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Piggy Duke 28

28.) The second princess is waking up early after a long time

Right now she, Alicia Bra Deer Sarkista, is walking through the road that is being illuminated by the sun with trees as its decoration. On both sides of the road stand big classrooms, I believe right now the lessons have already begun because there are fewer people walking around here.

It has been a year since I started living in this academy which is a place that is rich with nature and also has a refreshing atmosphere. This Kurushu Magic Academy is really a place that I can call my second home.

Flaxen hair with strong determined eyes, a short body, and even though she is a delicate girl, her pride is so high that it’s hard to get along with her. Alicia, even if you try to look more adult like by wearing a plain school uniform, forget being adult like, you are walking like a kitten that is being threatened by something.

Most students here will be loaded with classes in the morning and will have free time to play with their friends in the afternoon. But for Alicia, her afternoons are filled with classes.

Of course there is a simple explanation for that

[Munyamunya, Fuha~~~desuwa!]

She is unable to wake up in the morning.

That’s why she skips breakfast every morning.

But there is also the possibility that she can’t bear a crowded morning that looks like a war zone inside the dining hall.

For that Alicia to be deliberately waking up this early and walking this far, there is only one conclusion.

A tea party with this Slow pig’s attendant. That is the only thing I can think of.

She is walking while still half-asleep.

Many benches are aligned unevenly on both sides of the street with people gazing at her as she passed through the street. But then she realized there is a group of boys that are laughing while pointing at her. This is Alicia we are talking about; of course she won’t ignore this.

Seeing that Alicia walking straight to where those boys are, the people on the street already thought that something bad will happen.

Here goes another brawl… Those are the thoughts of those people whom suddenly increased their walking speed, so they won’t get involved in a troublesome mess.

The princess of Sarkista is famous for a certain reason; she gets  into a fight too easily.

The boys that keep pointing at Alicia are sitting on a bench with a sloppy uniform and an untidy look.

[You there, your shirt is not tucked in, and your hair is really untidy. You are making Daris who has long tradition and history to cry]

[Well, well, look who is coming; the princess of Sarkista is really strict isn’t she. But my hair is not untidy, this is called fashion. So how about having a tea with me? Please(,) bless this poor soul that has to enlist into the military as soon as this poor soul graduates from this academy next year]

[I have to refuse. I already have an appointment with someone else after this]

[Haha! You just got refused by Sarkista’s princess! And that hair of yours is impossible to be called fashion, Geronimo! You should learn more about fashion when you get into in the military!]

[…But, I pray for your safety, it’s the least I can do]

[Hyahoo! Did you see that!? The princess of Sarkista was praying for my safety just now!]


If you count the students that are studying and all the attendants that they brought to this academy, their numbers will easily exceed 2,000 people.

Of course there are other magic academies inside Sarkista, but there is no way it can be this big.

In this Kurushu Magic Academy, they cover a lot of fields besides magic; there are even a large number of great people that have graduated from this academy. And this academy not only looks for teachers with magic capability, they also employ teachers from different fields like music or arts. On top of that, they will give those teachers a high salary even if they aren’t someone famous.

The academy itself was constructed on a land inside a thick forest, and is surrounded by four walls that are several times higher than Alicia’s height. That’s why I know this academy is really safe.

The forest just outside of this academy also harbors some monsters, but they are monitored  to stay weak enough to be the students opponents during class, and there is also a rumor that there is a dungeon that is a few decades old in that forest.

To come to this academy that is practically outside her country, she made a few promises with her parents  so they willingly send her to this academy.

There are two things she promised to her parents.

One is she will fulfill her own needs by herself, and the other thing is she won’t fight with other people.

It seems that as she continue walking towards her destination, she can still hear the voices of those boys that somewhat became more excited after talking to her.

[It really surprised me knowing she became that Slow pig’s attendant. Moreover, Charlotte san is actually…]

Alisa remembers seeing Charlotte for the first time after a long time at the city of Yolem.

Even though it has been a year since she came to this academy, it was the first time for her to know that Charlotte is also actually here in this academy.

That is because she never once saw that Slow pig together with Charlotte.

She thinks it is weird for Charlotte to become someone’s attendant.

[…Well, this is a somewhat closed academy, so if there is one or two strange things happening here,   I won’t be surprised]

Kurushu Magic Academy is a school that is surrounded with strong walls from all sides, and the only way in and out from it is the gate that leads to the highway to Yolem city.

[To be harassed by other people… It can’t be helped if she is that person’s attendant]

I have heard this from some friend; the piggy duke’s attendant, Charlotte, is quite famous in this academy.

Even though she is a commoner, her beautiful face really stands out. On top of that, she is that Slow pig’s attendant.

The rumours about her spread out around the academy. Whether it was because of curiosity or jealousy, she received some light harassment from other people.

For Alicia to being ignorant of what was truly happening, she felt ashamed.

If she knew about it, she could have done something to help her.

[But she doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. Because, by being my friend, there will be no other things she needs to fear!]

That’s how Alicia thinks.

If somehow Charlotte has a friendly relationship  with her, the harassment towards her will stop.

After all, Alicia is the princess of Sarkista, one of the southern alliance pillars.

Even if everyone badmouths her  and calls her  the last royal family member, she is still from the royal family! THE ROYAL FAMILY!

[Miss Sarkista!? What are you doing in a place like this!?]

[I just want to meet a friend of mine]

At least, she still has a power to make all the girls’ dorm manager to bow down to her.


Alicia met Charlotte for the first time when she was only six year old.

