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-Piggy Duke 33

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Chp 33

Piggy Duke 33

33.) The mercenary is wagering a coin


Deep inside the forest, a certain mercenary was currently reading a letter in her hand.

Soon, all the things around her that are already dark and humid are turning even darker and harder to recognize.

While she keeps reading the letter, a lot of monsters’ corpses are lying around her.


[——Rumors among the merchants inside the academy!? Just look for that kind of things yourself! Damn it, can’t those guys just simply tell me all the info they got!] 


And then, the mercenary tears the letter she received from the head mercenary that resides inside the city of Yolem. Inside that letter, it was written about the gossip that currently became the talk among the merchants inside the Kurushu Magic Academy; they are talking about the surrounding forest.


[But, I can also feel that there is some weird atmosphere coming from the forest. If this academy falls in confusion, I guess other things won’t matter]


This mercenary always believed that a job is easily handled if she was working alone.

But this work is different.

Even though it was just temporary, she was working with someone else.


[Even though there was no such expectation from the start, are those guys stupid or something…?]


At Yolem, there was an underground organization made from a group of mercenaries.

There was a tribe in the north that was said to have a power to smash rocks and also have a hard body; they are the descendants of a once (‘once’ starts with a consonant sound; thus, ‘a’ should be used – kinda tricky if I may say) already destroyed monster, the Giantman, and the group they made was called Vajra/Kongou mercenary group.(In the japan version it was called Kongou, it means is indestructible, and I found this vajra word had the same meaning. Which one would you guys wanted to use? It is a name so I don’t need to TL it)

And there is this man that gave out a job to obtain information about Kurushu Magic Academy’s students; he also gave quite a lot of advance payment for the job.

And after he said he wanted this job to succeed no matter what, he met with the Kongou mercenaries, or so they said.


[Daris is so foolishly peaceful. They haven’t noticed that Kongou group has taken up residence at Yolem]


The job was to infiltrate into Kurushu Magic Academy and get the students name register, and then take any information about the students that seem they will be carrying Daris’ future.

And the Kongou group’s job was to make sure to guard the girl until she met with the one who requested the job.


[I think it’s also my time to end my career as a mercenary. Because if I became too famous, I would be erased by the Southern Empire… Kuh! Again!?]


Suddenly, from within the darkness, many small ogres jump out and attack the mercenary. In panic, the mercenary pulls out her wand and swing it.

And what happened next was a pitiful high pitched cry from the now dead monster who was crushed with a block of ice coming from above. The rest of the monsters around her, after feeling the difference in power, once again go back to hiding inside the darkness.


[Tch. It’s just like those Giantman said, a strange atmosphere has enveloped this forest…]


Since I was a child, I was always living alone borrowing the power of magic tools.

I was always living by myself in this world without anyones help. After all, I only believed in myself as I became a mercenary all this time.

And from all that experience I have, there is definitely something strange in here. I need to end my work as soon as possible.


[Somehow, it is reassuring for me that those Vajra guys took residence inside Yolem. Well then Giantman guys, show me the way to the exit you guys prepared]


The mercenary checked her condition once again, and then tied her message to the message bird and sent it back to fly on to the starry sky.

The place in which she will meet with the person of interest will be along the border between Daris and the Southern Empire.

It is actually the exact place where the famous Dening Duke’s household took command of the Daris military and met with the Southern Empire’s military.

At first it was extremely suspicious of why the transaction would take place there, but…


[There is only one meaning for the transaction to be at that place. To betray Daris and go to Southern Empire. That is what it means]


As the mercenary prepared herself for her choice, she watched as the bird disappeared into the pitch black sky.


[…Good bye, Darismy hometown. But don’t be mistaken, it’s not like I resent you or something. For the future queen, for princess Karina whom is really shy and afraid of strangers, I’m afraid you still don’t have the capabilities to be a queen. Your reputation is on par with the piggy duke, because you can’t even go out to a ball or to a public place while being afraid that people will see your chest… Come, Ketora]


Inside the dark damp forest. Deep inside the darkness far from the Kurushu Magic Academy, a giant mysterious bird came.


[There will be no more youths that will shoulder this country. That is why the Southern Empire’s next target must be Daris]


Daris always boasted about their educational system.

As long as they have reached the age, they can apply to the ground breaking magic academy.

But from those young people that should be shouldering the country in the future, there is no astonishing talent among them.


…it is true there is nobody who has the charisma to shoulder the whole country, but I think there are some outstanding students?


[In this war period, do you know what is the main topic of conversation inside the Kurushu Magic Academy right now, Ketora?]


The mercenary kindly pet the mysterious giant bird’s face.

