classes outside of the academy, and then I need to prepare more strict guards along the highway towards Yolem city.]


[Yeah–. But, that dungeon is deeper than I thought. This one was the army’s failure]


For the sake to train the students, the army should have at interval times, to sweep the monsters on the forest that’s just outside the academy, just enough to make sure they were weak enough for the students, but it became a different matter since the birth of this dungeon here.

The monsters inside the dungeon are said to constantly fight against each other, and that will make them evolved monsters that not just students, even the teachers will have  problems against them.

To made the combination of the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei fail to reach the bottom of the dungeon, it means that this dungeon was not born just recently.


[We have been contacting the capital since a few days ago and finally got their reply. Martini Cardinal has already being dispatched towards the academy while leading the Royal Army with him]


[What, they are already on the move!?]


They move really fast.

It was extremely fast, remembering that Rokomoko-sensei only found this dungeon a few days ago.


[And Rokomoko, about that talk]


[Aah, the shop keeper that was selling the monster attracting perfume has just confessed. It seems most of the perfume has been disposed of, but to where exactly? He don’t know. Is it perhaps already inside this academy? After all it was one of that mercenary’s most favorite tool.]




Bu,buhi!? What perfume!? I’m not doing anything bad right now! BUhi!

I was breaking cold sweat when I remembered a certain  perfume inside my room.

Monster attracting perfume.

It has become a prohibited goods on Daris.

But now that I think about it, it really is that mercenary’s favorite tool. It was really the most efficient way to turn a place into disorder.

If those things used now, it will become a big problem.


[The dungeon and the perfume. It will be really troublesome if the mercenary finds out about the dungeon there. That is why we can’t let this information into the public.]


If in some case a large quantity of that perfume was sprayed on this academy, a lot of monsters will advance towards here.

I can’t imagine what will happen if the monsters and the dungeon master of a dungeon, that even the headmaster and Rokomoko-sensei can’t even clear by themselves, comes out to the surface.

…I beg you, just go back to where you came from.


[I heard that Martini cardinal and the Royal Army should arrive at Yolem tonight. And tomorrow afternoon, those people will be visiting this Kurushu Magic Academy]


[Buhi! Wasn’t that extremely fast!?]


They will arrive to this academy tomorrow!?

It seems the Royal Army has been moving with quite considerable forces.

And that administrative manipulative boss, Martini cardinal will personally lead them.

Hmmm, I was not that good with that person.

SInce a long time ago I can’t understand his thoughts, he even was manipulating Shuya in the Anime.

Maybe, he actually wanted to raise the Royal Army fame with this. Because lately, it seems my father has being doing quite well against the southern empire.


[Headmaster, if the mercenary have companions on Yolem city then the arrival of the Royal Army will be known. No, perhaps she already had that information in her hands.]


No matter how experienced a mercenary was, if that person fought against the Royal Army they still won’t stand a chance.

That is why that mercenary might use any means necessary to escape from the Royal Army. And in that case, if that mercenary has the monster attracting perfume then she will use it without a doubt.


[So, between the dungeon and the mercenary, right now it is clear that the dungeon takes more priority… But the situation will be reversed if the mercenary holds the perfume in her hands… Slow-kun, right now I will go to the dungeon once again. When I went there last time the monsters were so excited that I couldn’t leave a satisfying barrier behind… hmmm, let’s just return to the academy this evening]



No, she is the mercenary, and only time will tell us whether she had the perfume or not.

Anyway, the wind great spirit was always beside her documenting her every action right about now. If in some case that mercenary made some move, there is no way Art Ange won’t know about it.


[If in some case we found a large quantity of that perfume inside this academy—- When the Royal Army arrives tonight, we will seize that mercenary. Well then Slow-kun, what will you do?]


Near Kurushu Magic Academy a dungeon was born.

It was a mysterious thing that never once came out on the anime.

And about the dungeon that suddenly came out of nowhere just outside this academy, I have some kind of thought regarding that.


[Right now Aruru-sensei was being watched by one of my collaborators. I have an absolute confidence on him]


I have no proof about it, but I could think of something created that dungeon.