No matter where we went, the obedient silver haired Charlotte, I, and Slow pig would go together, even though he wasn’t a pig at that time… anyway, we always followed Slow pig’s steps wherever he went.

I wasn’t really sure at that time, but I remember I still have something that makes me worried about her even now.

[Eetto, which room of the second floor is it again?]

She once asked one of Slow’s knights, the one that looked like he was a fearless and serious man, and only remembers him answering,  [She has somehow became an Attendant apprentice here] with a bitter smile on his face.

An Attendant Apprentice?

That girl?

At that time, that girl’s new existence really surprised Alicia a lot.

It seems Charlotte was found by Slow pig in an illegal slave market  in one of Dening household’s dominion.

I think he said he helped her because she was so young at that time and he wanted her to accompany him.

When she grasped the circumstances, Alicia agreed with it while thinking:

It’s really like him doing something extraordinary like that.

[I think it’s here. Ehem, Charlotte san! This is Alicia! I know it is still early, but I have come to meet you!]

[Wha, Alicia-sama!? Pardon me, but I am not prepared yet!]

When Charlotte heard Alicia’s voice, she was in the middle of tidying her own room.

It was outside even of her wild imagination to think that Alicia became so excited to even come so early in the morning like this.

[I will come in!]

Just before the door was opened completely, Charlotte makes sure to scan her room once again in case there was some embarrassing item left around visible.


And then, she stops her eyes on the stuffed toy on top of the bed.

It is an old stuffed toy that even had its colour faded. It is the same stuffed toy she had since she was small.

Not good, that one is not good.

I would be so embarrassed if she saw that one.

If it is known that I still sleep with stuffed toys in this age, it will be too shameful.

Not good Charlotte.

You need to hide Braddy away.

Alicia-sama will certainly think of me as a child if she finds out about that stuffed toy.

What could happen if Alicia-sama found that stuffed toy?

At that time Charlotte was starting to imagine what would happen if Alicia saw her stuffed toy.

You are a child! Charlotte san is certainly a child! And it’s a pig! Just like her master, Slow pig!

Just by imagining that scene in her head, Charlotte’s white face (was?) dyed crimson red in an instant.

It’s bad.

This is really bad.

It really was a mystery what was bad, but it was really bad according to Charlotte’s splendid delusion.

[…Let’s hide it for now]

Then, Charlotte strongly pushed her pig stuffed toy inside her bed sheet. (Ed: a pig!!11, well that explains a lot)

And quickly went to the room’s entrance to open the door.

[I’m coming! Alicia-sama!]


[Slow-sama was always thinking hard what to give to Alicia-sama as a present whenever your birthday was coming]

[I know, but that brooch he gave me really had no fashion sense at all]

It was a brooch that was given to Alicia on her seventh birthday.

Even though she said that brooch has no fashion sense at all, nothing at all, Charlotte can remember clearly that Alicia, even now, always wore the brooch even on important days.

[Slow-sama even searched ten or so shops until he chose that brooch you know! After that, Silva san and Cloud san complained a lot about that event. That is how much Slow-sama thought about how important Alicia-sama was!]

The thing they mostly talked about is their past.

Like when the three of them were having a picnic together or an adventure with the two knights they knew well. Or when they went to the city to shop together, or when they were hearing stories of his failures  from the past. Or when they went to the capital of Daris to attend the ball and watch the famous theater’s play together.

Charlotte and Alicia, even though their view points of the past are different, they still remember it clearly to this day. And they can’t stop talking about it.

And, as expected, the topic turned to the piggy duke.

[Slow pig has really changed now. He even takes his diet seriously. Really, I can’t  understand him at all… Hmm, since a long time ago, I have been unable to understand how he thinks… But this time, it’s really hard to digest it]

Complain after complain came out from her mouth without restrain.

It is his fault that Alicia turned into someone like this now.

They talked about how people would make fun of her when some students hear about Alicia being the Piggy Duke’s – a.k.a. the Wind Wonder Child’s – former fiancé or how, if se was not laughed at, the students who heard that rumor would ask her numerous times about the truth about her past..

They both talk about their happy and unpleasant times nonstop.

[—–It really brings me so much trouble… Ah, no. I’m sorry; it seems I have been talking nonstop. It’s not like because I was interested in him, Charlotte san]

Alicia finally noticed.

Since when did I start talking like this?

She became so embarrassed when she realized that she mostly talked about that Slow pig.

[Alicia-sama seems to always have been looking out for Slow-sama since you enrolled into this academy]

[Tha-that is… well, former… YES, he is my FORMER fiancé! Former you know! It’s important, so remember that!]

Alicia has been talking excitedly about her past.

No matter if it was magic or cultural studies, I have never won against your past self, even though I have received all kinds of training and education as the princess of Sarkista… Well, I admit that you are amazing that you could make me fall for you.

That is why I can’t help it to reminisce about the past so much.

Yeah, I can’t help it.

And after I saw how he is now, what can I do.

I can’t help remembering many things from the past.

It’s just as if…

[…He turned back to his former self]


Charlotte looks at this girl who was her master’s former fiancé.

This is… maybe, perhaps it’s possible….

[Alicia-sama, your face is turning a bit red]

[N-N-NA! Nothing! There is nothing! It’s just so hot today! This room is quite hot! Charlotte san! You need to ventilate here more!]

Excitedly, Alicia stands up and opens up the window as wide as she can, and while thinking how she can change the topic right now, she looks at Charlotte’s room.

It is such a tidy room, and there is almost nothing here except the things that she needs.

The most conspicuous thing in Charlotte’s room is the amount of books inside a big bookshelf.

It seems there are a lot of books that Alicia has never seen before, and she moved in front of the bookshelf.

