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Piggy Duke 20

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20.) My Knight is Overconfident as Always

[Did he just became a Royal Knight Candidate!? Not just that, he is to be The Guardian!?]

After I get back to my room at the inn, I pull out several sheets of papers and write everything I can about the competition and the events after. 

I open my mind as wide as I could to remember and write down every detail I know about Princess Karina.

Princess Karina: Daris’s royal princess, probably the only thing I knew about her was her name. [I’m hungry] Seems like she was described as someone who was extremely loved by the people. [I want to eat] She also rarely come to things like dance balls or the likes.

[I don’t know a thing about her]

But I can’t help it… In the anime It was the Queen of Daris who was always being talked about. That princess didn’t leave any mark at all.


[A special unit The Guardian inside the Royal Knights huh]

There is no such a tale in which a commoner can become a royal knight.

It was a place where all the people who holds tremendous influence in the country were placed, it was a place where only elite nobles could enter.

The Royal Knights were the face of Daris as the knight state, it’s impossible for a commoner to hold their act for even one day there.

Even that Rokomoko sensei is someone who surprisingly came from a count household. Though that person himself told me he wasn’t that good with formality and such.

The first impression I have about Silva was about a party loving kind of guy. At that time he was just 15 years old, I was saved by him when I was trying to escape from death. Even up till now there is no one who could match his abilities, and he already had all that when he was one year younger than I am now. 

And THAT Silva is becoming a Royal Knight now?

And becoming the princess’s guardian on top of that?

[Humans are the biggest mystery in the universe…]

Oh yeah, there is also the possibility he changed while I turned into the Dark piggy.


[I wonder who can tell me exactly what happened that time… Ah, I know]

Well, guess I have to go there now.

He is even staying in the same floor as me.

Okay then, let’s go!

While I take the paper on top of the table with me, I go out from my room.

[Sensei, are you there?]

Ten seconds, that’s the time needed to walk from my room to Rokomoko sensei’s room.

Not long after he answers.

[Who is it-?]

[It’s Dening]

[Which Dening?]

[The pig]

[Ah-, come on in-]

What the heck is with that exchange just now? And why did I even follow up through it. Since I already got the weight reducing medicine with me, it won’t be long before I will be called the macho Dening.

When I enter the room, Rokomoko sensei welcomed me while half-naked. He holds some papers on both his hands while lying on top of the bed.

Uoh, such muscles… After I enter the room, he gives me a thumbs up with one of his hands when he sees my face.

[Oh, I already hear it from the owner’s son who has such a great muscle. Congratulations, for winning the eating competition]

[Sensei, I’m not just eating and sleeping elegantly all this year you know]

[You have the ultimate love brain after all-]

While Rokomoko sensei laughs, he looks at the papers I brought.

He always had such a tired look, but now Rokomoko sensei really looks tired to me.

[Sensei, why do you look so tired?]

[The shop you were talking about, has already been destroyed]

[Fast! As expected of Rokomoko sensei]

[Well, the culprit was quite slippery so I had a hard time him. Ahh, why the heck I have to work even though I want to play around in my holiday-]

Ah, he had already taken care of the shop that was selling the monster calling perfume huh.

That shop owner, in the anime, there was a scene in which he was going to be boasting about how he cannot be captured, because he knew the back alley like the back of his hand. …Well, that scene was skipped now because he was caught though.

Whelp, once again as expected of sensei, he moved really fast.

[Good work sensei]

Looking at sensei closely, there is a pile of papers on top of a desk beside him.

[It is such a hassle to write down a report-. Geez, it’s your fault it turned out like this. Then, what do you want from me? If you want that perfume I will say no to it you know?]

…I’m so sorry, I already have it.

Yeah, that perfume need to be disposed of. But even though we disposed of it, the inside was… I won’t say it to him that the one who already bought it was the dark piggy duke san.


[Emm, sensei, I have a question for you]

[Ng, what is it?]

[Did you know about the former commoner Silva, which became the talk in the town now?]

While still lying down with papers in his hand, he starts talking.

He is showing such an interesting face from behind that paper he read.

[…Him huh…]


Showing such reaction, is it possible he knows him?

[He became the candidate for the princess’s exclusive knight, The Guardian. A former commoner is now the candidate for it, awesome isn’t it]

He progressively became a special knight royalty. There is no honor higher than to be The Guardian.

This kind of prestige is an important aspect that is unique to the knightly state of Daris.

[…If this goes on, he will be the first born commoner who will become The Guardian. As my best friend, I’m proud of him]

Ooh, something that cannot be ignored just came out.

[Eeh, are you and Silva friends?]

Wow, somehow it’s exciting.

I’m hearing something that seems important.

[Whelp, there is a lot going on. That’s why I also know what kind of relation he has with the Dening household. So when I got back to the academy and found his former employer from the Dening household enrolled, I think that’s why I watched closely over you during my class]

It is true I could feel his strong gaze directed at me while in class though.

So that’s the reason.

I guess he would know a lot of things about me. Oh my, what will he say to me if we meet now? I kinda want to hear it, but I kinda don’t.

[Then, is it possible that you know about Silva whereabouts?]

After hearing that Rokomoko sensei exhale all his air like [BUHO!], and the papers sensei held until now scatter on the floor. Silva wasn’t even lamenting about me turning into that dark piggy duke, he just said it was because it was my rebellious phase and left my side.

Even my father wanted him to stay and serve the family but I heard he left even before the negotiations begin.

It seems he is not who he was in the past.

Even I changed from such a lovely boy to be a pig like I am now.

If I make contact with him now, it won’t bring him any good based on how things are now. Well, I shouldn’t meet him then. He has his own life now.


I prepared myself to hear what sensei will tell me.

But against the nervous me, Rokomoko sensei just told me the info nonchalantly.

[Sure, I’ll tell you now. Honestly he told me that if you ask his whereabouts, to tell you directly]

He jumps off from the bed and stands there facing me.

Uuh, this just feels like that time when I was pinned by his magic, it feels quite intimidating.

While I was feeling intimidated, Rokomoko sensei clears his throat. I wonder if his throat is hurting right now.

[Sensei… What are you trying to do?]

[What a hassle. This is his request: if his young master asks things about him, I have a message to pass. I used the headmaster’s voice before, and now this? Umhh, I was trying hard to remember it all just now, it’s quite a long message you know]

[Something to tell me?]

I saw sensei’s whole body start to leak quite a sound.

