Month: September 2017

Chapter 47

Ya hello guys~
here is my status update, I will post a chapter whenever I could and it will be an un-edited chapter.
I will edited much much latter. My job forcing me to move from places to places, and I will tell you this, it was so uncomfortable translating on my phone.
so guys please bare with it for a moment because right now both me and our beloved editor still tangled in RL.

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Chapter 46


Well, if anyone who knows about this phrase they were old people like meh!

…Jokes aside, Here is the next chapter! We could only update this when we both had time, so I really appreciate it for

you guys who had been keep following us till today.

And boys and girls I will say this, “treasure your friend and family, because those are the first person who will help you when you most need it”

Wise word end here dude~

Towards the chapter!

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