Because it is a small room, with only a few steps she reached her destination.

[You seem to love books since a long time ago Charlotte san. And you seem to still read a lot… Ah, this one really brings back memories! Because Slow pig became obsessed with the story, he got scolded]

Alicia picks a book from the bookshelf and shows it to Charlotte.

[This is a story about the empire and Sekhmet, The Black Dragon. I also ordered this same book when I knew that Slow pig bought this story book. This book is quite old; I remember having a hard time finding this book…]

[Slow-sama, was obsessed?]

Charlotte thinks how strange it was for her master to become like that.

There is almost no one that knows about the existence of the empire there should be no book telling about this old empire in either Daris or Sarkista. Even if there is something written about it won’t be interesting.

[This book was given to Charlotte san on your birthday wasn’t it?]

No, there is one.

It was still interesting no matter how many times I read it.

But, what kind of relation does it have?

[He was searching everywhere for Charlotte san’s favorite book, even in Cloud san and Silva san’s town bookstore. After he failed finding it in the normal bookstore, he found this interesting book sold at a second hand bookstore. You can’t just read the book here, or so he was scolded by the shopkeeper that saw him getting absorbed reading this book.]

It was just a fairy tale.

It was just an old book sold in a second hand bookstore that shouldn’t draw any attention.

But this is not just a story book, when Charlotte saw that this book was sold at that second hand bookstore she really wanted to buy it.

[If I remember correctly, the story is about… Ah, I remember! It’s about the black dragon Sekhmet and the empire princess——–]


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Piggy Duke 27

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27.) The Young Noble Who Lives at The First Floor is Part Timing

Every morning, I take a bath with cold water to wash away my sweat.

After that, I go to the dining hall that should be already open by then, and then sit down in my special custom set seat near the entrance. I wonder who had enough consideration of me to make it.

I can feel their love through this chair they made.

[Well then, what should I eat today?]

While I was thinking what I should eat, I think back to the event that happened this morning.

It was during my daily run around the old research building. I was surprised by a few commoners accompanied by Deppa that were already waiting for me.

These commoners wanted me to use magic even if it was just a little bit. Since that Deppa became a hot topic among the commoners for being able to use earth magic; they were wondering if it was okay for me to teach them magic whenever I have the time.

Almost all the commoners that became students in the Kurushu Magic Academy wish to use magic from the bottom of their heart.


But reality is not that kind to them.

From more than two hundred commoner that applied to this academy, only ten or so people can use magic when they graduate later, and it’s already an amazing number.

That shows how much the spirits don’t like their blood.

Rokomoko sensei’s way of teaching magic is more inclined towards the noble students; in contrast, it’s not rare to see commoner students without spirits around them.

[Gimme breakfast~. With lots of side dishes~. Gimme a lot, a lot of food~]

But if I refuse them, it would be too pitiful.

If they know that they have no talent in using magic,  they will soon forget it and search for other things that they are good at…

Well, then I’ll look at their training for a bit after I have done my daily morning run.

I might hear some interesting things about a certain hiding mercenary from those guys.

[Hey, the maid over there. This special seat’s owner, me, has arrived. What is today’s menu for breakfast?]

The banquet hall we use right now is really huge.

There are countless long tables placed from the entrance to the inner part of the hall, a high ceiling, and light that comes through the window.

Every day, it starts with me staring at the busy maids (servants) serving people in here, and also the students that are having fun talking with each other while eating their food.

And then, there is this guy with disheveled hair showing that he just woke up, and while he sits down there, his food has already been prepared.

Ha? Eh? What the heck! He came after me! Even I haven’t got my breakfast, but how come he got it first!?

[Buhi-buhibuhi! Buhi-buhibuhi! Buhhiiiii!]

When I signaled a passing maid with my hand that I want some food, she goes ‘awawa’ and without losing a beat she hurriedly goes to the kitchen.

[Buhi-Buhibuhi!… Buhi?]


Because I have nothing better to do while waiting my breakfast, I watch as the manservants and the maids help each other in setting up the tables to eat.

It’s still morning, but everyone seems really pumped up …Ah, the water jar on that table is empty!

How will you guys handle that? Oh? Oooh! They noticed it already! Hee, they really do their job seriously. Then, where is my food?

It should be the hired maid’s job to take care of things in the dining hall while its chow time, and it pays quite well too if you also help in preparing the food. But it is actually weird because all the noble’s student attendants are actually doing the same thing.

Occasionally, but it’s really rare, there are some commoner students working here for some money.

While I was thinking about what kind of part time we could do in this academy, my food arrives in front of me on a silver tray.

Fuuh, I am so hungry right now.

Eh, what the-? The quantity, isn’t it too much? Isn’t there too much food on a plate? Look, even the other students are looking at this plate enviously, the usual amount is already enough, I think? Don’t they know I’m on a diet now?

[That heap of food just now is just a joke…]

When I heard the maid’s voice who is bringing the food to my table, shivers come into my spine.


[Yes, Slow-sama. It is just as you see it]

While wearing a white and black uniform, Vision takes a step back and bows to me respectfully.

Seeing Vision’s polished bow to me with his beautiful golden hair and sapphire blue eyes, all the maids goes ‘kyaa, kyaa’ seeing that spectacle.

It’s not just me that is surprised upon seeing Vision like this, all the manservants and the male nobles students who know the identity of the maid in front of me, open their mouths wide.

Yes, I understand your feelings too. I also never heard of a male noble student preparing breakfast for anyone.

It’s a problem that will affect someone’s family name and reputation.