If the bird spread its wings, it would be as big as a small tree. If it was only a single person, it could easily carry them


[They talk about the laughing stock of the Dening Duke’s Household. They wager a lot of money just to guess if the piggy duke will rehabilitate himself or not]


As if the mysterious bird was also laughing at it, it silently cried.

The mercenary hop onto the mysterious bird’s back and gave a light pat on its wings, and it responds with a cry.


[…Eh? Aah, I guess I was also betting on it myself. Even though I was a mercenary myself; guess I still had a bit of hope in Daris after all… The fallen third son of the Dening Household. I was betting one copper coin for his return. And I guess that is what I can mostly give for my patriotic feelings]


And after that, I need to make sure about Slow Dening’s true capabilities as my last job.

As I could see today, he can freely manipulate wind. He can also deal with the students who believe themselves as a knights.

Ummm, if I remember correctly it was Slow Dening who was always with a noble student with the name of Vision Greytroad.

I believe it was the only son of that Viscount Greytroad that has a problem with the imperial court.


[A fellow problem child it seems. Somehow, they attract to each other]


As the mysterious bird flapped its wings, it gently lifts off the ground.

Slowly, the mercenary closed her eyes.

The goal is to determine Slow Dening’s true power; it can easily be seen if he has already exceeded a normal student’s power.

And then she needs to accurately determine his power. Only after that the job would be finished.

The man who gave this job couldn’t be from anywhere else but the Dostor Southern Empire, so any info regarding Slow Dening would be a nice present for him.


[Talking about the Southern Empire and that wind wonder child… What was the rumor about them again?]


Even though she was called the legendary mercenary, actually she hasn’t worked that long as a mercenary. She came from a family that used the power of the magic tool, and the first time she worked as a beginner mercenary was when she was ten or so years old.

When she was attaining her adulthood, she heard an interesting rumor at the bar.

An elemental master was born in Daris.

And a baseless rumor about the wind child prodigy fighting against the assassin sent by the Southern Empire.


[A mercenary that had successfully assassinated a number of important individuals on the Southern Empire. The silent bullet, no sound——-]


There is no one who believed in that story; it has only become the side dish when people drink.

And this girl is also someone who doesn’t believe in that story.


[——–was defeated when the wind child prodigy was only five and with a commoner as his only help]


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-Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

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Chapter 32



I was at Charlotte’s room now.

As I sat on the chair inside Charlotte’s room, I was drinking the tea in front of me while I kept moving the prepared sweets into my mouth. While seeing me eating like that, Charlottewith an experienced handkeeps refilling my cup with black tea.


[Gulp. Hum, delicious. And it is sweet]


Right now, the people that were living inside the girls’ dorm for the attendants are currently looking at me, who is sitting inside Charlotte’s room, from the corridor.

When I was still the dark piggy duke, I never once stepped inside Charlotte’s room at all. When I was still a dark piggy duke with bad reputation, people in this academy frantically tried to think there was no connection between me and Charlotte as much as possible.

BUT, it’s different now.

Because, right now, I have successfully morphed into a pure white orc.


[This is so~ friggin delicious buhii!]


Ah, it’s not an orc, it’s the pure white piggy duke.

Yes. I have truly reborn from that pitch black piggy duke into this pure white piggy duke!

While I’m gulping down the sweets  in front of me, I was also thinking how to save this world. It was the only thing I would think of whenever I was going to bed! How to save the world!

It was the thing that all of the junior high students always think of when they are going to sleep!


[Ee, so is this something that Alicia brought last time? Even though she was always weak in the morning… And then, what kind of things did you girls talk about?]


[That was… about books and various… secrets. Excuse me, but rather than that, here is your new uniform!]


It was my school uniform, and I received that uniform with green line at its chest area from Charlotte.

Truthfully, I have already bought one more uniform with one size smaller!


[Congratulations, Slow-sama! It’s wonderful! Your diet is doing you good!]


I was trembled by an unknown feeling from deep inside of me.

It reminded me of the past when I was still a child and I was able to learn several spells. Surely, I can’t help that achievements make me happy.

And now, I’m having that kind of feeling once again.

I have become thinner with my diet program.

Also, my uniform size has become more and more smaller than before… Buhiiiiiiii! Buhaaaaaaaaa!


[oooo… N?]


Actually, I noticed that Charlotte was somewhat restless since before. 

She was walking around aimlessly inside her room.

She was taking out a book from her full packed bookshelf and looking outside the windows every now and then.


[Umm… Slow-sama, did you perhaps, a long time ago… Ah, nothing, please forget what I said]



Umm, Charlotte-san?

The book you are holding is upside down…


[Charlotte, did you have something to say? Has Alicia told you something? Because Alicia had become somewhat noisy]


[NO! There is nothing at all! Alicia-sama was truly nice to me!]


After Charlotte’s mouth became Awawa for a while, she completely shut it.

Hmm, it can’t be helped. I should start the conversation.