[[Aah, young master Slow, howdy. When you ask Rokomoko about me is it because you need my power? Sorry but right now I can’t get satisfied with normal people anymore, Uhmm… how do I say it… Ah, right, for example among mercenaries there was the big hero, Giant Man: lightning user, Electric; and the shape shifter, No Face… Yeah, I was preparing to fight those kind of guys now. WHA!? What the heck is this guy saying, aren’t those guys the strongest mercenaries? …Ah, sorry, oh right next message was… what it is… If I give you an example using monsters it will be a dragon or like ten thousand rampaging monsters. …WHAAAT!? DRAGON!? Isn’t that a disaster class already!? And ten thousand monsters!? Where does his confidence come from!? …Ah, the message? *cough*cough*! …Soo, I beg for your permission to let me prepare to fight those guys, young master Slow… Tch, just die already Silva! It brings me a lot of trouble just to remember this message]]

I think Rokomoko sensei is quite thirsty after telling me those message, he is gulping water like there was no tomorrow.

Yup, his voice was nothing like Silva, but that superficial feeling from the words really reminded me of him. But you really can remember all that Rokomoko sensei… You have such a great memory there. There was also the message from the headmaster, I can’t hold a candle against you.

[But he is as confident as always. Giant Man, Electric, and No Face!? Weren’t they those guys who became mercenaries after they retired from the military? And ten thousand monsters on top of that!? Like hell I believe that! Even if you use all the friggin perfume from that friggin shop, it’s impossible to prepare something like that. Now that I think about it, that shop inventory seems it has already decrease quite a lot…]

Silva, I got your message.

Even though you are using such words, I know you are a knight of justice.

You are as kind as always, you always trying to help anyone who needs help.

And those mercenaries you mentioned. They are your targets to make a peaceful world.

[Thank you very much Rokomoko sensei. I feel like I am always bothering you]

[Umu, It’s okay. I need you in my class after all]


After bowing my head, I get out from Rokomoko sensei’s room and go back to my own.

There are pots and vases lining up along the corridor. Such a high class inn, I can’t even hear the others customer’s voices here.


The door toward my room slightly opened.

How strange, I shouldn’t left it open like this.

[…And what the heck is this voice]

There is a strange man voice coming from my room, no, it is a crying man voice.

Sometimes I can even hear him say things like buhii… Who is it, it must be a weird person… But, listening it closely I think I know that voice…


While readying myself, I try to walk toward the weird voice in my room.

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Piggy Duke 19

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19.) Chaotic Dream of The Wind Great Spirit

The great spirit probably just finished checking the safety of Yolem. Right now, there wasn’t any major malicious intent towards her. It’s enough for the great spirit to know that.

That’s why right now the spirit is sleeping in one of this luxurious inn’s rooms, on Charlotte’s bed.

This inn having such a soft bed with a delightful smell on it. Ah, how wonderful.

Right now Charlotte was sitting on a chair while reading a book.

Right now on the bed the great spirit is rolling around on top of it.

Well, even Charlotte won’t do that kind of thing, as expected of the great spirit.


It was still rolling on top of the bed.


Because Charlotte can’t see the great spirit, it can do whatever it wishes whenever it wants.

[Bunyaaaa… So tired, let’s just sleep again]

And then, the great spirit, Art Ange, saw a dream.

It was about the two person it loves the most.

And now, the dream begins.


This, what is this? What is happening here nya?

Why is there a fight happening here now nyaa?

What is happening while I hunted the remains of the empire?

[What a chaotic scene nyaa]

For now let’s just hide behind the grass and see what is happening here.

The first thing I notice was Charlotte’s crying voice.

Charlotte is crying loudly in front of a big stall that seems to sell something. Aww, poor thing.

It has been a long time since the last time I saw Charlotte crying. Wait that’s not the problem.

In front of her there is a handsome man with a troubled face saying buhiibuhii.

[Why did he said buhhi buhhi?]

Charlotte is talking to that man while hugging a stuffed doll.

No, it’s more like, she is shouting to that man while crying right now.

The great spirit put its head out of the grass, and it saw it at that time.

There was a fight happening there.

There are two knight fighting over there. One was a boy while the other was just a young man, but both of those knight show such abnormal power for a knight. Even in the empire there is no comparable knightly order who hold this tremendous power. When we see their fight, it was more like a dance rather than just a fight.

[I’m sorry buu! I’m sorry buu! I was wrong buu!]

After hearing such a strange voice again, the great spirit turn its head towards it.

As it thought, the one thing that interest the great spirit the most is the man who act just like the piggy.

While it saw the man who keep saying buhibbuhi, it laughed unintentionally.

They must think it was the end for them.

But, if we see their condition______


With a loud nyaaaa the great spirit wakes up.

And soon after that it is looking at Charlotte.


Charlotte was sleeping in a sitting position while hugging a stuffed doll.

It wasn’t a dream about the small Charlotte anymore, it feels like the continuation of that Charlotte.

It was a really happy scene.

But on the bed you can see a burning aura arising.

…The great spirit somehow got angry.

It was driving its anger toward the already faded stuffed doll.

It was burning with anger.

The great spirit, Art Ange was rolling on top of the bed while shouting in anger.


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Piggy Duke 17

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17.) Answer: Not a chance

[Please give me more!]

[You’re so slow! What the heck are you doing buhi! Give me more!]

[Slowslow! Bring me two portions at once! And bring me another serving while you’re at it!]

Buhii! It’s soooo delicious!!

I was shouting full of joy while the food keeps coming again and again.

The one who was responsible for bringing my food was a man with black clothes, he always said things in high tension whenever I ask for another serving, [Top, bring him another serviiiiiing!]. He has such a good leadership ability.


[Such great vigor he is showing us while eating! Participant number 3, from Kurushu Magic Academy, his name is, team piggy duke san! Ehh, team piggy duke?! O-ohh, it seems it was just an alias, his name is, wh-what?! Slow Dening!? The disaster that was born in the Dening household!? O-ohh, pardon me! Eh… It’s okay? Then, let’s cheer for him! He is the weirdo who was born in the Dening household, the piggy duuuuuuuukeeeee!!] (Announcer)

At that place all the people suddenly go crazy.

My right hand rise up showing my winning pose. As they cheer me back, their voices become louder.

What a nice feeling! C’mon, give me a louder cheer!

[Such a large margin! A large margin indeed! The rumors about the piggy duke-sama has just proven to be true!! What he is tasting is just commoner’s food, but he seems to fully enjoy it!! He really is not just like the common people you find every day!! Will he win this without much effort!? But there is another team from Kurushu Magic Academy, they are team skin whitening! …Well there is a beautiful lady in that team indeed! There is also a red haired boy trying his best now …But the difference is getting more and more apparent!]

