Hey guys,  sorry for the late release.

thyny’s pc just broke down,  on top of that she is sick.

Our working speed is dropping quiet a bit because I really dependant to her editing.

We were really sorry for this. Please keep supporting us either by donating, clicking the chapter with ads or you can keep following us all the way till this series end!!!

Tnyhy here: sorry poeple my comp died on me and I guess I got so much stressed over it that my immune system took a shock (lame I know, but my comp is my life… well part of it :p) then I got sick, like $%/!”/ sick, I migth be ok tomorrow but rigth now I feel so drained of energy and while my comp is working now I will need to get a new gaming rig >.<

Expect a bundle release in a few to compensate (once I get over my sickness)

Chapter 23

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