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16.) Question: Is There a Way for Me to Lose In the Eating Competition?

I’m hungry

I’m hungry

I’m hungry

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, I skipped all of those. Now it feels as if my back and my stomach are closer than ever.

Growl, growl.

…It was an unexpected sound.

[Slow-sama, are you okay? I can hear a loud sound coming from your stomach]

[Buuu… Even Charlotte doesn’t eat much either?]

[I only need to eat a little normally. And yesterday, I actually snatched quite a lot of food when I was helping at the kitchen yesterday]

She was embarrassed telling me that.

Right now she is not wearing her usual attendance uniform, she wears what the town girls usually wear. It’s a white shirt with a deep brown vest on top of it, she is also wearing an emerald green skirt to match it. Her silver hair was left untouched and rested on her shoulder, her front bang was decorated by a yellow hair clip, and she put on a bit of makeup.

Honestly, she is cute, insanely cute.

[You’ll be fat~. You’ll be as fat as me]

[It was just this one day for me, but for Slow-sama it has accumulated from a long time, but I think you’re a lot slimmer than before. I think it is two sizes smaller]

[Buu, it’s because I tried really hard]

More than that, from some time ago all the guests in the inn keep looking at her while saying, […such a beautiful girl just now], [I think I have fallen in love]. Even though we tried to make her looks as plain as possible, it seems we can’t hide her quality at all. Yesterday she tried to become a waitress for a bit, and it turns out so many men fell for her they even tried to barge into the kitchen, or so the head chef said. I owe you a lot head chef. Well if it’s really dangerous the great spirit san will do something about it.

And that kind of Charlotte is walking with me now, what kind of rumor those winds will bring after this. Is it a fat noble bringing a commoner girl with him?


[Impossible, a beautiful woman like that, with a beast…] [Yeah right?]

Quiet you, buu-.


[Both of you, good luck! We will cheer you guys!]

Deppa is escorting us until the inns gate. Both his hand are occupied with some customer’s luggage. Seems like some of his parent’s employee suddenly fell ill, so he needs to help his parents this whole day. Maybe it was also to prepare for the future, since long time ago he was already helping his parents to manage the inn, even his looks when using the inn uniform seem to really fit him well.

[That weight reducing medicine is mine! Leave it to me!]

[…I’ll try my best]


It seems Vision this whole day will be going for a date with a girl he just met yesterday. What the hell were you coming to this city for? Practice your sword technique dammit, and you don’t have money at all, is it the girl who will pay for you? …you aren’t fit to be a noble after all.

But if I said, [Go train your sword] then he will said, [Love makes a person strong]. According to Rokomoko sensei, in the past he also had quite a lot of lovers, so many of them he can’t even recite all their names. Well, it has indeed convince me.

[Let’s go, Slow-sama]

Together with Charlotte, I leave the inn.

Yesterday I checked where the competition will be held, so I know exactly where the place is.

We walk on top of the stone paving road while feeling the warm sun shining upon us. When you see left or right, you will see a lot of stalls are already standing there. While walking to the competition venue, I heard Charlotte’s impression about the story she read recently.

I’m truly happy now.


In a big tent that’s standing there, a lot of people had already assembled there, it was crowded.

Not long all the people around open up a path for me to go through. All the commoners in the venue, start looking at me now which is wearing the Magic Academy uniform and start to raise a commotion. [That’s the piggy duke! The real thing!], [Hum? Isn’t he slimmer than the first time I saw him?], [But to come to the eating competition, as expected of the piggy duke]

Stop it! It’s not like that! I came here to get that weight reducing medicine! Come to think of it, isn’t it weird to have the prize of a weight reducing medicine in an eating competition!

Who’s the one responsible for it?!

[Slow-sama, I think it is there]

Inside the tent that was located right in the middle of the city, tables are already lined up. Every single participant will be assigned to a table, and there they will eat while being watched by spectators.

While I’m watching those participants who are showing a lot of fighting spirit, someone hit me on the back.

What is it? After turning my head, I saw a girl glaring at me while out of breath.

[…Slow pig!]

My former fiancée.

The last royalty of the Sarkista republic.

Alicia Bra Dia Sarkista (TL: it was written as ALICIA BURA DIA SAKISTA, any idea?)