I won’t lose to anyone if it’s about eating!

I look at the other participants, there are a lot of couples there, the old and middle age couples seems already at their limit. Well, there is quite a lot of volume in this plates after all.

Besides me, even though she is eating at such a slow rate, Charlotte is indeed trying her best to eat the sandwich! Nice going Charlotte! Try your best eating that!

When I see the table besides me… Umu, Alicia is also trying her best eating the sandwich. Ah, she is glaring at me. Well that beauty medicine will be mine if I win this. Don’t worry Alicia, team piggy duke will deliberately lose a little to get the second price.

Ah, her front dress is a bit dirty. As careless as always.


[So overwhelming, the rumored piggy duke! Ohh, it seems he has some room to compare which sauce is more delicious! As expected the maverick piggy duke! He is as bad as the rumors said!]

Geez, what are the commoners thinking about me to make such a rumor.

Hum, delicious!

The spectators became noisy again.

[He is the piggy duke indeed!] [What a great way to eat!] Thank you very much you guys!

[More servings please bui!]

[Slow pig! I won’t lose!]

Alicia is starting to get impatient.

The other participants do things more slowly but they try their best to keep up with me. oioi, you guys are weak! How did you train those stomachs of yours! You have to struggle to surpass your own limit!

[Shuya! Eat more! Or we will lose to that Slow pig!]

Alicia is starting to hit Shuya’s body. Don’t you pity him? Look, he seems like he will die at any moment… Ah, this sauce is good.


[U, ugugu! Impossible, no more, I can’t go on… But the crystal said I need to keep going! AAgh, I will eat more! If I don’t eat more my future will be bleak, I know thaaaaat!!! Give me more!!] (stupid Shuya)


[Buhhi! Delicious! More servings please!]

[Buhhi! Bring me more!!]

[Give me more sauce! More please!]

Shuya’s eyes are popping out while saying [Are you serious!? Are you a monster!?] at me.

He has fallen into despair seeing me eating like that. Hey hey, are you just half crying now? You are just entering the way of the eater after all.

[A… Alicia. Please spare me… I can’t do it anymore… Even the crystal said I already tried my best. This eating competition we can’t win against the piggy duke, I know that…] (stupid Shuya)


Okay, now how many minutes left?

I’ll use the remaining time to adjust my position in this competition. I’ll let the other team win by a small margin so I can get that weight reduction medicine. This place is starting to become colder, the victor will be having a very full stomach.

[5 minute remains! Otto, Piggy duke-sama. He suddenly is showing a painful face, he is grabbing his drink! His face truly look like he is in pain. Did he just overate!?]

While everyone is looking at me, hmmm, which of these couples can get me the second place?

[Charlotte, it’s okay. Ah, do you want to drink?]

[…Thank you]

I have eaten seventeen servings while Charlotte did three servings.

Hum, its twenty servings in total. It’s enough if we aim for second place!

[I can’t eat anymore]

Charlotte said that after she drank her water.

Hemm, Team skin whitening result was eight servings for Shuya and four servings for Alicia. Ooh, even though she has a small built Alicia sure knows how to eat. Maybe she just hate me so much and that makes her to not want to lose against me.

[Shuya! Hey, Shuya! Slow pig is stopping now! If you can’t get that beauty medicine you will be my servant forever]

[I can’t do it anymore… But, if I don’t do it Alicia will direct her anger at me… UOOOOO!! Even the crystal said I should continue? You’ve said it!!! Give me more please!!!]

Even the spectators start clapping their hands seeing Shuya like that.

…Oi, Alicia. You overdid it. Look, he is crying.

Well then, is there any more candidates for the first place?



[Congratulations! And now from the one who made the eating competition possible, Kanibasami company! The winner is team number three, team piggy duke! This is the prize, four sets of beauty medicine!]


After calculating the final result, team piggy duke win the contest. There is no team that can surpass us even though we already stopped eating in the middle of the game.

While receiving the handmade box containing the beauty medicine, everyone claps their hands for me.


The second place is team skin whitening, I can’t believe it.

Shuya ate eleven servings while Alicia did five servings. He looks like he is dead. At the final moments, Alicia, after blackmailing him, forced the food down into Shuya’s throat, he already looked like he will die.

[Pi- slow pig. Cong, Congratulation… You’ve got the beauty medicine …but, I have something I want to talk… Come with me for a sec… Let’s talk …uuh]

Is it because she was overeating? It seems there was something holding down her chest while she is talking.

The place she is pointing at, there was an unconscious Shuya lying there.

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Piggy Duke 16

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16.) Question: Is There a Way for Me to Lose In the Eating Competition?

I’m hungry

I’m hungry

I’m hungry

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, I skipped all of those. Now it feels as if my back and my stomach are closer than ever.

Growl, growl.

…It was an unexpected sound.

[Slow-sama, are you okay? I can hear a loud sound coming from your stomach]

[Buuu… Even Charlotte doesn’t eat much either?]

[I only need to eat a little normally. And yesterday, I actually snatched quite a lot of food when I was helping at the kitchen yesterday]

She was embarrassed telling me that.

Right now she is not wearing her usual attendance uniform, she wears what the town girls usually wear. It’s a white shirt with a deep brown vest on top of it, she is also wearing an emerald green skirt to match it. Her silver hair was left untouched and rested on her shoulder, her front bang was decorated by a yellow hair clip, and she put on a bit of makeup.

Honestly, she is cute, insanely cute.

[You’ll be fat~. You’ll be as fat as me]

[It was just this one day for me, but for Slow-sama it has accumulated from a long time, but I think you’re a lot slimmer than before. I think it is two sizes smaller]

[Buu, it’s because I tried really hard]

More than that, from some time ago all the guests in the inn keep looking at her while saying, […such a beautiful girl just now], [I think I have fallen in love]. Even though we tried to make her looks as plain as possible, it seems we can’t hide her quality at all. Yesterday she tried to become a waitress for a bit, and it turns out so many men fell for her they even tried to barge into the kitchen, or so the head chef said. I owe you a lot head chef. Well if it’s really dangerous the great spirit san will do something about it.

And that kind of Charlotte is walking with me now, what kind of rumor those winds will bring after this. Is it a fat noble bringing a commoner girl with him?


[Impossible, a beautiful woman like that, with a beast…] [Yeah right?]