After all, there is a reason why I came to Charlotte’s room.


[Charlotte, I actually have something to say]




[I was hoping for you to take a trip outside for a while]


[….Ah, yes. Eh?]


I told her everything.

Right now, there is a dangerous mercenary lurking around in this academy. I have been asked by the principal to find this certain mercenary. Charlotte is currently looking at me seriously while nodding her head. 

And when she heard that this mercenary was actually searching about the students information, Charlotte’s expression drastically changed.

Ah, this is bad.

I shouldn’t have said that.

Charlotte has been living while hiding her true identity.


[It’s alright, everything‘s gonna be alright! Even though I was talking about the students information, it was only about their progress with magic!]


[Of course it is… I am only an attendant… also, I have almost never used magic… Umm, is this information also a secret even to Alicia-sama?]


[Yeah, it is a secret even to Alicia. She can’t hide the expression on her face at all, and she is also a blabbermouth on top of that]


And there is also that weird nuance between her and the mercenary shown on the anime.

If possible, I want to keep her away from meeting that mercenary.

Actually, I was asking the great wind spirit-san to check out on Aruru for these past few days… But I think it won’t even do that.

Perhaps, from the great wind spirit-san’s point of view, it is not even a problem to leave that mercenary alone.

When I took a glance at the top of the bed, I saw it sleeping like it was dead.

…Is it really dead?

Ah, it moved. Thank God it is still alive.


For now, let’s just find some proof about the mercenary’s true identity while destroying the magic formations that have been laid around this academy!

Of course, I won’t forget about my diet! I will try my best!

There is nothing that can hinder my becoming  the main protagoniiiiiiiist!! Buhi!!




So, it has been a few days since I was running around inside this vast academy.

I think it was thanks to me checking places whenever I was not in any class, I have checked around the boys dorm, besides the academy entrance, inside the storage, and even successfully found some magic formation that was ingeniously drawn on a scribble on the wall.

And after that, I just need to find some time when there are no people looking at it to smash all the magic formations.

Most of them were magic formations of water doll that will attack people when it gets activated. I will just use the things I have on hand to destroy the magic formations.


[Sometimes, the advanced magic formation needs some compensation to be activated]


On this world, there is an entity we call the spirits; they don’t like the houses or the districts that the humans have made.

The spirit itself is actually an existence that cannot be separated from nature.

If there are more of the manmade objects or if the nature has declined, the spirits will be harder to see.

And then, if you want to call those spirits to a place where they aren’t quite fond of, you need to give them some kind of offering.

If the one who gives them the offering is someone they like, it could be any kind of items.


[There is no way to run those kinds of advanced magic formations without an offering]


A lot of offerings are needed. After all, the magic formation is to call two different spirits, the water and the darkness ones, and both of them need different offerings.

A beautiful waterside, a wild grass and a rare nocturnal gem. It’s needed to draw the magic formation on the ground and put those items at the centre, but even knowing all those things, I still can’t identify the person who can possibly pull it off.


[Isn’t it about time I hit some jackpot? Buhibuhi?]


It is now at the building where all the staffs were living.

Near that three-storey building, at the place where the trees don’t have any light hitting them, there is another magic formation.


[This one is huge. Well then, please show me who was the one who made you with these offerings]


It was at the centre of the magic formation.

The spirits right now disorderly gather into the heart of the magic formation, and the formation is turning into a new one.

After digging the ground for a bit, I found some bundle of hair there.

It was a brown hair with a slightly barakiku’s scent on it.


[—–so it has been decided it was Aruru-sensei. No, the legendary mercenary-san!]


And so, I run with full speed to report my findings to the headmaster!

Move, move, move you spirits!




Flabby body, with adult mind! The great detective, Buhi-sama is coming through!


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-Piggy Duke 31

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Chapter 31

Piggy Duke 31

31.) The mercenary is an enemy!? Or is she a friend?


I watch her long hair wave as I smell an especially sweet scent.

I wonder… Ah, that’s it.

This smell is the leaf of Barakiku. (バラキク it has a few meanings because the author write it in katakana. バラ is a rose, キク is chrysanthemums, or it might be a whole new specimen in this this story called barakiku)

I’m sure that Aruru-sensei’s comes from a place that makes perfume.


[Aruru-sensei? Why are you here?] (pig)


Aruru-sensei is actually not good at handling magic.

That’s why she is working as a researcher to study about the origin of magic in this academy, or so the anime said.

In reality she has an aptitude in using fire magic according to the six element magic classification, but she has always failed in controlling her magic no matter how many times she tried to cast it.


[Right now I am doing a new theme for my research; I was currently examining the relation between spirits and commoners. Then I thought ‘Let’s watch when the commoners practicing magic in class directly’ that is why I’m here] (Aruru-sensei)


She smiled brightly at me, and while she watched the commoner’s students struggling with their practice, she continues.


