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Piggy duke 7

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7.) Go For It, The White Piggy Duke

I eat my breakfast in my room, alone with Charlote.

It’s a simple dish consist of boiled fish, bread, and a bowl of soup. In magic academy the attendant need to make their food by themselves.

She told me she will bring some food from the dining hall, but before she did I told her I want to eat the same as what she usually eat.

She is afraid the food she ate won’t fit my taste, but that’s absolutely impossible to happen!

[It’s so delicious Buhiiiii!!!!]

The taste is so-so,but is there any comparable thing rather than eating with the one you love?

NONESENSE! There are no such time Buhi!

Looking at my munching face Charlote see it in wonder. What is it, is there any food on my face?

[Slow-sama, you have changed]


[Yes, It feels like Slow-sama want to achieved something big and you put so much effort for it. That’s what I feel about Slow-sama lately.]

Charlote slowly putting her fork down and looking at me. Her every movement is so elegant. When someone see her like this they will understand she is not born as a commoner.

Uu, please don’t look at me with that expressionless ice goddess look. After entering magic academy Charlote and I only speak when there is something that needs to talk about. When i approach her more than necessary, it seems the wind blowing to her became stronger.

[It’s as if when I meet you for the first time, before Slow-sama became such a glutton]


Why is it before became a glutton?

I try very hard to remembered what happen that day.

Ah, I think it’s around my turning point moment. When it was my 8 years old birthday unexpectedly I was called by my father, he told me it’s about time I have my own personal Attendant. In exchange of Charlote he wanted to replace her with a well educated man to be my attendant.

But regretfully it is when my idiotic play start, i became a dumb useless pig that less than a servant.

The reason was I don’t want to get separated from Charlote, and because of my own planning at that time I become a useless person like today.

Living an unhealthy life, selfishly telling people to do something, became a glutton and in a year i became a splendid pig. Surely after that my father have given up on me.

Oh yeah that well educated man that should become my attendant, he become my little brother’s attendant.

The 8 years old me.

Before I have my wild imagination of loosing Charlote, the time I was called the wonder child of of Dening household and was called by so many other name.

The me at that time sought to be the head of Dening household with it’s rich region, and also my name will be know in entire Daris.

Perhaps it is what Charlote remember about me.

This is my plan to become a white piggy duke from the dark piggy duke.

I won’t hide it from her. But about me being transmigrated to this body I would never tell her.

[I saw a dream a week ago. It’s about when we met for the first time and about our future. It’s as if the god himself told me for what I was did is not good. It makes me wonder, did the path I choose all this time wrong?]

My memory from my past self looked just like a dream after all.

[I saw my own body in front of the mirror. I want to see did I really choose the wrong path?]

Charlote saw me silently. Her white skin is so beautiful holding a godly Beauty. I looked at her face which showing such seriousness hearing what I said.

[Then, what do you think I found?]

[…What Slow-sama found?]

Before I told her, I made a little space between us.

[A pig ready for it’s shipment]

Charlote laugh outloud after hearing it.

[…..Fuu, then now. What are you aiming for Slow-sama? Do you want to try to take the seat for the head of Dening household again?]

It think if I join the competition for the head of Dening household now probably to late. Even if i use brute force it won’t work now. Myself is a taboo talk between the Dening family.And on top of that I don’t want to be bound by the thing called aristocracy.

[……To become a better version of me]

In the anime piggy duke even sacrifice his own life to become the lowest kind of human for the sake to get of from the obligation as a noble.

But I will aim a different path from before.

I will only looking at this Charlote in front of me.

[There is a wonderful pig in this world. Yes I want at least wanted to be evaluated like that by different country Buhi.]

I said that with the smartest look I can make.

Well,? I’m cool aren’t I.

[Fu, fufu….N-no, Please stop trying to make me laugh]


…..Ye-yeah! I make Charlote laugh! As I plan! I have seen her since we were a child, but the face she has now I haven’t seen it lately. It has been a while since we talk like this, since there was a line between us  separating us.

But, there is a white piggy duke in Daris! At least my felling to be called as a good pig is true. Un, shouldn’t it human? NO no no.

[It seems I don’t have what it takes to be the head of the family, and i can’t freely choose my married partner if I become the head]

As the head of the Dening house he will be married for strengthening the bond against the empire the partner will be  choosen between an influential neighbor noble’s daughter or will be married in to the royal family. But I don’t want any of that! I don’t care about political marriage, all I want is a marriage because of love!