Quiet you, buu-.


[Both of you, good luck! We will cheer you guys!]

Deppa is escorting us until the inns gate. Both his hand are occupied with some customer’s luggage. Seems like some of his parent’s employee suddenly fell ill, so he needs to help his parents this whole day. Maybe it was also to prepare for the future, since long time ago he was already helping his parents to manage the inn, even his looks when using the inn uniform seem to really fit him well.

[That weight reducing medicine is mine! Leave it to me!]

[…I’ll try my best]


It seems Vision this whole day will be going for a date with a girl he just met yesterday. What the hell were you coming to this city for? Practice your sword technique dammit, and you don’t have money at all, is it the girl who will pay for you? …you aren’t fit to be a noble after all.

But if I said, [Go train your sword] then he will said, [Love makes a person strong]. According to Rokomoko sensei, in the past he also had quite a lot of lovers, so many of them he can’t even recite all their names. Well, it has indeed convince me.

[Let’s go, Slow-sama]

Together with Charlotte, I leave the inn.

Yesterday I checked where the competition will be held, so I know exactly where the place is.

We walk on top of the stone paving road while feeling the warm sun shining upon us. When you see left or right, you will see a lot of stalls are already standing there. While walking to the competition venue, I heard Charlotte’s impression about the story she read recently.

I’m truly happy now.


In a big tent that’s standing there, a lot of people had already assembled there, it was crowded.

Not long all the people around open up a path for me to go through. All the commoners in the venue, start looking at me now which is wearing the Magic Academy uniform and start to raise a commotion. [That’s the piggy duke! The real thing!], [Hum? Isn’t he slimmer than the first time I saw him?], [But to come to the eating competition, as expected of the piggy duke]

Stop it! It’s not like that! I came here to get that weight reducing medicine! Come to think of it, isn’t it weird to have the prize of a weight reducing medicine in an eating competition!

Who’s the one responsible for it?!

[Slow-sama, I think it is there]

Inside the tent that was located right in the middle of the city, tables are already lined up. Every single participant will be assigned to a table, and there they will eat while being watched by spectators.

While I’m watching those participants who are showing a lot of fighting spirit, someone hit me on the back.

What is it? After turning my head, I saw a girl glaring at me while out of breath.

[…Slow pig!]

My former fiancée.

The last royalty of the Sarkista republic.

Alicia Bra Dia Sarkista (TL: it was written as ALICIA BURA DIA SAKISTA, any idea?)

A girl with yellow curled hair, a beautiful double edge eyelid and smooth white skin. Her strong will shows from her small face like she wanted to tell me something from it. Even though she is joining an eating competition, she was wearing a clean white dressed. She was a girl who was always idling around a long time ago while still with me.


[Slow pig! Why are you here!?]

She shouts at me with such sharp words. 

Somehow I felt nostalgic with that voice that makes me unintentionally loosen my face.

[Alicia, you have indeed come here to win the beauty medicine, but for me what I want it’s the second place prize. Do you know what it is?]

[The second place prize? Umm… What is it again…? Ah, weight reducing medicine! What, why do you want it?! Why the Slow pig wants to be slim!?!]

She is glaring at me while saying she doesn’t know the reason why I want to do that.

While seeing that scowling face, I remember what was that the anime script writer said.


[[Alicia wants to be a mercenary. But she never succeed on it. Truthfully the reason she did all that was for the sake of beating the piggy duke. The high spirit Art Ange, ah, I shouldn’t say that name, the spirit who lent its power to the piggy duke won’t lent its power to Alicia, so she threw away her shame and try to beat him with her own power. I really want to make a spinoff for this piggy duke series. Alicia as a mercenary, after all she can’t show her true power in the anime. But if she really could, she would be extremely powerful.]]


[Slow pig! Answer me! Why did you suddenly wanted to be slim?!]

Even now she still holds feelings for the piggy duke. That I know it well.



Again, a loud voice comes from my stomach.

The surrounding spectators who hear it and try to locate the source found me there. All of them nod in consent. Oi, what the hell does that mean?! I’m already slimmer now.

[Alicia. Right now I’m so hungry I could die. I’m sorry but, let’s do it after this]

[Wha, Why!? I knew it, that rumor was true isn’t it?! Ah, stop, Slow pig! Don’t step away from me!]

After pushing people to open my path, I search for a table with my name on it and sit.

The hot air in the hall is so stuffy. ‘Who will get the beauty medicine?’ all the spectators are anticipating it.

There are 10 participants, I won’t lose to any of them.


[Answer me! Slow Pig!]

…You guys got the table beside me huh.

And beside her is the protagonist, Shuya, sitting there.

That blazing short hair Shuya wearing our school uniform, the same as me. He is mumbling about something while seeing a crystal ball on top of his desk. The spectator are starting to make a fuss wondering who’s that noble guy over there.

[I can see it, I can see it… No, the crystal is cloudy… I don’t know… This is my match against the piggy duke…? Be careful against him…? I have to be extremely careful now… If possible don’t meet his eyes at all] (stupid Shuya)

He won’t see me at all, I’m sure of it.

Sorry but, you’re not in my story anymore.

[The piggy duke has changed…? No, that’s just a rumor isn’t it… Aah, the crystal got cloudy again! …Fine!! I can’t see anything at all! If the piggy duke is near me, I can’t see anything at all! But that thing doesn’t even matter! I will become the shining crimson sword of Daris! That’s the only thing I know of! That beauty medicine is mine! I will be released from all kind of weird women! I will get my freedom, for that I knowwww!!!] (stupid Shuya)

With Shuya shouting for some unknown reason, the spectators [Oi, his tension is really high!] [Ooh-! Give it all you’ve got!] Say things like that, and all the beautiful girls are cheering him.


Ahh, I got it.

At the start of the second year, Shuya bumped into Alicia in the corridor and accidentally broke her expensive vase. Now he is drown in debt because of it, I feel sorry for him. Well, that Alicia is quite strict about money. She spend most of it on beauty treatments after all. Honestly, even if she didn’t used so much money to make herself more beautiful, she is already a beautiful girl.

And, she is not my fiancée anymore.

[Slow pig! Slow pig! Answer my question! Why did you suddenly want to be slim! If it’s me I can’t get slim by just saying those things!]

Before I could say anything, in my table there are meat sandwiches.

It looks really good. Let me eat, let me eat.

Sorry Alicia, you guys can’t win anything today.