[Even though they are already a second year now they still take magic practice as their class, I’m honestly surprised] (Aruru-sensei)


Basically, a class will only be held with students of the same year.

That is why this magic exercise is centered on the second year’s students.

But, it is quite surprising for me that Aruru-sensei who is a noble to be interested on commoner students. This kind of act never showed up even on the anime.


[If we are talking about the relation between the commoners and the spirits, their chance to use magic is really low, to the point that some of the teachers here have said it was useless for them to join the magic exercise class. And I think even Aruru-sensei also think that, right?] (pig)


[Yes, I think so too… And I think there are a lot of teachers that think like that in this academy. But there are already some commoners that can even nicely control their magic, but if it’s those guys I believe they can use magic. That is why I want to think of a way for them so the possibility is not closed] (Aruru)


[It’s the same for me. My friend, even though he is a commoner, he could use earth magic] (pig)


[Aah, so you are talking about that first year student that uses earth magic. Umm, if I remember correctly his name is… Kubba?]


[It’s Deppa. How come it turns into such a brutal monster-like name, sensei?]


This is just my own thinking, but…

How come Aruru-sensei knew about the information about Kubba being just able to use magic?

It was only a few months since the beginning of the year, but in that meantime there is a commoner student that can already use simple magic at his disposal. I believe it is true that he became a hot topic among the commoners because he could use magic on his own, but I can’t believe those kind of talks even reached Aruru-sensei.

Ah, my bad, it’s Deppa.


…And then I saw Aruru-sensei.

When our eyes met she gave me a smile.

That worry free smile of her really suits her as a wise magic teacher in this school.

You can even say that she is the very personification of a good grown lady.




But I notice something different.

As Aruru-sensei came close to me I noticed that the spirits around here became somewhat displeased.

What I saw now was that there was a lot of spirits with different attributes surrounding her, and that is odd remembering what is sensei’s speciality.

It’s quite different than the Aruru-sensei I know.


[Aruru-sensei’s best magic is fire magic right?]


[Yes, you’re right. Isn’t that weird, because I believe I don’t have such a hot blooded character like that]


Even though Aruru-sensei was saying her best magic was fire attribute, but the spirits that were surrounding her mostly were spirits with water attribute. And there are also a lot of darkness spirits surrounding her.

It’s strange, even she said it herself that her best magic was fire attribute.

There is a possibility that she mistook her attribute when it was checked, but that is even weirder because she is one of the specialists in this academy.

Is that kind of thing normal here?


I motionlessly saw sensei.

Hmmm, the outer appearance and even the behavior are really perfectly fit of Aruru-sensei.

No matter how I see it, she looks just like sensei.

She is even looking at the students that are still trying to invoke their magic with Aruru-sensei’s usual kind look.

I really can’t believe it that the inside of this person is the mercenary I was looking for.


[You are right. Perhaps if I should say you are quite liked…———]


In the anime, it was said most of the mercenary have allied themselves with the southern empire.

If I think about the southern empire, I thought I can’t forgive those guys but…


[——–by the water spirit sensei]


Lately, I was thinking about something.

It is true that in the anime there a lot of enemies, but right now both Shuya and me, we are still second year students in this academy. There is no line connecting us with the war that is about to happen, and while it is still on this stage shouldn’t I change the future in a big scale with everything I know while I buhi-buhiing?


For example for a certain mercenary that has been creeping inside this academy.

If it’s now she haven’t sold her soul to the southern empire.


[Water magic…? Why did Dening-san think that I like using water magic?]


The clash between the southern empire, the demon king, and the alliance of the four countries is an old story here, so I should change the future, just kidding~.

…yeah, let’s do it.

I am quite strong, and also I have that knowledge from the anime. Buhibuhi.


[How should I said this, the water spirit loves nice people, so a rare teacher like Aruru-sensei whom think it is worth to teach magic to the commoner students, to be liked by the water spirit is no surprise for me]


But there is a big possibility that Aruru-sensei’s true identity is actually a certain legendary mercenary.

Only after I see this person with my own eyes I can finally feel the possibility that this person is the one I’m searching for.

So it was like that–.


This one was quite a fraud I said. If someone only sees her outer appearance there is no way they can see through it.

Those people on the southern empire sure have some money on their pocket seeing they were able to hire such an expensive person.


[There is a possibility that the spirits will begin lending their power to them. If the commoners could use magic on their own, the future would change greatly. Even if there is only a truly small possibility for them, they will try to fight for it, and for myself right now I knew it quite well]


Sensei became surprised after hearing that and looked at myself.

And while I can still smell the fragrance of barakiku, my eyes met with sensei’s eye.


[…I see.]