But, it seems that the person himself doesn’t have any problem regarding serving others.

[This is a part time, a part time you know, Slow-sama. Also, besides being a waiter here they said they will pay me more if I teach all the maids here how to behave like a noble. Since a long time ago, I have heard that all the maids serving in this academy have always been crude, so I think this is a good chance for me. Besides, I have decided to earn money and don’t mind my appearance and behavior, this is my burden and it’s just that, I don’t really mind to humble myself like this. I can’t wear torned socks forever after all]

The maids giggled while walking pass Vision’s back.

It’s a bit out of place, but I don’t hate this part of him. Here, I can feel those maids’ favorable atmosphere towards Vision. It seems his story about befriending the maids and the commoner students is true.

From somewhere in this dining hall I could hear someone say ‘without me knowing, that hard-headed Vision is already working here in the dining hall and can receive my harsh words.

[This is just between us but, the results of the bet about you will soon come out. When it’s out, I will become rich again. That’s why… please lose some more weight. And this breakfast is my service to you]

[Why are you gossiping around, Vision-sama! I already told you it’s a battlefield here when it’s breakfast time! Please, bring this food to the student sitting over there now!]

[Upss, Understood. Well, please excuse me, Slow-sama. Let’s meet again at magic practice class]

When I saw Vision being called by the other maid, I could see he cowered a little. And without losing a beat, he goes straight back to the kitchen.

Different from the other manservants or maids in this dining hall, his movements are so elegant even though he was just walking. Even when he is inviting many gazes from the people around, Vision doesn’t seem to mind it.

It’s really a spectacle for a noble student to be doing this kind of job.

But I know for sure that the maids and servants here already accept that weird noble as one of their own. I can even see their mouths smiling.

[…But, you know]

All the money you are using for the bet is mine you know!

It’s not you who is going to get rich, it’s me! Don’t say it like it’s your own money!


Well, it’s not yet time for everyone’s favorite class, magic practice…

I wonder what kind of brilliant magic I should show today, maybe my original magic? While thinking about some stupid things I walk around the school premises.

I was seeing here and there, even gazing at rows of ants sometimes.

But I can’t find any abnormality here.

[Yeah right, like I can find any abnormality here that easily~]

My real purpose for walking around aimlessly like this was to find a trace of a certain mercenary.

I’m not just relying on the wind spirit but also on my eyes. And walking around like this also helps with my diet!

I can’t find her trace in a place where lots of people gather, like the sports ground, the dining hall that is always open for business, a few classrooms or the cathedral.

Muh, what should I do next.

When I was going to search in places with fewer people, I walked in an alley between educational buildings and wind suddenly hits my cheek.


When I look at my shoulder, a wind spirit is desperately trying to tell me something.

Most of the spirits that exist don’t have much intelligence, that’s why it’s hard to communicate with them.

And there are many spirits that come close to me just to play me some prank. That’s why I ignore most of them.

But seeing the frantic expression from this spirit here, I know what it wants to tell me.

Magic and spirit is one and the same.

Hmm I see, once again I come to see proof of that fact.

The wind spirit emerged from the empty space and it started to move with the wind.

It seems it wants to guide me somewhere.


I follow that spirit immediately.

We have passed so many classrooms that have already started their lessons, we already passed the brand new research building and even the staff building to a place that fewer students are seen as we go.

But it seems the place that the spirit wants me to go is still far away. Beyond this point is the field used for horse riding, an area especially made for the animals to live, and as we come closer to that place, the buildings around us become shorter and shorter.

The trees becomes more apparent, and I can already hear the cry of an animal from there.

Around here is the girls’ dorm for the attendants, this building is located sligthy apart from the center of the academy.



———While looking at this place, I can see a certain ex-fiancee princess entering there.

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Piggy Duke 26

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26.) Be Quiet While The Opening Act Is Showing!

Hearing Shuya’s words I stop myself from standing up.

[…Lurking around deep inside, there is a demon that has been through a thousand battles…. I can feel it has been releasing a great amount of magic from time to time… Heed there with caution, or so the crystal said… EEEH!? Caution? What is it for?]

I see the crystal ball that Shuya’s holds in his hands.

So it was not just the headmaster that knew about that mercenary, but this crystal san also knew about it as well.

I remember a certain wind great spirit that should be lazying around at Charlotte’s room right now.

Oi, Arte Ange…

How come you didn’t even notice that such big magic has been released inside the academy?

[Hmm… A demon is it? Also what does it mean that it has been releasing great amounts of magic? Mumumumu… The crystal told me it is best for me to not get involved in this matter this time…] (Shuya)

So she has been releasing a great amount of magic.

An experienced mercenary that never fails in her mission, that’s the phantasmagoric No Face.

She will finish her mission no matter what, and nobody knows her true identity even among the mercenaries.

And she is someone that is known that can escape easily; even when some sudden unknown situation appears in her mission.

She never leaks her employer information no matter who it is. Other than her no other mercenaries out there could give their employer such great peace of mind.

But it’s difficult to hire her, quite a lot of money it’s needed just to ask her to do something. So only a noble or a truly rich merchant that actually has a big influence in a country could do it. But even so, forget just talking to her, there is no one that even has proof of her existence.

That’s with all the information flowing around about her, even her existence was doubted.

But, I know she exists.

Her goal, No face sole goal as mercenary is only to accomplish the impossible jobs nobody else can do.

[Oi piggy! What the heck is with you playing hide and seek!? And explain about that demon that has been through thousand battles!]

Even until the end of the anime, nobody could catch her.