Because today, I will use my full strength right from the beginning. TASTE HOW A SERIOUS PIGGY DUKE EAT…!!!!…BUUUUU


[Everyone is already seated I see! Now I will begin the eating competition! The time limit is fifteen minutes! After you finish eating the beef and bird meat sandwiches raise your hand! The official will then bring you another serve!] (Announcer)








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Oh, brave people of Daris Knight Kingdom Hear me!

This is serious~! You guys need to decide who will we calling our great Pig–I mean Hero!!


DECIDE OUR HERO’S DESTINY! (fixed,……….should be………I think)

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Piggy Duke 15

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15.) It’s a Mystery why I Disguise Myself as a Piggy!!

While my whole body is shivering I start thinking.

In the summer of the second year student in Kurushu Magic Academy, there was no big event happening at this time around. (Ed: In the anime?) (Tl: He didn’t mention any of that)

Well, there are rumors that I’m honestly trying to redeem myself steadily, but they are only limited to the academy grounds only.

That’s why, what the headmaster said just now is really fascinating me.

But, what is that higher stage he said? And, what is the reason why the headmaster decided to help me make a comeback?

Such an ominous atmosphere flows out to the corridor, and sensei who was the culprit of binding me with magic speaks out first.

[…Hey, what is that higher stage he said?]

[…Like hell I know what it is]

No, before you think that. undo my binding sensei.

[…Dening, after the headmaster, it’s my turn to ask you. Why did you turned yourself intentionally into a pig?]







Late at night, we went into the Yolem drink district. We came to a stall that seemed still open and enter there. This is the stall that sensei often bring his student in the anime. I’m kinda moved right now.

[You don’t want to have a political marriage and intentionally turned yourself to be that useless pig as a facade?! Who is the girl?]

[I won’t tell you, but she is a commoner]

[Oioi-It’s just like I thought, you are a legend level eccentric person. The political marriage of the eldest son of the Dening duke’s household is known by every single people in this world you know. You are really fit to be called a legend, who else want to turn themselves into a pig just for the sake of marrying the girl they love-. Ah, when I hear this kind of interesting story the sake becomes much more delicious. The true reason for the wonder child downfall was actually this kind of reason. I never expected there was a wonderful actor in the Dening family. This could become a true legend one day]


The one who is responsible with Daris’s defense, is the family who holds most of military powers in the country, The Dening duke household.

Because of that, all the male direct descendants of the Dening household can’t freely choose their marriage partner. Not just the men, all the women born in that family will have to be married into a different country or to the descendants of a powerful military family.

[Then, what will you do after this? Apologize to the duke? Apologize that you have been acting as a pig? I have also heard about Duke Baldley’s rage when I was at the military. Well honestly speaking, a commoner absolutely shouldn’t say a dukes name easily-. …Uwaaaa I can’t even imagine how scary he might have been]

While Rokomoko sensei is drinking his sake, he hugs his own body with his two hands.

It seems he just remembered a bad memory from when he was in the military. Even though I’m not interested in his story, but somehow my body is shivering in fear.

My father, Baldley Dening is the one who is supporting the current leader in this Daris Kingdom.

He is someone who holds tradition above anything else, and is he also a brave general who has led his soldiers to fight head on with the empire many times.


[Sensei, What should I do? Ah, please don’t let my father know about this conversation]

If you want to know what is my happiness.

It is to be together with Charlotte, forever and ever. Yes, it’s so simple when you just say it like that.

But the wall blocking that it is so big.

Baldley Dening.

In other word it is my own father who is standing between me and my happiness.

With that much merits, even the Queen of Daris will ask his opinion whenever a war breaks out. When my engagement with the Princess of Sarkista in other words Alicia, was canceled, I can still remember being beaten to half dead.

[Ha, HAAAH!? You want to ask ME about love? And like hell I will tell about this kind of talk to the duke! I’ll die even only by standing near him when I said it!]


[…Isn’t it? Ah, this radish is delicious. But, I still want to eat meat. Hey uncle can I have more meat—? …Uncle?]

Somehow the stall’s uncle fell asleep, even though he is still standing.

Well, we’re still going at it with our drinking until we make a stupid happy face.

Let’s not cause any trouble. …Uuuh, I still haven’t eaten any meat.


[Someone who can just talk easily to the Queen is surely not someone normal. But Dening, if I remember correctly, your father was quite doting on you, wasn’t he? If you just say it, he will give in right? And you, who was known as the wonder child, if you said you will join the candidacy to become the head of your house again, your father will forgive you …Nah, that’s impossible]

Well, it’s true that my father dots on me a lot.

But, at the moment when I say that I will marry a commoner, I can see it clearly, he will send me to the front most line to fight endlessly against the empire.

[Absolutely impossible. If I become the family’s head and marry a commoner, those people after me will follow my example. And at that time the Dening house would be in crisis]

[…You’ve got it bad too huh. My sympathy… But I’m thinking, what if the Duke acknowledged them, it’s not a problem if they were just a commoner. Won’t he get more merit if he did that? More than that he is also a legend level, among us he was known for his defensive battle…]

My father, Duke Baldley was known for his defensive battle in the Darian prairie.

It was a legendary battle where only a few hundred soldiers of the Daris Kingdom were fighting together against a mighty army of ten thousand soldiers of the Empire.

[It is a mission that your father had to do… Moreover he wants to use your power to make this world more peaceful. Now, when I think of a world without the Dening duke household. Uwaa, I can’t believe what I said just now, that’s-]

While drinking, Rokomoko sensei keep making a ruckus while saying, ‘World peace is the best’. Even the standing half asleep stall owner as if understanding what we were talking about says, ’peace is important’ as if agreeing what was just said.

Good grief, so I’m the only person who is worried.

As I saw those two happy people, a smile floats in my face.

[World peace huh… But, I’m glad I talked to you sensei]

I feel happier after doing it.

Everyone will feel good after telling another person what they have in their mind.


[Aah, by the way Dening. Did you know about the monster calling perfume that was recently distributed to this city? Actually the royal palace, no, my former employer asked me to investigate it]


Rather than know about it, I have one already. Moreover I know how it smells and even the taste

When I was still the dark piggy (Ed: Darth Buta) I bought it from a smuggler in this city, for someone who watched the anime, I already know that the mastermind behind this is a merchant.

But, it was just something that wasn’t talked about very much in the anime. His name is, hmm what was it again? I can’t remember his name but, if I’m not wrong the name of the store is…

[I think I have heard about that from the wind, sensei. If I’m correct the store name is…]

[What!? Are you serious Dening!!!??!]