A sharp look like looking through inside me, right now sensei is looking at me like an adult with such an eye.

I remember seen that stare somewhere else.

That is an eye that looks for something.

It’s the same eye I saw on the grownups which were seeking the cause of why did I turned into the piggy duke.


[Ara, pardon me. It is because the researcher inside of me wants to know more. If I may say why is Dening-sama supporting those commoners…]


[——Slow-sama-. I brought the sword with me——-]


Hmm? Aah, that was Vision’s voice I hear.

I can see him coming here from behind Aruru-sensei while holding a sword with him.

I wonder how he was able to get permission from Rokomoko-sensei, I need to ask him about it at the dorm.


[It seems your friend has returned. Well then, I will leave this place. Thank you for your interesting opinion, Dening-san]


And then she walked into the corner of the training field to the place where all those commoner students keep training their magic.

In her place, Vision is coming with sword in hand walking towards me.

It seems he was in a hurry here that he didn’t realize that his bangs are sticking on his forehead.


[Are? Slow-sama? Why are you smiling by yourself?]




Ha, Haa!? You are too noisy for someone who just arrived here! The mercenary is still there so don’t spouting strange things like that!

No, I’m wrong! It hasn’t been decided she is the mercenary! Nonono, there is the probability she is the phantasmagoric-san! You will expose me!

She will make a move towards me if she is found out!


[Buhii, buhii, buhii]


[Slow-sama. Is there any reason why you can’t hold your laugh now?]


I told you to shut up!

Aruru-sensei is looking at here with a curious face now!

The next time you talk I won’t hesitate to blow you out with magic!!!


[Slow-sama, why are you laugh–]


[Ooh wind, whirl up and blow him away! Huricane!!]





-Piggy Duke 30

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Chapter 30

Piggy Duke 30

30.) Tempering A Certain Mercenary Magic Circle


I have seen a countless number of horses  running around in this place.

But as far as I can remember, I didn’t have a good relationship with this place even back on my black piggy duke times.

The reason was because I was extremely heavy at that time and when I rode a horse, it got crushed under my weight.


Seeing those horses running around like this, I suddenly have an urge to ride one myself. Well, let’s do that when more of my weight is gone.


[Buhi, Buhi]


In the middle of the grassland, there stands a lot of small houses that are being used as a horses stable. (maybe ‘as horses’ stables’ as it’s said in the next line that they are more than one)

As I follow the spirit’s lead excitedly, I was starting to walk behind these stables.


[Is it here?]


As I walked, I push away through this grass that is as tall as me, I found a nicely concealed magic formation that was carved on the ground. 

It was carved in blue colour. And at the center of this formation is… Hee, this one huh?


[Magic formation of water doll. And there is also another darkness magic that would be release  an attack to the surroundings when this formation is activated… So with this, it has been proved that there is a dangerous mercenary lurking in this academy]


This dangerous magic formation was lined up nicely beside the  stables.

If this kind of magic is activated, this water doll will attack all living things around here.


[Is this some kind of plot to delay her pursuer by taking down the horses? At this rate, there would be the same magic formation at the dorm around here]


If this kind of magic is activated around where the students or the maids live, there will surely be panic.

Even though water doll is not a threatening spell to the people that can use magic, there are so many people that can’t fight in this academy.

At a glance, when this water doll manifests, it would look just like a water elemental monster, Aqua Slime. And if this kind of monster look-alike attacks some students inside this academy, I’m sure there will be an uproar.

Now, I am extending my hand towards the magic formation in an attempt to tamper with it.


[Wow. When one of the water doll gets damaged, its body will join with the nearest water doll. As for me, I would need a lot of time to produce this kind of magic formation]


As expected of an undefeated mercenary.

She can really prepare something this nasty here.


[BUT, it is too bad! I won’t even let you use this one!]


I put my hand on top of the magic formation and send my magic power to it.

After I put my magic power to the magic formation, a faint blue light came out from inside, and I forcefully suppress the explosion from the magic formation that is about to go active. Right now, I am doing some precise modification on this magic formation. I think that if someone saw me doing this right now, they would misunderstand me as a magic formation specialist seeing how good I am now.

While I’m tweaking the magic formation in front of me, I suddenly had goosebumps.

I detect a high magic power from within the magic formation.

There would be a big crater here if I failed tweaking this magic formation.


[Ugh… She is good. But I have all the magic I need to interference with it.]


I can’t overlook it even for a moment now so I can change the owner of this magic formation from that mercenary to me.

And with that kind of intention, I release a lot of magic power into it.


[Become a wall to protect us, water doll. Wear the armor of light and water, protect this academy, come forth and become the water knight! Buhiiiiii!!!!]


From the magic formation, a burst of light came out.


