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19.) Chaotic Dream of The Wind Great Spirit

The great spirit probably just finished checking the safety of Yolem. Right now, there wasn’t any major malicious intent towards her. It’s enough for the great spirit to know that.

That’s why right now the spirit is sleeping in one of this luxurious inn’s rooms, on Charlotte’s bed.

This inn having such a soft bed with a delightful smell on it. Ah, how wonderful.

Right now Charlotte was sitting on a chair while reading a book.

Right now on the bed the great spirit is rolling around on top of it.

Well, even Charlotte won’t do that kind of thing, as expected of the great spirit.


It was still rolling on top of the bed.


Because Charlotte can’t see the great spirit, it can do whatever it wishes whenever it wants.

[Bunyaaaa… So tired, let’s just sleep again]

And then, the great spirit, Art Ange, saw a dream.

It was about the two person it loves the most.

And now, the dream begins.


This, what is this? What is happening here nya?

Why is there a fight happening here now nyaa?

What is happening while I hunted the remains of the empire?

[What a chaotic scene nyaa]

For now let’s just hide behind the grass and see what is happening here.

The first thing I notice was Charlotte’s crying voice.

Charlotte is crying loudly in front of a big stall that seems to sell something. Aww, poor thing.

It has been a long time since the last time I saw Charlotte crying. Wait that’s not the problem.

In front of her there is a handsome man with a troubled face saying buhiibuhii.

[Why did he said buhhi buhhi?]

Charlotte is talking to that man while hugging a stuffed doll.

No, it’s more like, she is shouting to that man while crying right now.

The great spirit put its head out of the grass, and it saw it at that time.

There was a fight happening there.

There are two knight fighting over there. One was a boy while the other was just a young man, but both of those knight show such abnormal power for a knight. Even in the empire there is no comparable knightly order who hold this tremendous power. When we see their fight, it was more like a dance rather than just a fight.

[I’m sorry buu! I’m sorry buu! I was wrong buu!]

After hearing such a strange voice again, the great spirit turn its head towards it.

As it thought, the one thing that interest the great spirit the most is the man who act just like the piggy.

While it saw the man who keep saying buhibbuhi, it laughed unintentionally.

They must think it was the end for them.

But, if we see their condition______


With a loud nyaaaa the great spirit wakes up.

And soon after that it is looking at Charlotte.


Charlotte was sleeping in a sitting position while hugging a stuffed doll.

It wasn’t a dream about the small Charlotte anymore, it feels like the continuation of that Charlotte.

It was a really happy scene.

But on the bed you can see a burning aura arising.

…The great spirit somehow got angry.

It was driving its anger toward the already faded stuffed doll.

It was burning with anger.

The great spirit, Art Ange was rolling on top of the bed while shouting in anger.


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Tl note : Oh yeah sorry for the sort chapter, we want to release the next chapter faster but it proofed quite difficult. So please be patience.

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