After gossiping a bit with sensei I left the stall.

Well, I can only remember the store name vaguely, so if I was wrong please don’t complain to me sensei!


Let’s see, I guess for now there is no useful Information from the anime. Try your best my memory, if I can remember it I’m sure it will become useful. Well I will wrote it down all I can remember next time.


Later, a house was turned into pieces, and the merchant who was distributing the dangerous perfume was captured and put into jail by the Daris Kingdom.

The one who achieved this were the Royal Knights.

The royal palace turned into an uproar once they knew that the monster calling perfume was one of the empire’s plot against them.

Then after that incident was resolved, a rumor about the real person who made the capture possible, make all the people in charge pop their eyes. From then on, the figure of a person who once was the wonder child of Daris will rise.

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Piggy Duke 14

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14.) It Came! The Protagonist’s Event is Here!

We are sitting together harmoniously at a dining table.

This is the first floor of the Deppa’s family’s luxury inn that they manage, it is called “Brown Morning”.

Actually we can take the food to our own room and eat it there, but we decide to eat in this dining room that even the general people could use. There are a lot of guests beside us eating their dinner here, popping their eye out when they see students from the magic academy eating here, on top of that there is a purple line in our uniform which mean we are nobles.

In one of the tables with Deppa and others surrounding him, there are a lot of maids giving their name to Vision, It seems they like him a lot.

I wonder what he did, because he gave me a big smile when he saw me. Damn you, how come you’re so popular. You just a poor noble now! You’re not regretting your actions at all!


[Slowsama! Do you want to see the sword I received from Rokomoko sensei? Should I bring it here?]

He seems very happy after Rokomoko sensei bought him that sword.

From the moment he sits with us, he tries to tell us how wonderful the sword he just received is. I don’t understand it, even if you try to explain it using such strange gestures that looks like a weird dance, it’s impossible for me to understand it. So that’s why, don’t lie to me saying you’re not popular buuu-!

[But can you handle that sword? Aren’t there only a few noble who excel in sword technique?]

Martial arts and swordsmanship are the commoner’s specialty after all. In contrast, magic and theory are a noble’s art.

The rare commoner who can use both magic and sword is a priceless treasure. That’s why the magic academy was formed. It was to mass produce those rare breed who can excel on both magic and sword, that’s also why the magic academy easily accepts commoners.

[I can use it fairly well. Up till now I was only focusing all of my efforts to increase my magic power, but from now on I will train my sword technique and also how to harmonize both of them. Ah, Slow-sama, that meat is mine. You’re still on a diet, so for your own good so you can graduate from your piggy duke title faster, as a friend I won’t let you eat another meat]


I glare at Vision. On top of never helping me when I run, now you snatch my meat in front of me! Look, follow Deppa’s example! He is always waking up early to join me on my run! Not just that, he make sure to massage me after! It’s such a wonderful feeling! Whenever I remember that sensation I can immediately fall asleep!


[Slow-sama! This is the seaweed famous for people that in a diet!]

What… you too Deppa? Let me eat that meat.

[But I never thought that you Deppa, came from such a distinguished family]

The “Brown Morning” was evaluated as a high class inn in Yolem. Most of its guest are influential commoners, but sometimes nobles also come to stay in this inn.

There is a small gate placed at the entrance with two people wielding swords standing there as gatekeepers. The people that comes to this inn looks like remarkable persons, so for hogging the entire top floor for mine and Rokomoko sensei’s parties, I ask for your forgiveness.

However, we don’t need to worry about that since Deppa’s parents welcomed us with so much passion. They never thought that their only son, on top of being a student in the Kurushu Magic Academy, got a noble as a friend. And when they learnt my name, their bodies trembled. But not long after, they beg me to give them a sign which should have, ‘We will do it seriously from now on’ written on it. It seems they want to use my name as a decoration when my name becomes famous one day. I even say to them that it’s okay to use it now but they refused. They said if they use it now, rather than make their business blooming, it will just make them go bankrupt. They are so cruel… Buu.

[Anyway, where did Rokomoko sensei go?]

[He said he wanted to go for a drink with some acquaintance, I think he will be back at night]

I hope he will still be sober when we met, well it can’t be help.

After that the great spirit-san informed me of the city’s safety.

Meanwhile Charlote whom actually loved to cook, is helping the head chef in the kitchen. She wants to use it as an opportunity to learn more. Looking at how enthusiastic Charlote is helping them cooking, the head chef was impressed by her and happily let her help them out. Yeah, I honestly got fascinated seeing that enthusiastic Charlote.

Well, if we leave it to the great spirit-san, things can’t be more peaceful that they are right now.

I stealthily moved my hand to take the meat nearest to me, but Vision snatches it just before I could take it… Buu…


[By the way, I saw Sarkista’s princess on the city. She is a famous adventurer, and if I remember it correctly, isn’t she Slow-sama’s fiancée?]

[EEHHH?! The princess as a fiancée!? Is that true?!]

The only person who lives in the fifth floor of the girl’s dormitory in The Kurushu Magic Academy, the princess of the Republic of Sarkista.

I the past she seemed so proud to be the fiancée of the wind wonder child, me. But when I started turning into a pig, she didn’t wanted to marry me anymore, so our engagement was canceled.

[…A beautiful adventurer, heee]

The reason she call herself like that and is always seeking out how to become more beautiful is probably my fault.

When we got close in the past, it seems she had some inferiority complex towards me. She then declared to me, that she would become the most beautiful woman in the world, so I could be proud of calling her my wife.

So it was the backlash of that day, and since I became the piggy duke she always scornfully called me Slow the pig. At that time, I was combing her hair from time to time just after she finished her bath, how sad.

It’s as if our engagement only brings her bad memories.

[When Slow-sama becomes no longer a pig, will you consider engaging with her again?]

[No way in hell. Oi Vision, you sure eat a lot even though you paid nothing of it, and also your mouth can sure say some really bad things lately. Okay, I have decided, you will be the second generation piggy duke from now on]

Once again I move my hand to the meat. Ah, he snatched it away again. Buu…

[For Slow-sama this seaweed is enough]

[Oi you Mr. poor guy. You sure can say whatever you want lately aren’t you?]

Where is the Vision who said he admired me? Gone now.

[Please think of my feelings who must carry all your belongings while you rehabilitate. And you need to charge up your power, so you can win the eating competition after all]

That mountain of food is gone so fast.

While holding back my tears, I begin storing my power for the eating competition. (Ed: I HUNGER!)