You could call it sixth sense, because it is a feeling only I know about it.

A dungeon that suddenly appeared and endangered this academy.

And a dungeon master and a dungeon that was not supposed to exist in the anime.

After all the one who beat it——


[Headmaster, please also bring me to that dungeon]


——-Someone on my heart shout ‘BUHIIII”.





And then, just before we exit the headmaster’s room.


[He has become the topic on the street, that Silva]


I take a letter from Rokomoko-sensei.

And with seriousness Rokomoko-sensei looks at me.


[Dening——I leave that old man to you]


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-Chapter 39


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Chapter 39

Chapter 39

39.) I Want to Say I Like You


(Slow POV)


[——-Charlotte. I want to be by your side]


It’s the only word that I wanted to say to her.

The only word that the black piggy duke couldn’t say in his whole life.


[We have been together for a long time since we were children. That is why I thought my feelings would just be transmitted to you.] (Slow)


Charlotte seemed like she was trying to say something, but she seems a bit troubled right now.

I can see her mouth opened a little, shocked.

This is the first time I see her like this.


[No matter what kind of person I am, I don’t care whether I am a noble or not. It doesn’t even matter whether I can use magic or not. For me, those kinds of things aren’t worthy enough to think about.] (Slow)


Magic is not just a useful and convenient tool for us; it’s also a devastating weapon at the same time.

In this world, if you have talent to use magic, it could affect your destiny a lot.

But, magic isn’t everything.


[I was bound, bound by the heavy chain called the Duke Dening Household. And only after I threw away my family, I could cut off those heavy chains from my body. When I think about the plan I made at that time, I guess it was really reckless and foolish.] (Slow)


Being born in the Dening Household and becoming a boy that was liked by the great wind spirit.

When I was aware of my surroundings, my father told me that my future had already been decided for me.

I was to be the next head of the Dening Household and would be burdened to lead Daris’s military in the future.

That is the destiny of someone who was born in the family of the Duke Dening Household and was loved by the spirit.

Even among the history of the Dening Household, I was one of the people whose future has been decided at an extremely early age.

What a boring life, I thought.

So, I will live as free as I want since I was still allowed to do as I liked as a child.

And that way of living let me call forth the wind spirit to me.

But you know, Charlotte?

My life has changed.


My decided future, the rule that was made by the adults.

My whole life has changed since I met you.


Even though I turned into the black piggy duke after meeting you, when I think about it now, I don’t regret my decision of that moment.

After all, living the way you like at that time——

——Really fun.






And even though I was still the black piggy duke at that time, I have made friends.

Even though those friends of mine always bring trouble to me, I can’t deny that they are all my most important friends that walk with me toward our bright future together. Vision currently still can’t contact his father. He is living strongly with the hopes to take up the possibility to raise his family name again. Then there is Deppa, a commoner that has a great dream and fights for it without giving up.

I can’t lose to those guys.

The time has come for me to run towards my own dream.

Charlotte has been always thinking about my future. It made her think that she is no longer good enough for me.


I can see her disheveled hair covering her face..

She opens her big eyes and waits for my words.

She is waiting, prepared for anything that will happen.


[Charlotte, I don’t care even if you can’t use magic at all]


After she hears my words, Charlotte becomes surprised and her shoulders start to tremble.

The words cannot be stopped, the feelings on those words are also beginning to overflow.

I move away the hair on her face with my hand.

Her eyes were so red, the clear tears started to form on both of her eyes.


[I wish I could have told you my feelings sooner.]


I always thought to tell her my feelings one day.

Those words I just naturally said came out from my mouth without even thinking about it.

I’m always thinking that it would be so beautiful if I was able to say those words with a romantic scene at the background.

And it would be perfect if I said it when my diet had been a success and I had turned into a macho man.


[I’m always been late at everything. I am really just a darn pig to let the most important thing in my life get hurt.]


To make Charlotte to be continuously worrying about it, I was truly a fool.

I was truly a big idiot.

I still haven’t changed myself from that black piggy duke of the past.

I was truly an idiot on top of an idiot that is also a darn foolish pig.