Oh yeah by the way when I was a child I was engaged with a princess from a powerful country called Sarkista! But because i became such a pig it was canceled!

[Marriage? …..Slow-sama, do you have an interest for such a thing?]

[I do. That’s why I need to be a splendid man, only after that I will convey my feeling to her.]

I will say it to her directly.

……AA, isn’t it bad? Isn’t it what one called an indirect confession?

Charlote please don’t recognize it now! I’m still a pig now!

[…..I don’t know Slow-sama has someone he is yearn for. I think you will be more happy if it’s like that]

As she said that she send me a cold smile.

I don’t know why but I feel shiver on my spine.

[…..I, Is there anything I can help you with?]

Of course there is, please receive my feeling for you.

I want to say the person I yearn for is you, but I will say it latter.

First I need to become a better person first, and after that i’m sure it is okay to say I like her then.

[Of course I will troubling you about things]

[It’s no trouble at all, I’m not like the usual attendant. But for the sake of that……person Slow-sama yearns for I will do everything to make it happen. I’m Slow-sama’s attendant after all.]

Charlote is serious now.

Now that I think about it, I ask for help from Charlote, even thought the one I want to confessed to is her.

Eh, isn’t there something weird?

[Then Charlote. Untill the day I confessed to the person I love, become my attendant]

There is a chance if my feeling to her exposed we will get separated. Even though my father knew i became such a pig sometime he send someone to train me, as if still hoping for me to be the next head of the family. For that I deliberately letting the instructor told him I was in a point of no return by yelling things like, [Buhiii, I don’t want to learn martial arts buhiiiiiiii!!!], like that.

[As you wish—–Slow-sama]

Charlote with such seriousness hearing me and nodding to me—–.

At that day.

I vow to become a splendid man Appropriate for Charlote.

Till the day I will confessed my feeling to someone i love, Charlote will appropriately become my attendant.

[Slow-sama, Isn’t it the time for magic practice?]

[Oh yeah! Oh yeah Charlote! How about my uniform? The one with the smaller size?]

[I….I will prepared it in a bit!!!]

Seeing her to be that much vigor is really rare, even the perfume she prepared fall down from the table to bed.

There is a label on it [Hazardous material : Beware of powerful monster will approach you] written on it.

After seeing that, I remember an event from the anime.

[A-…..I forgot about the hero power up event]

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Piggy Duke 6

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6.) I become A Little Bit Thinner

When i was wake up in the morning, Charlote who want to wake me up standing fidgety waiting dor me in front of the door/

[Slow-sama, where would-]

[Charlote!! Look at this!!]

When the door only open up a little, Charlote with her beautiful silver hair swaying enter the room while keep her vision downward. I’m surprised, as expected of Charlote to be waiting in front of the door like that.Then she look up and see my face. She step back a bit and observed my body entirely.

[…Waa. It’s true it’s became a bit thinner]

[Isn’t it! I did it! My one week diet showing it’s result!]

While my tears of happiness dropping i throw myself in to the bed again. Those week of torture, those memory came back all at once to me. I have to hold back my urge to eat what I want, I even shutout all those sweet candy and cookie. I didn’t even drink any juice, even I use my free time to move my body. I always think the result will show up one day, but i never thought it will be this fast!

At last, I can say GOODBYE to those special size uniform!

[Charlote! Prepare a uniform one size smaller!]

[Understood Slow-sama’s uniform is a special order so it need a few days to prepared, The truth is i already prepared your uniform in my room. For the breakfast, do you wish to wear your uniform now?]

[No, I don’t need breakfast now! I just want to cherished this moment!]

With my usual heavy step I walked back to my bed.

I just looked like a drowning pig right now, but don’t be mistaken, this is called happiness! Those week filled with torture. Running while hearing those gossiping people talking about me, if I have a second helping for lunch i will be tormented with sleepiness in class, while at night I have to fight with hunger before i can to sleep.

But those things are for this glorious day!

For some reason Charlote looking at me now while thinking. Charlote cool, expressionless face suddenly crumble.

[You cannot do that Slow-sama. You have to eat breakfast]

[No way Charlote. I don’t want to go to the dining hall while wearing this shameful uniform. I feel i will be laugh at if they see this big wobbly uniform]

The first time i eat in the dining hall i broke my chair, and i did it for the next three days. And for some unknown reason there is a big sturdy chair in the corner of the banquet hall. It’s a special chair prepared for me. From that day on it become my own special seat.