…No, I really want to eat. In front of me, these guys looks like they are enjoying the food so much! And weren’t all this, things I bought with the gems I have!? Don’t make it look like it’s your own money! Damn it, bit by bit a dark feeling starts to seep from inside me. Ah, the dark piggy will come back again… Nn?


[… Ah- sorry, I will go back first to my room, there is something I need to do]

Some spirits told me that they have a message for me from the great spirit. It said Rokomoko sensei just got back.

I will talk about my interaction with the wind great spirit-san from now on.

Its requests are simple.

I can show up in the front stage. But the wind great spirit, Art Ange, has to be by my side. And also it strictly instructed me to keep Charlote’s secret hidden as we always do.

Well, I’ve expected that.

After we were done with our talks, the wind great spirit went to Charlote’s room while saying, ’I want to laze around nyaa~, I’m so sleepy nyaa~’.

Good grief, such a self-indulging great spirit you are.

Where is your dignity that you’ve showed in the past? Gone?


Late at night when everyone had fallen asleep, I leave my room.

Now, Rokomoko sensei was alone in his room. He reeked of alcohol when he came back, so I think that he would be still sleeping now. There are only five rooms in the top floor of the “Brown morning” inn, and we both hog them all for ourselves.

After preparing myself, I knock on the door to sensei’s room.

[Okay~. Who is it-, I am drunk-. I’m dizzy you know-]

He heard me. He seems to be in a good mood. But, he’s really drunk right now.

[It’s me. Dening]

[Dening? Which Dening?]

[The pig]

[Aaah, wait a sec-]

Not long after that, the door opened up.

He really is drunk, sensei’s face looks really red. Ugh, he reeks of alcohol, even his steps are unsteady, no doubt he really had a blast early. More importantly, he only knew it was me when I said pig! What the hell was that?! This is why I need to become slim faster! It has been three weeks since I started my diet! My size has become one smaller than before, it won’t be long before I can wear the mass produced uniform! The biggest one that is! It is almost time for me to graduate from a pig!


[What is it, Dening? I’m really dizzy right now, we should do it tomorrow-]

[Rokomoko sensei. You said it before in class right?]

[Ahh, what is it?]

With unsteady feet sensei is looking at me.

[Remember this, 30 times. Sensei, you seems to know what my answer is]

Well then, shall we start the discussion? But it must be right, because it is the thing I did myself.

[…Hee, Just like what that old man said]

When Rokomoko starts laughing, the air around him changed immediately. He took out his cane from his cape. Did he just chanted a spell at me…? What, did he just used magic in this place?! I also try to take out my cane to counter him but is not good, it’s already too late! Tch, I can’t even use Art Ange’s power in this place.

[Ohh, water and earth, become the sacred mud! Bind that cheeky brat! Mix Bind!


My movements became completely sealed with that combination of earth and water magic.

Since I’m bound with this kind of spell, I can’t do anything if I don’t have my cane with me.

I glare at Rokomoko sensei. He just scratched his head roughly while he sighs a bit. It should be me who should do that. I always do things nicely sensei.

[Damn, you woke me up while it’s still dark outside. I know you are a student but if I go easy on you it would be dangerous for me. This is just an advice, Slow Dening. By all means, don’t solve everything with magic. I’m actually grateful for your help, for what you did to those reckless students in class. As a man I owe you a lot. But, that thing and this are different. I’m sure you will answer my question with enthusiasm, yeah]


[…You sure could do it sensei… No, this is not just your power alone]

Damn it, this is dangerous.

I taste a bit of the royal knight power.

This is not just a normal Mix Bind. He probably took many hours to strengthen this magic combination between earth and water, so it could specially capture a wind magic user like me. But, this is not just sensei’s power alone. A powerful water spirit is lending him power. As far as I know there is nobody that could use such a strong water spirit in Kurushu Magic Academy.

…No, there is one person, someone comes to mind.

Come to think of it, there is a rumor saying that the headmaster was the one making Rokomoko sensei work for the academy even though he was a royal knight.

[First a word from the headmaster. I was entrusted with a message from that old man]

Damn it, I can’t get out of here. Was Rokomoko sensei coming back drunk, just an act? It’s as if he was waiting to catch me off guard. But, it’s still amazing to make me careless.

Sensei is saying ‘ah… ah’, like testing some voice. Buu, it reeks of alcohol. Sensei, so even if you’re drunk you don’t lose your consciousness.

And then, the headmaster is sending me a message? Why he is doing that?


[[The number one trouble maker in the history of the magic academy, piggy duke. No, the degraded wind wonder child, Slow Dening]]

Eh? It didn’t sounded like headmaster’s voice at all sensei. That man’s voice’s is a bit higher than that. But, I know I have quite a record in Kurushu Magic Academy. But, the number one problem child in the history? That’s dangerous isn’t it? Somehow, it seems my image became that of a problem child. Is it that because there is a bet about my recovery, so most people want to somehow see me fail.

[[Let’s just cut into the case. Throw away your facade, let me see the revival of the wonder child—]]


Once again I’m filled with the feeling to come back to my former self!

As I thought, the headmaster was someone who will watch very closely the figure of the world most troublesome child that had his wing clipped.

Why did I think that? It’s because when most people were against my entrance to the magic academy because of my extremely bad reputation, only he agreed to accept my enrollment.

[[—–as the headmaster, I want to offer you to let me take you to a higher stage]]


T-this is…!?

Isn’t this…

…The protagonist’s event?!!!



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Piggy Duke 13



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13.) The Protagonist Arrives!

[Deppasama, for me, it really should end like that. Everyone is happy and nobody is grieving]

[Bu-but it should not go like that, Charlote-sama! To do that kind of thing all over again, it’s so pitiful! Leaving such regret in his heart, it shouldn’t end like that!]

[But if he didn’t, soon things would have led to more sadness…]


Why am I finding such a book discussion group between Charlote and Deppa the moment I woke up? And are they discussing a popular story in this country?


[Uh-huh. But I think it’s such a waste for the protagonist to hide his power! If it was me, I would use it to fight back!]

[Deppa-sama’s will is truly strong. I envy you a bit… I wish I had that kind of strong will]

[Yes! Because beside my strong will, I don’t have anything else! That is what my parents told me!]


I watched the scenery outside while hearing both of them talking to each other.

That single highway surrounded by forest is the only thing that is connecting this city of Yolem and the Kurushu Magic Academy.

I guess that one wagon I saw over there is delivering food to the school.