Even if so many unexpected things happened in front of her, she could escape from all of them somehow using lots of magic devices she carries. Brave, clever, strong, and also she is not afraid to use any malicious tricks while doing her job.

If I let this chance go away there won’t be any other, she would turn herself into someone else and nobody would know where she went next.

I remember, there is one big event in the anime involving this academy. I remember that the students in this school will get kidnaped and that event will turn this school into a warzone.

I can’t let anyone do that now, my precious people are here.

No matter what kind of magic you throw at this academy, I will get revenge

I won’t let you do as you like here.

While I resolved myself for the coming trouble, suddenly I saw Shuya’s excited face right in front of me in close range.

[Hey! What is that ‘hide and seek’ demon!? Is it an empire’s spy!?]

[Buhaa!? Haaaa!? What the heck did you just said Shuya!]

Wait, wait, wait!

How come from a ‘hide and seek’ demon it turned into an empire’s spy!?

How! Hell, it’s true but how come you jumped into that conclusion!? How can you be so convinced with your absurd guess!? Are you a psychic!?

Well, his strange good perception is his good point.

That is why he is called the Fire Diviner.

Facing THAT Shuya, I can’t keep my mind calm at all.

[Wh-wh-wh-what the hell are you talking about, th-th-there is no way that is true]

There are only a small portion of people that could fight against No Face in the academy right now.

The strongest person in the academy right now is currently a third year student that is going to get conscripted into the military, but against a veteran like No Face, I think it’s still impossible.

And no matter how much Shuya is eager to fight; even though he is the anime’s protagonist, he is no better than Vision right now.

There are a lot of teachers here but, most of them have stepped down from fighting because of old age and became educators, and the rest of the teachers are just researchers with no fighting power.

That is why it was such a surprise when Rokomoko sensei, a former royal knight that was still in his prime joined the academy as an educator.

But it would take Rokomoko sensei’s entire power just to fight No Face alone. Now that I think about it, even in the anime Rokomoko sensei failed to catch her.

If that is the case then, it makes sense that only the headmaster can take her alone.

Imagining how strong No Face is really makes me want to groan.

[What the heck is that demon!? I somehow had a bad premonition about that! And just so you know, my premonitions are almost correct every time!]

[I already told you Shuya, it was just a person who has been playing hide and seek since the very beginning. There is nothing I hide. If you don’t believe me, how about asking your crystal? It was just some simple things I ask, nothing more]

Even if by any chance crystal san tells Shuya the truth, I won’t mind it.

I believe I can leave the decision whether to tell him or not to crystal san.

Because I know that inside the crystal, there is a great fire spirit that is cautious and experienced in warfare.

That’s why; try a little bit harder Shuya.

You hold something that anyone else doesn’t. It’s really something great! You have your divination ability that no one else but you have!

[Oi! Tell me what the hell do that ‘hide and seek’ truly means!]

Frantically, Shuya asks the crystal.

I can’t help but laugh, because right now I can’t help myself but to just look like the bad guy here.

Buhi buhi.

[…Eh? The crystal says it’s still too soon for me to know!? Wait, wait, why the hell is it too soon for me!? Haaaa!? I don’t know what you meant just now!]

It seems I can’t interfere with their conversation.

So to not disturb them, I quietly go out from his room. But when I just got out from Shuya’s room, a lot of people are already swarming there trying to get to know what exactly is happening. When I secretly heard what they said it was: [Piggy duke just came out! Step back everyone!], [Eh, how weird, why can’t I hear any sounds from inside?], [But it should be possible, the wall at the second floor is thin after all], [Ah, we can’t hear what’s happening inside after the piggy duke came out!], [Even though Shuya is alone he seems to still be talking! As I though he is someone dangerous!]

I’m sorry; I did something so his voice won’t leak outside! But, this is for the sake of everyone so they can live safely here!

Please move now! I’m busy searching for a mercenary! Move, move!

Ah! I forgot to pay Shuya! I will give it to you next time! I promise! I won’t cheat you!

Buhi buhi!


A refreshing wind blows inside the classroom from an opened window.

From there you can clearly see the academy being wrapped by the night’s darkness.

Even though it is already so late at night, you can see a few students still training their sword techniques on the training field. A little bit further I can see a figure of a male student that look like he’s waiting for someone near the entrance of the girl’s dorm. It is someone that the patrolling teachers and all of the horse coachmen knew very well.

Inside this academy It not just the noble and commoner students that live here, there are also the attendants and maids that helps the people here with their daily needs, the teachers, the chef and the cook, and a large number of merchants. And don’t forget the coachmen, horse caretakers and the messengers that use horses, all those persons also live here.

There is also the transfer student from other country, and lastly the person I swore to protect.

[Come here you dangerous mercenary san who wanted to escape from here] (?)

Because the student register got stolen by that mercenary, the probability of this school turning into the warzone is high. 

In this world there is no one else who knows the truth but me, there is no other than this white piggy duke that knows about what kind of danger awaits us.


I place my right hand outside the window.

I can feel the night air tickling my hand every time it blows.

[Wind cutter…!]

A red line was drawn at my wrist when I invoke the wind knife against it.

The blood that was dripping from it dissolved in to the air, not long after that a lot of small light gather in front of me.

The spirits seems to love refined blood, and they seem to think highly of mine.

And that is the number one secret that only I know about it.

I will only call them when I think it is the right time to do so.

[There is some trace of dark magic… No, it is something else. Yes it is… Everyone said it has an unpleasant feeling on it, don’t wanna go near it, scary, please everyone, if you somehow find this kind of place please tell me]

That mercenary is borrowing power from the great dark spirit to combine it with the power from a magic tool she has and to use it to change her appearance.