After the first time that blond hair talk to me he keep trying to talk to whenever i was there. Even when i said i don’t need it he keep presenting me with food, and also he keep praising my magic for some reason, I don’t know what kind of think running in his head.

[That’s why i don’t need breakfast]

I pull my blanket to cover my body once more and i begin to sleep once again. If i sleep now i believe i will see a very beautiful dream. For example, a beautiful dream where i live a happy live with Charlote.

Even though my stomach is screaming i have to endure it, only by enduring it only by that I can become thinner. After that i can fulfilled my ideal, I can become a MACHO man, a great person, only after that i will confess my feeling to Charlote!

[Then Slow-sama. Should I make a simple dish for you now?]

…Only by that temptation i can’t hold back against it.

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Piggy Duke 5

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5.) The Commoner is So Bad At Using Magic 

[Wa, waa! Who, Who is it?]

He is a boy wearing our school uniform with an innocent face. His brown hair is crumpled, in his chest the emblem is not the purple one, but an emblem made single green line.

It means he is a commoner and a first year of our school.

It seems he is putting up his guard when see me coming out. If only i have learn hiding magic, there will be no problem encountering the number one trouble child in the magic academy, the piggy duke.

[Training your magic huh?]

[A….De,Dening-sama. Ye-yes. I was training my magic here]

[Is it wind magic?]

I can hear your voice saying ‘Wind’ you know. ‘Wind’ is the most basic magic, it will call a small wind for you. It will be a prefect spell for training isn’t it. but, it is somewhat strange. There is no wind spirit at all around this guy. If it’s in this condition there is no way wind magic will success.

[Oi. Repeat that magic you did just now, Buhi]

Hearing me raise my voice, he raise his cane while shaking.

[Wind!…..Aa, I knew it’s not working. Dening-sama. I never succeed invoking my magic even once….Ahahahaa, how pathetic i am, with how much effort i am entering this magic academy and after all that i can’t even graduate. I can’t see my parent like this…]

That boy laughing but his face looked liked he want to cry.

The heck is he talking about. Of course it won’t work. No matter where i look i can’t find any wind spirit around him. Forget about the wind spirit, it is the earth spirit looking at him from above the ground now.

This is that isn’t it. He mistake his own magic aptitude. I knew the wind magic is an elegant magic and many student yearn for it, but the wind spirit is a naughty one. I don’t think he have what it takes to be loved by the wind spirit.

Let’s try one suggestion to him.

[Oh yeah. Try saying I love earth spirit and then use earth spirit now]

[…Eh? Earth spirit?]

[Just do as i said. It’s not even that hard thing to do]

The boy tremble again hearing me.

He feel nervous seeing me it seems. On top of being his senior i am also that piggy duke after all. But i urge him to say it faster.

[I-I love earth spiriiiiit! A, AAAAASU!!!]

As he shout like i said, at the same time bulges from the ground starting to showing up. The earth spirit was watching  the boy ever since he showed up and  the moment he said the thing I told him, they instantly like him and flew to his shoulder.  I knew this would be a success.

[I-I succeed!!! This is the first time!! Thank you very much!! Pig-…no it isn’t that, Dening-sama!! With this i will succeed passing the second year exam!]

Just now, you almost calling me piggy duke when you’re in hype don’t you. I knew it, my nickname even spread out among the first year now…. Piggy duke…Piggy duke. It’s not like i hate that name though

[Congratulation. I think rather than wind magic you are more suited with earth magic. First you need to master the basic of earth magic, you can challenge another kind magic after that. But always remember, if the earth spirit is sulking they won’t lend you any power]

[Ye-yes! Understood!]

He looked at me with sparkle in his eyes. Looking at him make me remember the first time i succeed invoking my first wind magic. Ah~ How happy it is. Especially for him, it will decided whether he pass the promotion to the next class or not.

After tapping the boy’s face, I laugh loudly.

[Ha, I am truly grateful! Dening -sama]

[It’s okay, it’s okay. Buhii.Buhi.]

Somehow it felt really good.

It’s not word of abuse but, this is the first since i came to this magic academy, the word of gratitude.

While hearing the sound behind me, i lightly move my hand and start running again.


Tl Note

The spell in this story mostly using english for casting and japanese for the noun. In the future i will using, ‘….’ this to differentiate between spell and when they use noun on it.

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