hello guys~

A bit update from me

it’s been soooo long since I last post it in here.

I know it’s my fault cause I can’t divide my time properly.

I can actually do this right now cause my meeting suddenly canceled!!

well it’s not actually a good news…..It was because Mt. Agung in Bali became active again so my boss canceled the meeting cause all flight was canceled.

I really hope it won’t become worse than this, I have a lot of friend there  and it kinda worried me if something did happen…..I really hope nothing will happen.

Oh yeah, THANK YOU FIRST LAST!! for becoming my patron even though I can’t as active as before TAT) it really gives me extra motivation to do something besides rolling around in my bad after came back from office.

and thank you guys for still sticking with me for this long TAT) I was sooo moved.

and for you guys who new to this, welcome my friend. Owh and you can give me some booster from my PATREON and don’t forget to check out stuffs from PLAY ASIA from my link around here!!

and now please enjoy!!

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