Many times, she used here her original magic that combines darkness and water to make her look like someone else. That is why whenever she used her original magic there will be a trace of a great magic being used, and there will be a darkness spirit left there, which is the reason why the other spirits feel disgusted by it.

From my room at the fourth floor of the boy’s dorm I watch over the entire school grounds that are enveloped by the darkness.

[Well, well Ms. legendary mercenary, you just made one fatal mistake. Right now in this academy lives Daris’s most astounding actor. You have to pay a really, really expensive tuition fee because you are not even greeting your senpai here when you came here!]

I have blown the war trumpet

In this place I will be the one who catch you!

[See if you escape from this one! It’s bewitching time! Buhii!]

I move my hand as if I was a maestro in an orchestra, countless spirits that were gathered here, scatters now to all the corners of the Kurushu Magic Academy.

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Piggy Duke 25

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25.) Shuya’s Whimsical Divination

[[~Shu-chan Whimsical Divination Shop]]

It was written in big letters in a paper that was placed at the entrance of his room; with a bitter smile I stand in front of that door.

[It’s the piggy duke… Did he come here for some fortune telling?] [Is that really the piggy duke? Is he slimmer?] [If he came for a divination, then I have to hear that Shuya’s weird voice again…]

This is thanks to exercising and the great weight reducing medicine! You can ask me anything regarding things about dieting, you know!? But there shouldn’t be any side effects, right? This weight reducing medicine’s effect is so great, that I’m kinda worried about it… Well, let’s put this medicine talk aside for now.

I will use Shuya’s divination to reveal that mercenary’s whereabouts.

The bell that hangs on the door rings when I knock.

I think it should be okay because it’s still early to go to sleep.

[…Okaaay. I’m opening the door now. Is it for a divination?]

From inside, I can hear his voice getting closer to the door. Then when he opens it, I saw Shuya in his simple pajamas.


When he meets my eyes, he closes the door forcefully.

HAH!? After I realized it was closed I knock, no, I bang the door!

In the anime it was spoken that he was [Too honest], [He trust people easily], [The crystal san’s puppet], and you know what? I don’t hate that hot blooded Shuya. But now, his actions did hurt me a little! Oi Shuya! Come out you little! I won’t be mad at you, if you open it right now!


The door opens only a little, just enough for Shuya to peek. All the boys that witness this on the corridor starts wondering what happened. Stop looking! I’m not a circus show! This is for the sake of protecting everyone! Now off you go! Buhi!

[…De, Dening? What do you want to do in my room?]

I can somehow understand Shuya’s feelings, when I heard his troubled voice and the unnatural way in which he speaks to me. He is somewhat nervous when I am around

[I want a divination]

[…Eh? Divination?]

It seems Shuya is taken aback after hearing me say that.

[I brought some money]

[COME, COME, COME AND I’LL GIVE YOU A DIVINATION… Please, come in. Please sit here]

The power of money is strong.


[De, Deening san. Wh-what do you want me to see?] (it’s not typo)

Shuya takes out a low table from the corner and arrange three zabutons (square cushion). We sit facing each other while he places a crystal ball in the middle of the room in the table right between us. When he turns off the lamp, a faint light came out from the crystal ball making its presence stronger. A strong wind came from the window, circulating around the room and rocking the crystal ball. Even though we were sitting on zabutons, the atmosphere right now feels really good.

But somehow I got interested in how Shuya addressed me before.

Deening san, who the hell is that?

[…Piggy duke is fine, it’s easier to call me that isn’t it? I don’t mind]

Inside that serious atmosphere , Shuya just haaaaah (strongly sigh) like he was just holding his breath up till now.

[…Fu, fuu! Yea- yeah! You are a piggy duke after all! Your image before was truly strong, Deening san, who the heck is he!? De, piggy duke! What do you want me to see?]

It seems he was feeling pressured until just now, his usual vigor is back and now he talks to me with so much passion.

So, what kind of thing should I ask to the crystal ball? Who has the mercenary changed into? Nah, I can’t ask it like that. Shuya won’t hold himself, and would take some action if he knew that some dangerous mercenary is lurking inside the academy right now.

Because he is the protagonist, sometimes he does some outrageous things.

…Okay, let’s use that.

[…Please look for someone who is playing hide and seek, right now inside the academy]

Shuya looks at me with a blank stare.

[…What the heck is that? Well as long as you pay me…]

And then inside that dark room, Shuya holds the crystal ball with both hands.

…Ah, I know, I have seen before how Shuya’s acts prior to a divination. I try to hide my excited heart while I remember a few things from the past. In the anime whenever he does a divination he always shows that kind of expression that even gets him to be called [Please stop that voice now], [The voice actor is serious now], [He is already reaching that point]

Shuya takes a breath now, and suddenly starts screaming hysterically.

[…U,waaaaaAAAAAA!! AaAaaaaAAA!!! He has come!!! The God has coOOOOOoome!! MgyaaaaaaaAAaaaAA!!]

[Oi! You are being too loud!!!! Don’t let out such a strange voice!!! Look they are already banging on the wall!!!]



Bufuu. That was dangerous, seeing him like this makes me want to laugh a little.

The person next door is already banging on the wall like crazy.

I already know the reason for that meaningless performance he showed me just now. He has practiced that act for a long time, so he can make a lot of money from his entire customer base.

[…I know, I know, I know. …It’s your old self, the crystal told me… Ah! It’s not like it was me the one who was talking! I was only telling you what the crystal told me!]

I know that already. You were just merely telling me what you heard from that crystal.