I always think that if I turn myself into the white piggy duke, I will automatically get the beautiful stage where I could become someone suitable to confess my feelings to her.


No, it’s not.

I was wrong.

I shouldn’t just foolishly follow my destiny.


[Charlotte——–I like you.]


She opened her eyes widely.

Her face turned into sakura colour, how cute.


It has been opened for me.

With my intention, there comes my new path.

And these words of mine, you will be the first one to hear it.


[—–I really like you.]


Hearing my own words made me realize it once again.

Charlotte, I really like you.


I can’t help liking you.

I don’t even know when it started, but I like you.


[I have always, a~~~~~lways loved you since a long time ago.]


Your face that changed from pinkish sakura colour into a bright red one is really cute.








(??? POV)


[——There is a story book about the black dragon Sekhmet inside Charlotte’s room.]


[——The noble child can’t save the princess.]


[——Since he was a child, he has read it times and times again. The noble boy could feel the anguished feelings the nobleman experienced.]


[——When he wanted to say he liked her, the princess of the northern kingdom was already gone]


[——The sadness and hopelessness he felt at that time, I can understand it now.]


[——That is why, I won’t make the same mistake twice.]










[I like you, I truly like you. And because I like you I don’t want to get separated from you for a second time.]








(Charlotte POV)





It was as if the time has stopped.

I can’t understand what happened here.

Just now, what did Slow-sama just say?

Eh? Eh?

Even though I don’t understand what was said, it seems I cried.

I can’t feel my face at all, my chest also became numb.

Even after all this time I have been with Slow-sama, I’ve never seen him showing such an expression like this.

He was looking straight at my reddening face.


[A-ahaha. How embarrassing. What the heck was I saying just now.]


[Eh, eh? Slow-sama. Eh?]


[Uhhm. Did Charlotte also want to join my morning run? Yes, that’s okay! Let’s go dieting together! And also, let’s train magic together with everyone ! Yoshi! Let’s train! Let’s train our magic together, Charlotte!]


Slow-sama looks like he wants to leave here in haste.

Without even looking at my face, he was looking to the other side of the plaza while looking like he was talking to me.

But, this is also helping me.

There is no doubt that my face is truly red now.

Slow-sama was currently talking in high speed without stop.

He was saying things like ‘Buhhi’ or ‘Buhyaa’.

The disorderly Slow-sama right now looked exactly like a pig.

I have this feeling that I just discovered another side of Slow-sama just now.

Umm, eh?

What did Slow-sama say just now?


I was so surprised, I forgot what he said to me just now.

I only remember it was something really shocking to me.

All my tension from before has gone before I noticed it. If it’s now, I believe I can say it to him.


[Uhhm… Slow-sama…]


With this momentum, I have to say it to him.

I have to tell him that I was someone from the northern empire.


[S-slow-sama! The truth is, I…]


And then, I see that Slow-sama focusing his eye into the other side of the park.

I also try to focus my attention to the place where Slow-sama is looking at.




It is true, there is someone calling Slow-sama in a very loud voice from there.

Somewhere beyond the park, there is someone who keeps calling Slow-sama’s name.

Ah, it was Deppa-san.

A commoner student who became able to use magic.

Actually, I am a bit jealous of him.

Because I have no talent at all on using magic.







Deppa was calling Slow-sama with a loud voice.

Deppa ran towards here with great urgency.


[Deppa! What happened!?]


Slow-sama stands up while shouting.

I was surprised seeing the two of them act like this.

I wonder, what exactly happened?


Slow-sama saw me first and then makes his eyes fly toward the educational building that was far from here.

Only for a moment, he looked bewildered. But then, he straightens his back and pulls out his brown coloured cane.

Just by withdrawing his cane, Slow-sama’s atmosphere changed drastically. There is this mysterious kind of feeling around him now.

Then not long after, there is this warm wind wrapping around him.

That wind that Slow-sama created made that mysterious atmosphere to disperse just now.

But I’m glad it has turned into this.

Because that thing before was just too shocking for me. I can’t even tell what happened that time.


