Hello guys~

I know I know~ it’s all my fault for this long release~ I will some it up for you guys here as short as possible

I was just finished some kind of job and got paid last week. let me tell you something.

TL-ING DOCUMENT IS HELL!! Not fun at all!!

And after that My GF broke up with me and guess what was the reason that her family said? money.

it made me depressed for a few days (hell maybe I was still feeling that now).

And this is just for you boys and girls out there, I wrote this while still feeling a bit down and like my friends said

‘A broken hearted man was a short lived wiseman until he got his next partner’ I will give you my quote that I got from a movie long time ago.

‘love is the most expensive commodity’

And my friends, if you love somebody, fight for it.

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