[Don’t worry about it. It’s the truth that I disguise myself as a pig]


Hearing that, he can’t help himself but to ask me about myself.

[…Hey! This is not related to the divination you requested, but… Why did you change? You were more… Different! You were easily irritated by others! You were someone who would pick a fight with random people, and you even easily pranked the teachers! You were a bad boy since first year, and even made the seniors to become afraid of you! To the point that whenever those seniors tried to extort us of our money, as long as we lied about being your friends, they will leave us alone immediately!! That is how dangerous your existence became in this academy!]

He really threw those feeling about me in only a breath away.

Even those little pranks I did to the teachers came out. Well, I was like that in the past… What a trash.

[Lately everybody has been talking about the new piggy duke, who is succeeding in his diet; I too also think it’s a success! E-eh!? Aren’t you the one who casted heal on me after the eating competition!? Thanks a lot! You really saved me that time!]

It seems he knows about every event up till now that is connected to me.

[Hey tell me already piggy! What happened to you, what made you change your mind!? Everyone is only spouting nonsense rumors about you! The most amazing rumor circulating right now is that you are preparing your second form! It’s said that you will turn into something more bizarre, even thinking about it sends shiver to everybody’s spine!]

It’s so funny when I realize what the others think about me. What the hell am I? A monster?

Right now Shuya is moving his face really close to me even though there is a table between us. The gaze he shows now, looks like the eyes of someone who has already found something precious. That glimmer in his eye looks really bright even though this room doesn’t have any source of light; somehow he looks worried about me right now.

[You are right…]

I have come to understand him a bit.

He is such an honest guy; he was even worried about me from the bottom of his heart. That’s the reason why he is the protagonist.

That quality you have there is the one thing that makes me recognize you as the protagonist.

[One day I saw a really long dream Shuya, a really long dream… That dream I saw that night, made me crave for a lot of things in my life. It helped me realize I want to have someone who will be besides me for the rest of my life… I also want a friend who can talk to me about anything and everything without reserve… And to be recognized by countless people… That is the thing that made me want to change. Hey Shuya… As a man, there is a time when we have to change for the sake of those important to us right?]

Mysteriously only my voice can be heard clearly inside that room.

After hearing my words he folds his arms trying to think about it in his mind. It seems he is thinking hard he looks like groaning. After a while he looks like he understood something and he gazes at me with stars on his eyes.

[…Aah. …Aaah, You are right!! Yeah, you are right! I know! I can understand that piggy! I completely understand your feelings!! That is how I think too!! We have a moment when we want to change for the better after all!!]

Shuya is nodding his head like he is agreeing with me. Then he is laughing happily when he reminiscence with me the times when I harassed him again and again in the past.

Even though he was getting treated badly again and again in the anime, he never hated everyone because of it. And I think that is the same reason why at the end of the anime he was trying to help the piggy duke behind the scenes.

[I always thought it was strange piggy! Why were you only picking on me!? If you think about it you picked on me five times more than the others!]

He talks like a broken dam now that he thinks of me as a friend!

Weren’t you so afraid of me just now that you shut your door the moment you saw me!? But I’m so sorry it was all my fault! Buhii! I’m sorry!

[It was because I was really jealous of you]

[Eeh~! Was I really that special in your eyes!?]

When I nod my head his face beams with a smile.

[Ah right piggy. Aren’t you Alicia’s former fiancé?! Please do something about how she treats me! I know it’s my fault for breaking her vase, but I am already reaching my limit!]

I guess he already forgot about my divination because right now he is pouring his dissatisfaction about how Alicia treats him up till now.


Well, it seems there is no way to continue the divination.

But when I felt sleepy and want to get up, Shuya stops me.

[Ah, piggy. Wait a sec, it seems the crystal wants to tell you something_____]

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-Piggy Duke 24

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Piggy Duke 24

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24.) The Wind Great Spirit is just A Big Lazy Cat

Having the knowledge from the anime is really making my life easier.

I am really grateful for that and I said my thanks to it in my heart.

[Let’s eat!!!]

[I’ll make it with everything I have!] (Charlotte)

The faceless woman, even if you only know a bit about the dark world you should heard about No face. Nobody knows whether that person was a she or he, she stood in front of the protagonists to disturb them many times, especially towards Alicia. I wonder when was it that she stopped appearing in the anime, but it seems she was one of those people who defeated the piggy duke from behind the scenes.

She usually changes into a woman when she is infiltrating somewhere, only when it is impossible to infiltrate as a woman she would change herself into a man. But since she easily went inside the academy, I doubt she would’ve turned herself into a man.

If taking into account her personality, she will absolutely change into a woman, and not as a normal student but as a teacher here.

[How is it Slow-sama? I have confidence especially in the soup I made, I used a little bit of the spice the head chef (of the Inn) gave me, so it should have a bit of a spicy sensation… Slow-sama, why are you making such a face? Is there something troubling your mind right now?]

I think I will make Art Ange stay beside Charlotte in case something outside my predictions happens. And I need to somehow take care of that fellow secret base in Yolem city in case she wants to escape.

Fumu, I guess I need one more person to help me with this plan.

Eh, Ah.

Charlotte who sits across of me becomes really worried and it shows on her face.

[Ah, sorry, there are things I need to think for a bit… Woah, this is good. Especially this fish and that one that look like wrap up on something, it’s really unique. It’s nice having this kind of fresh food like this, it’s really delicious!]

Lined up on top of the table there are several plates full of beautiful food that smells good and are still piping hot.

Let’s put aside the thing with that ‘rat’ for now.

For me, this moment here is the most important.