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-Chapter 37~38

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chapter 37

chapter 38

Chapter 38

38.) Next time I will, towards you…


(Charlotte POV)


It’s lunchtime now.

There are a lot of students using their free time enjoying sitting on top of the lawn while eating their lunch there.

Slow-sama asked me to accompany him to enjoy the atmosphere outside together while eating the lunch that we bought from an stand.

And right now we were sitting side by side on a bench on the corner of the plaza.


[I have something I have to tell you properly]


When I heard he said that my thoughts got halted.

My chest was pounding like crazy.

It was just like a certain attendant that is secretly learning magic just to make his master, a girl, impressed.

Knowing that other attendants also have some kind of trouble with their duty kinda makes me relieved, because I have no friends to exchange those kind of stories.

Master and his attendant are one body and soul.

I also wanted to be like that too.

That is why, I need to tell him the truth about me.




I looked at Slow-sama for a quite long time.

Kind eyes, with quite a chubby body. But lately he has turned quite thinner.

Slow-sama is really trying his best with the diet.

I think he is really doing great.


[…Charlotte, Actually I…]


My breath stopped.

I can’t stop staring at him.

Did Slow-sama hid something from me?


[…Lately I have been skipping my breakfast because of my diet]


[Th-… That’s not good. You have to properly eat breakfast…]


Gradually, sweat comes out from Slow-sama’s forehead.

Somehow, he looks really nervous right now.

Yosh, now is my turn to speak.


[S-Slow-sama… The truth is I…]




Our eyes met.

Honestly my heart has been beating like crazy since before.

Because this position where we sit side by side, with our hands almost touching each other almost never happen.


[…Lately I have become a little fat because I rarely go outside…]


[I-is that so… that’s… Bad isn’t it?]


It’s a big problem.

Somehow both of my arms became kinda squishy here and there.

The sweets Alicia-sama brought were so good that my hand unconsciously move by itself to grab them.

Even though my master, Slow -sama trying his best on his diet, how come his attendant became fat?

It will became so funny, people will laugh without doubt.

Even Slow-sama is looking at me with bitter smile.


[…Charlotte should go on a diet too. Buhi]


[Yes, it seems so…]


Sometimes Slow-sama makes a Buhi sound.

I don’t know why, but it seems he did it as natural as breathing.

Even I think it was strange. I think Slow-sama should stop his habit saying that.




Somehow my nervous feeling from before has gone.

While still buhi-buhiing, Slow-sama watch the students relaxing themselves on top of the soft lawn.


[Slow-sama… After hearing your story about that attendant. It was really moved my heart.… That’s why, umm. I will say it now. Ummm… Slow-sama. The truth is, lately I was thinking about something.]


Right now he wasn’t the old Slow-sama anymore.

There will be nobody else that will called Slow-sama pig anymore once his diet success, I’m sure of it.

And I think Slow-sama will gradually became attractive as time goes on, or so I think.

Even inside the dorm for the girls attendant, the rumor about him being attractive has spread, and I believe more and more people will try to stab my back.

If it stay like this then Slow-sama will go somewhere far away where my hand can’t reach.


[I was thinking that if Slow-sama success on his diet, then you will no longer need to be in this Kurushu Magic Academy anymore]


The young noble here not only come into this academy only to study.

I heard some of the reason the noble trying to graduate from this academy was so they could raise their status, making a strong connection with the graduates here, and also to secure their job after they graduate.

And among those reasons, the number one reason a noble going into this academy was to makes a connection among the young noble  here.


But, Slow-sama was from the Dening household.

In this country only one or two noble that could compete with them.

Especially for the current Duke Dening Household.

Even I can see with my own eyes that Slow-sama’s father really doting on him.

I believe if Slow-sama said he wanted to return, he will back into the Dening-household in no time.


[I believe you will go back home one day. And then you will learn something more useful then the things you learnt from this academy. Because  as I see it now, you don’t have anything else to learn from this academy anymore.]


Slow-sama is smart.

Not just in his practical magic uses, but I also know he is the best in the other studies among the student.

