Heya guys~ Sorry for the broken schedule of our release. Mostly it is my fault.

Up till now I was doing some tweaking to my ads, because I notice some of you can’t even enter this site because of it.

And just for your info, I put those ads there before because I desperately in needs of money to pay my ISP.

but those problem was solved to your guys support!

I will try my best to release it as fast as possible.

And once again thank you thank you thank you for your guys support!!!

to those who buy from the play asia through my affilition program,

to those who subscribe to my patreon,

to those who click my ads link,

and to my great team I have that even though they busy they still give some of their time to help me editing all my translation.

thank you thank you thank you!!

Tl : Stela

Ed: thyny

Pr: Nijima

Ch 29

Ch 29 with ads

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