Ok guys,

Here is the think that me an Thyny think of about donation for us. This below is actually the rules we need to follow

1.) The release speed for the chapter is 2 to 3 chapter a weeks for normal release.

2.)Whenever we reach 20$(usd) we will release an extra chapter within 48 hours top.

3.)Every chapter we release cannot exceed 7 chapter per week, including our normal release.

4.)In case there is still extra chapter that should be released because of there are chapter still in queue, it will be continued in the next week or until all of the queue is empty.

5.)The normal chapter is the prioritize, so if there is still chapter in queue it will be released after the normal chapter

6.) If it’s deemed necessary, rule number 1 can be overruled and release can exceed 7 in a week.

7.) If there is an unfortunate accident that makes either the editor or translator cannot release any chapter, it will be release as a bundle to finish all the queue in one go or it will continued when the normal chapter start releasing again


okay…. I think that’s it

If you have any thought about it please do share with us.


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