If the things about Slow-sama right now became known, there is no mistake that Slow-sama will go back to the Dening household in no time… I’m sure of it.


[When we were still at the Dening resident,I was often  told by the people that I’m not someone fitted to be Slow-sama’s attendant. But, at that time, you were always protecting me whenever that things happen…..Those people starting to stop saying things like that only after I still following Slow-sama when you are starting to turning into someone mischievous……Actually when it happen, I felt a bit relieved]


Since we were a child, Slow-sama always protecting me.

With patience he help me to familiarize with the things around me while staying by my side.

And because of that kind of Slow-sama that I decided to be Slow-sama’s attendant no matter what.

No matter how hard it will be.

I only wanted to be together with Slow-sama.


Because I am Slow-sama’s attendant I can surely say this.

Slow-sama will turn into someone great without a doubt.

Slow-sama will turn into an extremely great person.

Slow-sama will need an attendant that far far more skillful than me to support him in the future.


[If Slow-sama return into the Duke Dening Household right now, I believe all the people there will be delighted…….. As the time goes on like this, I believe you will turn into someone greater and greater, and then you will need an attendant that has a lot of capabilities, or so I think. And I think… It won’t be me… Because, after all… I can’t use magic at all]


The ruined northern empire, the Hugh Jack empire.

The royal family of the emperor was told really bad with magic for generation.


[An attendant for a great noble family like Dening Household should be good with magic. A noble from the Dening household going into a campaign a lot of times, and his attendant should have been able to protect his master even if it is using his own life in exchange. Because the battlefield was dangerous, and it was the attendant’s job to protect his master no matter what]


And even though I should do the things what I said, I can’t even use one simple magic at all.

When I was still staying in the Dening household, I was longing to be able to use magic whenever I saw Slow-sama and Alicia-sama using it.

But, no matter how much I long for it I can’t use magic at all.

Slow-sama have been teach me magic again and again but no matter how hard he teach me, I still can’t use magic. I don’t have any talent on magic after all.


[From this day on it will the day where you will be a great person… There are no other people that could understand more than I did, because I was the one that  always watch you all this time…]


It made me so sad my tears has starting to coming out.

And at that time, Slow-sama’s expression changed.

From the usual kind face, it changed into a shocked face.

With haste I turn my face down.


[I-I’m not good enough… I was the only who got protected… even right now I was the only one get protected. As an attendant I should be the one protecting Slow-sama whenever a dangerous person come into this academy… And that is how a real attendant should act. But now, I can’t do anything at all… And to know when to back out, was also important for an attendant…]


This is the first time I see this kind of Slow-sama’s faces, a face that he was like he was  almost cried.

As I thought, I was not a good attendant.

I only made trouble for Slow-sama.

I always did that.

I was the Charlotte who can’t do anything after all.


[Slow-sama. I’m sorry… I felt Slow-sama getting farther and farther, and before I knew it…]


[…I see]


From the hand that holding Slow-sama’s hand I can feel his body heat.

I don’t know when but our hand was holding each other perfectly.

I only know that fact right now.

My heart beating faster after knowing that.

As I see Slow-sama’s face right now, I can’t even see other things around us anymore.


[…Charlotte. You know what, for me no matter whether he was a commoner or a noble, whether he could use magic or not, I don’t even care about those things.]


It’s not good not even caring about that.

Is he a commoner, a noble, or a royalty, their position was important.

Even inside this magic academy, it has been decided where we live according to our position.

And right now, my birthplace, the northern empire, has ruled by the monsters.

And that is why right now I was just a commoner.

Someone who don’t have a place to return, and also a commoner.

I was just someone who was called Charlotte.


[Charlotte. Lately I have been thinking numerous times about what was the thing that important to me. Is it my place as a noble, the country we called  Daris, the reputation of the piggy duke, or is it my nickname, the wind child prodigy. And I think all of them are important to me. Those are the things that can’t be replaced no matter what. And actually I was one greedy fellow here.]


I was thinking that Slow-sama’s future on top of everything, that is why I said that I wanted to back off as his attendant.