A girl with yellow curled hair, a beautiful double edge eyelid and smooth white skin. Her strong will shows from her small face like she wanted to tell me something from it. Even though she is joining an eating competition, she was wearing a clean white dressed. She was a girl who was always idling around a long time ago while still with me.


[Slow pig! Why are you here!?]

She shouts at me with such sharp words. 

Somehow I felt nostalgic with that voice that makes me unintentionally loosen my face.

[Alicia, you have indeed come here to win the beauty medicine, but for me what I want it’s the second place prize. Do you know what it is?]

[The second place prize? Umm… What is it again…? Ah, weight reducing medicine! What, why do you want it?! Why the Slow pig wants to be slim!?!]

She is glaring at me while saying she doesn’t know the reason why I want to do that.

While seeing that scowling face, I remember what was that the anime script writer said.


[[Alicia wants to be a mercenary. But she never succeed on it. Truthfully the reason she did all that was for the sake of beating the piggy duke. The high spirit Art Ange, ah, I shouldn’t say that name, the spirit who lent its power to the piggy duke won’t lent its power to Alicia, so she threw away her shame and try to beat him with her own power. I really want to make a spinoff for this piggy duke series. Alicia as a mercenary, after all she can’t show her true power in the anime. But if she really could, she would be extremely powerful.]]


[Slow pig! Answer me! Why did you suddenly wanted to be slim?!]

Even now she still holds feelings for the piggy duke. That I know it well.



Again, a loud voice comes from my stomach.

The surrounding spectators who hear it and try to locate the source found me there. All of them nod in consent. Oi, what the hell does that mean?! I’m already slimmer now.

[Alicia. Right now I’m so hungry I could die. I’m sorry but, let’s do it after this]

[Wha, Why!? I knew it, that rumor was true isn’t it?! Ah, stop, Slow pig! Don’t step away from me!]

After pushing people to open my path, I search for a table with my name on it and sit.

The hot air in the hall is so stuffy. ‘Who will get the beauty medicine?’ all the spectators are anticipating it.

There are 10 participants, I won’t lose to any of them.


[Answer me! Slow Pig!]

…You guys got the table beside me huh.

And beside her is the protagonist, Shuya, sitting there.

That blazing short hair Shuya wearing our school uniform, the same as me. He is mumbling about something while seeing a crystal ball on top of his desk. The spectator are starting to make a fuss wondering who’s that noble guy over there.

[I can see it, I can see it… No, the crystal is cloudy… I don’t know… This is my match against the piggy duke…? Be careful against him…? I have to be extremely careful now… If possible don’t meet his eyes at all] (stupid Shuya)

He won’t see me at all, I’m sure of it.

Sorry but, you’re not in my story anymore.

[The piggy duke has changed…? No, that’s just a rumor isn’t it… Aah, the crystal got cloudy again! …Fine!! I can’t see anything at all! If the piggy duke is near me, I can’t see anything at all! But that thing doesn’t even matter! I will become the shining crimson sword of Daris! That’s the only thing I know of! That beauty medicine is mine! I will be released from all kind of weird women! I will get my freedom, for that I knowwww!!!] (stupid Shuya)

With Shuya shouting for some unknown reason, the spectators [Oi, his tension is really high!] [Ooh-! Give it all you’ve got!] Say things like that, and all the beautiful girls are cheering him.


Ahh, I got it.

At the start of the second year, Shuya bumped into Alicia in the corridor and accidentally broke her expensive vase. Now he is drown in debt because of it, I feel sorry for him. Well, that Alicia is quite strict about money. She spend most of it on beauty treatments after all. Honestly, even if she didn’t used so much money to make herself more beautiful, she is already a beautiful girl.

And, she is not my fiancée anymore.

[Slow pig! Slow pig! Answer my question! Why did you suddenly want to be slim! If it’s me I can’t get slim by just saying those things!]

Before I could say anything, in my table there are meat sandwiches.

It looks really good. Let me eat, let me eat.

Sorry Alicia, you guys can’t win anything today.

Because today, I will use my full strength right from the beginning. TASTE HOW A SERIOUS PIGGY DUKE EAT…!!!!…BUUUUU


[Everyone is already seated I see! Now I will begin the eating competition! The time limit is fifteen minutes! After you finish eating the beef and bird meat sandwiches raise your hand! The official will then bring you another serve!] (Announcer)








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