[Don’t you dare tell me I was cheating because I am an elemental master after this. You also have your magic tool of darkness, I dare you to try as much as you want to make more… Buuhi, well it is a good job I say… Oh?]


I suddenly realized their presence while I wipe my sweat.

There are a lot of horses san here that were watching me while I was tweaking the magic formation.

They looked alternately between me and the magic formation that I just altered with their big black eyes.

And then, maybe because they can feel what I did to the magic formation, they rub their heads to my back.




[It’s alright now, there will be a strong magic that will protect you guys when the time comes]




After that, I squat from where I stand and inspect the ground further.

When I push the grass away, I can see a hole on the ground but there are no other things.

Besides the magic formation she made, there is no other trace I can find.


[Well, it can’t be helped seeing it needs a lot of time just to make this magic formation. Well then buhii, it’s time for magic practice, let’s show an excellent and magnificent performance to these guys (remove either ‘them’ or ‘to these guys’; I’d remove ‘them)]


While stretching my body, I look at the exit of the pasture.

And then, I confirmed the distance from here to there.

Yoshi, guess I will run. Should I do a dash from here?


[Buhibuhibuhibuhi. Buhii?]


A lot of horses san is coming toward me right now.

I am not playing now! I am still running right now! This is for my diet! That is why I beg you, please don’t ask me to ride you guys!




I was running together with the horses-san (it was always ‘horses san’ previously) while they were making excited voices.


[Hihihihiiiin! Hihihiiiiin!] (sound of horse)


One giant white horse came out from among the brown and black horses that were currently running towards me.

It closely ran right beside me, so close that I can even feel its heat perfectly.

It has a very nice hair with a big body, and when it was running towards me, the other horses opened up and give it a way. The proud white horse keeps looking at me while running as if asking me to ride on top of it.


[Are you these guys’ leader!? I am so sorry to tell you this, but I don’t have any intention to ride on you! I am on diet now!]


[Hihihihiiin!] (the white horse)


[What the, you want to compete with me now!? I won’t lose!]


[Hihihiiin! Hihihihiiiin!] (the white horse)


[The heck, you have a weird sound! If you say Hihihiiin like that you won’t be popular with the girls!]


Now move your asses horses san!

A fat magic user who just fixed a dangerous magic is coming through!


[Hihihihiiinn] (the white horse)


[Buhii, buhiiiiiiiin!!!!]




Just now, Rokomoko sensei has just told us what is todays subject.

He told us to make a group of two and fight with our best magic.

Today’s assignment is not doing some simple magic like usual. We can use whatever magic we want without reserve today.

When it was told they can do it without reserve, the students who have gathered in this training ground became very excited.

From there on, we can see hot fireballs floating everywhere, spears of water that are as cold as ice, golems that are produced from earth or even balls of wind that are rolling here and there.


[A group of two huh, buhii]


After hearing those fearsome words, it will be a cinch for me, the white piggy duke! The old me who would have been on panic when hearing those things, no longer exists! Nothing of my old self is left!




[Slow-sama. Why are you taking distance from me? I think the distance is too far for our magic duel.]


It’s nothing; I just have so many things to reminisce on this place.

Isn’t that right? After all, in this whole wide world, isn’t it only me who drank monster caller perfume? Hmm?


[There was also a case where your magic was running wild here, isn’t that right, Vision. This is just a precaution… precaution…]


[Controlling magic power is really hard, you know? Everyone has at least failed once or twice. The strange one is actually you, Slow-sama]


Once again, I survey this training ground.

Fireball, water spear, all kinds of spells are being used by the students, but everyone is having a hard time controlling their magic power.

When it seems to be dangerous, Rokomoko sensei will cut in and protect them.


[Excuse me, Slow-sama. Can I use the sword this time?]




[Lately, Rokomoko sensei has been taking me outside the academy to train. I was fighting against the beasts inside the forest, but they were just small fries. I want to fight seriously at least for once. If it’s Slow-sama, I believe there will be no problem using all my strength]


Ahh, so that’s it.

Vision, you. So Rokomoko sensei has been training you thoroughly.

No, you have totally taken over Shuya’s position as the main protagonist, haven’t you?


It is true though that there is no strong monsters outside the academy.

Once a year, the military will dispatch a search party to exterminate monsters that seems to be strong and also to check whether there is a new dungeon or not.

But if you go deep into the forest, there are actually strong monsters there. But of course, because those monsters are actually smart, they won’t come close to this academy.

I think there are at least orcs or goblins inside the forest now. Well, it’s no wonder for Vision who was already quite good at magic to call them small fries.


[I have no problem with it. Well, I actually have some interest in the Royal knight’s swordplay]


[Okay then, I will ask sensei now! If he says it’s OK, let’s do it then!]


I was seeing Vision going to Rokomoko sensei’s place while I am standing in a place that is quite far from where he was standing before in case his magic goes in a rampage again.