I eat all the food prepared by Charlotte greedily like they will disappear any second.

[This is good! That one is good too! Everything in here is so delicious! Since when you have become this good Charlotte?!]

[Slow-sama you eat too fast. Eat more slowly please. It is said that if you eat more slowly you will be feel more satisfied because you can savour the food and that makes you to not over eating!]

[It’s so good I can even eat Charlotte’s portion now!]

[Wha, whaa, then I need to hurriedly eat my food before is taken away by Slow-sama!]

After saying that, she began to eat her food in a hurry.

Well then I also need to eat more of this food!

While I eat noisily here, a certain great spirit keeps looking at us while lying around lazily on top of the bed.


It was using an old doll as its pillow.

I am really surprised Charlotte still have that, somehow it reminds me about the past. Thanks to that doll I could befriend Charlotte at that time.

Oy Art Ange, don’t use that shared memory as your pillow, geez.


When I feel a gaze in front of me I look towards it, what I see is Charlotte looking straight at me. When our eyes met for an instant, she looks down in a hurry.

…Buhi? Buhibuhi?

Somehow my eyes fell into the shelf behind the chair is Charlotte sitting at, and then my eyes got stuck observing the most expensive looking bottle there.

Charlotte seems to realize where I am looking now.

[…What are you looking at Slow-sama? Ah… That is umm, it is to make the hair look more dazzling. Alicia-sama gave it to me to thank me for the beauty medicine. We are beauty companions after all]

The price of that can make quite a hole in the pocket…

Those beauty needs are really expensive as far as I know… Geez, how much money did you poured just for the sake to become beautiful Alicia?

[Now that I think about it, you used to have long hair isn’t that right Charlotte? Why did you cut it?]

She had such beautiful hair; even since the first time I brought her back home, all the maids were surprised at seeing how beautiful it was.

[It’s difficult to take care of it… And I am just an attendant here so I need to pay some____] (Charlotte)

[____wanna see it] (Buta)

[…Eh?] (Charlotte)

When she heard that, she suddenly stopped eating.

I am also surprised at myself for speaking my feelings so straight forwardly like that.

[Ah, no. I was just thinking it would be good if I can again see Charlotte with long hair, like in the past]

Oh yeah, I think my hair is also already long enough now.

The bangs are covering my eyes.

I try to deceive Charlotte by playing with my bangs to hide my embarrassment.

[Eh, eh, eh… Are you sure?]

[Yeah, but to imitate Alicia who tries so hard to be beautiful it’s no good, but I want to see a fashionable Charlotte even for a bit. Well, this is the academy so you don’t need to worry about how others see you… Ah, somehow I just said something so selfish]

Charlotte just looks down at her tableware.

Ugh, I think I said too much.

[Slow-sama has become selfish indeed… But, well… That’s… I’ll try]

Somehow Charlotte’s voice sounds like someone who was embarrassed about something. After that, we finish our meal without saying another word.


[It was really good. Well then, see you tomorrow]

[Yes, goodnight Slow-sama]

After making sure the girl’s dormitory manager saw me leaving, using the back door I come back to the girl’s dorm attendant section. I am sneaking around in the darkness while talking with the floating chubby great spirit san. The same one who before was lazying around on top of the bed.

[Art Ange, there is a skillful mercenary inside the academy now]

[There is no malice directed to Charlotte nya. You don’t need to worry nya]

While floating lazily, Art Ange responded to me.

This great wind spirit san has known me since around the time I meet Charlotte. Besides her and me, it basically ignores any other human being.

Did you know how high this thing is being revered by the people?

It was revered so highly by up to the country level, but for me who knows what it is like in reality I can’t revered it so highly.

This thing just a cat who can use magic you know?

I’m being serious here.

[By any chance, don’t leave Charlotte side okay, Art Ange]

[Even if you don’t say it I know nyaa]

[What the heck with I don’t need to say it. You have done it once before, you said your instinct to hunt suddenly came back, and you went to hunt a mouse leaving Charlotte’s side]

[That was because it was my prey nyaa… It was fun scaring it with wind magic nyaa]

The wind Great spirit san is a spirit.

It is a mysterious being that a normal human can’t even see, that’s why it will be kinda strange if someone sees me talking with it right now. Well it’s the work of one of the protagonist’s compensation.

As expected, I can’t talk with Art Ange if Charlotte is near me. This cat here is a weirdo.

[…You should move a little. Charlotte will hate you for sure if you are that fat… Well, she can’t even see you though]

The great spirit san will make a perfect protection for Charlotte, while I catch that sneaky ‘rat’ in this academy.

Without even minding my anxiety towards Charlotte, this cat will absolutely laze around and rolls happily when it gets near Charlotte.

[Good luck capturing that mercenary nyaa. That’s why Slow, just leave Charlotte’s safety to me]

After saying that, that cat is floating lazily toward the girl’s dorm entrance.

[What a free piggy cat, I envy you sometimes… Well, I think I should go back too]

While thinking for a plan to capture that rat, I walk leisurely in the dark road of the academy.

While I was having trouble thinking about what should I do to capture that rat, an idea suddenly struck me.

[…Ah, right]

What a great idea I have there.

[Let’s go get a divination from Shuya!]

What a great idea!

At The same time I think of that great Idea I run full speed towards the boy’s dorm!

Seeing me coming out of the darkness, all the students around the dorm yell scared to the point that their legs lose strength.


[Hiii! Something is coming out!!]

I’m sorry! But this is an emergency, please understand!

It’s because that rat has enter this academy! I really am sorry! This is really an emergency!

Wait for me Shuya! This time your world will spin around!!!

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