After hearing the word from an attendant that Slow-sama it convinced me, it made me sure of my decision to back off as the attendant of Slow-sama’s.


[If we see it from the perspective of someone who born in the Duke Dening, It is true that since back in the day all the attendant there could use magic and also someone who have superior knowledge in military so they could help their master’s military affair]


Dening Household of the wind.

The Great noble who was governing the Daris military affair.

Up till now it was Slow-sama’s rebellious times so it’s still okay for me, a commoner, to be recognized as his attendant.

But it will be different from now on.

Slow-sama will become someone great from now on.

He will, I’m sure of it.

Because I know he is able to do it.

That is why I——Have to back out as soon as possible.


[But those things are trivial things for me if I compare it to my most important thing]


And then it makes me thing all the things that Slow-sama has done to me.

He is someone that saves me from the hell.

Since we were a child he was the one that secretly saves me.

He is so kind towards me and the only person who always pamper me.

And now I can’t no longer stay with him anymore.

And I have to say it to him by myself.

Please, find someone more suitable for your attendance.

Someone who was extremely strong, someone who deserved to be the attendance of Dening Household of the wind.



[Charlotte. Raise your face, I want to see your face.]


So I raised my head.

As Slow-sama’s lips moved, his word flew out.

Don’t want to hear it, don’t want to hear it, but I have to hear it.

As the sunlight was peeking through the trees, the light then shone at my lords face.

As I thought, he is truly someone cool.

I don’t want to hear those words coming from this person.




Slow-sama’s lips keep moving.

Don’t want to hear it, don’t want to hear it, but I have too.

Because after all, I’m your attendant———


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Chapter 37

37) I was reincarnated


In the middle of the academy, right in front of the cathedral where a lot of students pray, a place with a beautiful park was built for the students to relax.

I can see a lot of students enjoying their time while I sit on the bench eating my lunch with Charlotte here.

Charlotte wished that she didn’t have to stay outside too often. That was the reason why she would soon get back to her own room, and lock herself inside whenever she finished her work.

There is no doubt it was the birth of a Hikikomori princess.

Well, It was my fault too that she turned out like this.


[Slow-sama, what happened?]


And it’s really rare for that meddling great wind spirit-san to not be today by Charlotte’s side.

Well, I actually asked him to watch every single one of Aruru-sensei’s action since last night.

At first, that great wind spirit-san hesitated to do what I asked, but when I offered a fresh fish, it promised me that it would take me to an interesting place.

Up till this morning, Aruru-sensei hadn’t show any suspicious movements, but she will, sooner or later.


[I was watching over everyone practicing their magic this morning. Among them, there is an attendant practicing together. He is quite an interesting fellow…]


And then, I told Charlotte what was I talking about with that attendant.

With great interest, Charlotte was hearing about my conversation with that attendant while nodding numerous times.


[He was always together with that noble girl since they were just children——]


For a high class noble, the followers he choose would be by his side as long as they both live.

Those attendants are mostly doing odds jobs for their employee, like buying their employee Yakisoba bread for his lunch or any other odd job.

And, even though he was a noble that does suspicious things, if you told that it was your attendant’s advice, many people would still believe that.


[——and I was surprised hearing that sometimes they even fight with each other.]


I turned my eyes toward Charlotte.

I saw the girl that was always besides me since we were children.

A girl who has a slender body and a shoulder-length silver hair.

While doing a perfect sitting posture, she exudes a dignified aura that could be felt from a high class noble. Calm on the surface, but a strong woman on the inside.

And that exact same Charlotte anxiously kept glancing to where I sit.




We were also raised together since we were children.

Even though I think we had a good relationship, I guess there is still a wall between us.


[I think I have something that I have to tell you properly.]


My chest is beating like crazy.

I can’t see the scenery around me anymore.

Something I have to tell her no matter what.

I know about your secret, I know you are a princess since the first day we met.

Blood was drained from my face.

Thinking towards the words that couldn’t be said by the black piggy duke.


And even though I have turned into the marshmallow-white piggy duke, the promise to protect her was still the same inside my heart.

Charlotte, the truth is, I——–.

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-Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

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