Because I was suddenly left standing here alone, I decided to watch how the other students train themselves.

Especially the commoner students who train on the corner of the field.


They have a group up there and they are swinging their wands like crazy, they try various things, but none of them seems to work because they can’t produce any magic.

That is why I thought it can’t be helped if they are like this.

Those who don’t have the kind of blood that the spirits like will be having difficulties to learn magic no matter how hard they try.


[Ara, Dening-san. Are you alone?]




I can hear the calm and composed voice of a girl.

When I turn around to look, what I see is a girl standing there wearing a black robe.

A girl who has a composed bearing with a waist-long brown hair and wearing a pair of glasses was flying and now stood before me.


[…Why are you here, sensei?]


She is one of the magic researchers employed in this academy.

She is also someone who is responsible to teach about magic in a simple way in this academy. She is called Aruru sensei. And that sensei right now is looking at me with a sweet smile plastered on her face.


-Piggy Duke 29

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Ch 29

Ch 29 with ads

Piggy Duke 29

29.) The empire princess is taking out her purse


As she turned the book page in her hand, she started to recall the story inside the book.


[It’s a story about a princess and the black dragon Sekhmet. It is said that this story was taken from a real time event in the ancient times of the Hugh Jack Empire, but I think it was just exaggerated.]


Long, long time ago, The Hugh Jack Empire was attacked and cornered by a large number of monsters that came from the north, the empire almost perished.

But it all changed suddenly when the black dragon Sekhmet came out of nowhere.

Holding such an immense power, the empire’s princess gave herself to the black dragon in exchange of help from that powerful being.

It was told in the story that the eternal black dragon asked for the empire princess that was told to have an ability to understand a monster’s heart


It seems Alicia was quite satisfied with herself after remembering this old story; she literally drank her tea in a gulp.


[I still can’t believe that such a big country which the great wind spirit had granted its protection was destroyed just like that]


Since Alicia was just a child, she was told that the Hugh Jack Empire that was used as the base of this book story was destroyed a long time ago.

It was destroyed by the attacks from a large number of monsters while it was still preparing an attack from the Dostore Empire.


[…Although it is not a nice story, it is true that the downfall of the northern empire made the four major powers in the south to join their hands]


For the soldiers of the old empire, they could somehow hold their ground if it was just a few monsters attacking them. But it would become a different story if they got attacked by a large number of monsters.

The real cause of the downfall of the northern empire was because they took the full brunt of the monsters that came from the north, it should be the southern empire nemesis

Then, to be able to hold against such powerful monsters attacks, the southern empire and the other four major powers in the south joined their hands to defend themselves against those monsters.


[So it seems. Even if the northern empire ended up destroyed, it could at least convey the danger at the north, probably…] 


Charlotte remembered about her past.


For the sake of surviving, I gave my live to the Dening household. Although the Denings  themselves wish for me to live as a normal girl.

It has been a long time since the first time they picked me up, I feel like I have been living as a normal girl until now.

In this Kurushu Magic Academy, I can read books whenever I have free time, I can even take a walk sometime with ease.


It was such a small and closed world here, but Charlotte felt that this academy, this place she lived in right now, was the safest place in all her life.

Yes, right now Charlotte already feels so happy here.


[…Somehow it has turned gloomy here!]


Right now, Alicia is staring at Charlotte which is sitting across her.

She can feel such overflowing elegance just from only looking at her.


[Even so, how long will you stay as Slow pig’s attendant? Even the Denings themselves said that nothing good will come from having any relation with that Slow pig. No matter if it’s about work or anything else, you still have me who will listen and lent my strength to Charlotte san, doesn’t you? ]


[Right now, I’m really, really happy. Slow-sama had picked me, someone who has no relatives or even a place to return, up to his side.  And just by seeing so many people in this academy having fun, it already makes me so happy. And Alicia-sama, I firmly believe that there will come a day that Slow-sama will become famous like before]


[Famous!? There is no way that will happen! It’s true that he has become slimmer, but it will still be impossible, even if heaven and earth turn over! Ah, by the way, Charlotte san! It seems the students in this academy are betting whether it is true that the Slow pig is really becoming better or not!]


With a blank stare, Charlotte looks at Alicia who has raised her voice.


[They gamble about it?]


[Yes, it’s true! It has become a big event inside this academy since the majority of the students are giving their attention to it! And most of the students placed the wager for him to fail! This is the reality now! Even though he is trying his best, it’s already impossible to fix his reputation up till now!]


She declared it strongly with a smile floating on her face, but not the good smile shown to people, but a smile that made her look like a villain. Seeing that, Charlotte understood what it was that Alicia wanted to tell her.

Even though these two were born in quite a special place, (something like their birth is royalty, but I don’t know how to put it) here, in this Kurushu Magic Academy, they were just two normal girls.

People live happily in this place, but when they find something that seems fun they will hop onto it.

Quietly, Charlotte stands up from her seat and walks into her drawer to take her brown purse from there.


[Alicia-sama. Honestly, there are some books from Daris capital that I really want]


Charlotte remembers a book about a love story that she had wanted since long time ago.


I want that too, I also want to know that book’s continuation, aaah but, the book by that author seems it will come out soon…

What to do, there are so many books that I need to buy…

Oh yeah, I think I need to think about a different place to hide my things.


Her hidden safe right now is quite safe actually, but the inside of Charlotte’s room is full packed with only love storybooks

Since the time Charlotte came to the academy and got her own room, never once has she forgotten to happily read her romance books before sleep. 


[As expected of Charlotte san!]


Alicia who has been eagerly waiting Charlotte’s answer and grabs her hand’s strongly as she heard that.

Right now in this room there are two different individual that passionately holding hands. Charlotte, the attendant, and Alicia, the princess of Sarkista who is studying here.


[There is no way knowing who will win in a gamble! I know that well desu wa!]


Because these two people here doesn’t have much money on their pockets, they will secretly ride this entertainment that is happening inside this academy to earn some pocket money.




Inside this room where those two are happily talking, there is actually one more entity.

Art Ange, the wind great spirit, is right now happily crawling on top of Charlotte’s bed.

Its figure right now is just like a zombie that is crawling out from earth.

Because nobody can see this wind great spirit, it can do anything it likes.


{I really want to materialize nyaaa~ But darkness magic is disgusting nyaa~}


It doesn’t have anything to worry about.


It is true that the southern empire’s confidence about themselves was because they were known to have the three musketeers and the wise prince on their side. On top of that, their soldiers had been blessed by the great darkness spirit, so they must be very strong.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the great demon king on the north that has become a burden to the south empire.


{But… If I compare those guys with him, those guys are just a really small, small, small fish nyaaa} 


This country has that guy after all.

A certain guy, that for some reason is chasing a mercenary that is creeping inside this academy.

A certain guy that will always protect Charlotte.

A certain guy that decided to protect the last remnant of the northern empire.


His life has differed from its normal path since he met Charlotte and I.

He was a boy who kept getting fat while saying, ‘I did whatever because of love’ with a smile on his face.


Wind child prodigy?

For this great wind spirit, even without that title it will know that boy’s capabilities.

Art Ange remembered the very first time it exchanged words with him.

Even now, it is still wondering in its mind why did all the spirits wanted to befriend him.


{Those guys from the southern empire and that demon king, everyone really has such a strong resolution to do something. But from now on, your enemy is that cheat guy nyaaa}


Excitingly, the wind great spirit keeps running around Charlotte’s room while meowing.

It can’t be helped for the spirit to keep getting excited, wondering how that boy will live from now on or how will he rise his power from now on.

Art Ange gets really, really embarrassed whenever it remembers it lost against southern empire soldier’s magic.

But in exchange for that, it could meet an unexpected human like him.


Someone who fall in love with my Charlotte,  my excellent things that not any of the great spirits care about


{After meeting that guy, a guy who lives like a pig and is doing anything he likes, Charlotte should have already realized that she can do whatever she wants after she watched him. She can even imagine something bizarre if she wants}


Yes, Charlotte is my cute little baby after all.

She also imagines bizarre things whenever she is alone, such a cute child she is.


Because the wind great spirit has been together with Charlotte for a long time, it knows a lot of things.

It knows she is always such a little girl even though she always put on airs as a cool beauty.

No matter how much attention Slow tries to get, the spotlight will go to Charlotte as the princess of the northern empire.

But Art Ange never worries about that.

If it’s that guy, no matter what is coming to them, he will do anything to protect Charlotte.


{Yeah! You will nyaa!}


And then, while the two princesses’ eyes met, it moved to the table where the two princesses are.

Well, whatever it does those two can’t hear him though.

It thinks it wants to say it at least once.

Especially to a certain short cheeky brat in this room.

He walked closely to Alicia’s face and then made a boxing stance in front of her face.


{…You midget! Don’t you dare to think something strange! There are no other people that can be in harmony with him, besides me and Charlotte!}


The great wind spirit’s back feet spring up and aimed at Alicia’s cheek.

Somehow Alicia felt something strange on her cheek, Is it the wind? Or so she thinks.

As for the source of Alicia’s strange feeling, the great wind spirit just magnificently walks back on top of the bed while shouting.


{The dead old man from the military is the only one who knows about how great he is nyaa! Beside that, it’s boring nyaa! This academy is boring nyaa! There is no stimulus or any fresh fish here nyaa! I wanna go to a more gorgeous place nyaaa!}



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