It was an adult and such a small child sitting in the driver seat. When we passed each other, that kid waved to us.

When I was waving back at him, he became so shocked that he petrified.

Hoi, I beg you, please stop acting like that.

Was that because I am so fat? Or because I’m a pig? I’m sad you know.

[Slow-sama. Why did you laugh?]

Charlote is looking at me in wonder.

Even during the journey here, Charlote has never once slacked off. She always sit with an upright position inside the carriage. She is really showing her good upbringing even at this kind of place. And for Deppa, at first he was really tense inside the carriage, but now it seems he became more relaxed. What a good thing.

[This is the first time I saw Charlote having so much fun talking to someone]

When she hears that, her face redden.

[Dening-sama! Charlote-sama is really awesome! Her knowledge is really vast! She knows everything! From popular things right now to those old things, she knows it all!]

[…It’s because I have so much free time. But I never go outside by myself]

Yeah, it was really such a trouble just to bring this hikikomori princess to come out and join me in the eating competition.

In the end, [I WANT TO SLIM! I want to be happy, AND WANT TO BE SLIM! In the eating competition, to participate I have to join with my girlfriend, so I need Charlote’s help to join the competition, BUT I AM NOT SLIM! I AM A PIG for LIIIIIFEEE!!!!]

Well somehow that persuasion together with tears worked well to bring her out.

By then she saw me with an amazed face while I made such a racket.

[Well, we need to try our best together in this competition. Whether I could become macho or not depends on how much Charlote can eat]

[I-I think that responsibility is too much for me…]

[I will help you of course! Let’s try our best together!]

I won’t lose no matter what.

I will take that second place, and I will get that weight reducing pill. For the sake of my plans I need to make some arrangements with the team who will take first place. I won’t bother with the first prize, all I want is to win second place.

Isn’t it such a difficult task, can I even do it? YES I CAN. But it seems Charlote doesn’t have enough resolve yet.

While I’m exuding a lot of fighting spirit, uncle coachman told me it’s about time for us to go.

Sitting leisurely inside the carriage, I watch the green scenery outside the window. There are so many people walking in the highway, how lively.



Suddenly my body is trembling.

I feel a premonition, as if an unbelievable bad thing will happen.


From the window, I saw a pair of boy and girl passing us by riding an unbelievable big horse together.

They are going to Yolem with such a speed.

It bring shivers to my spine whenever I imagine that there will be a clash between me and that disaster to successfully change me completely, from the black piggy duke to the white piggy duke.

[Finally, you’ve come]

My body is trembling in excitement.

The one who was controlling the horse is a boy with red short hair. Behind him clinging closely to his back, is a girl with extravagantly curled blonde hair.

[…The protagonist]

When I saw that blazing hot face of Shuya once more, I understood completely.

He is different than the mob character hero Shuya in the past.

That figure just now, heading full speed to Yolem with a smile in his face.

His overwhelming presence, the charisma which attracts people toward him, he didn’t have any of those in the past.

[For now, there is no way I will lose to you]

Alright, I will admit it.

I will admit it. My story won’t progress without you.

I will admit it. My story can’t let you become just a normal passerby.

But you don’t have place any more in my story.

But if you keep intruding in my story…

With this world as witness, show me your blazing hot resolve.

You, the protagonist!


[I know, I know, I know! I know that all those brave people assembled in that town want that beauty medicine for themselves! But I won’t lose!! I, I will, I will become the shining crimson blade of Daris! I won’t lose!! I won’t let anyone beat me to it!! I will be the one who wins the eating competition, and after that, that medicine shall be MIIIIIIINEEEE!!!] (stupid Shuya)

That figure is moving fast towards Yolem.

His horse is seen running madly while entranced by that hot charisma.

Even all the passerby walking in the highway were taken aback seeing that. That Shuya must have the charisma to attract all those people now.

What an amazing voice he used there…


[Eh, Slow-sama? Why are you laughing?]

I am also one of the participants in that competition.

The first place will get a medicine that will make your skin silky smooth.

It was an item that was popular in several different countries, it will immediately sold out whenever it was on sale. From a normal village girl to even nobles, it’s an item everyone wanted in their life.

I was thinking to give it to Charlote in case I won the competition.

Ahh, right.

I completely overlooked this outcome.

I never think I would be meeting you guys in this event.

I think that a man like you, a beauty medicine or a weight reduction drug will not interest you.

But it is indeed something you want, my FORMER fiancée!



[Let’s go, Shuya! The thing I want is there! The medicine that will make my beauty go to the next level is in that Yolem city! It’s an item that is really fitting for a beautiful adventurer like me!! Aaaah, I need to get that item no matter what!! Shuya! Hey, Shuya! Make it go faster now!]

[Oi, stop it! Moving around while riding a horse, is dangerous! I don’t understand what you asked me to do so suddenly!]

This boy lives in the second floor of the boy’s dorm, and is also the illegitimate son of a baron.

He was always a hot blooded person.

His trademark is that blazing red short hair of his.

Who was it that called him that first? Hundred shots, hundred bulls-eyes, The Fire Diviner.

I’m just saying, just stop becoming the main protagonist and instead be a fortune diviner.

It will be interesting seeing fortune diviner as the main protagonist.

I shove my face outside the window and as I feel the wind, I can still see the back of the protagonist.


[I know, I know, I know!! Something is gonna happen! Something is gonna happen in Yolem! Something is shining brightly there! Is it a future rival, or my future companion?! I know it all! I know the beauty medicine everyone wants is in Yolem, I KNOW IT AAAALLL!!!] (stupid Shuya… again)


Ah, right.

This is not just my story.

[Haha! I have finally begun living in that side!]

Shuya, after seeing your glittering face and the sweat you’ve spill, I realized one thing.

In the story up till now there is only the piggy duke, me, there. There is no story telling about the main protagonist at all.

[My true story will start from here on]

For me to become a protagonist without an obstacle is so selfish.

Shuya Nikeln!

I know this is your story about working together with the great fire spirit to save the world!

But the wind in my heart is beginning to coil around.

The piggy duke’s heart started shouting.

Our heart started shouting.

This is my story with Charlote.

I’m feeling elated while watching your back, distancing yourself from me.

I’m not that lonely dark piggy duke anymore, I won’t hesitate to ask for help.

[Charlote, Deppa! Lend me your strength! I can’t lose… I don’t want to lose, I won’t admit losing only to that guy! In the eating competition I won’t lose to that guy no matter what, and I will have a complete victory over him!!!]

I stare at this princess, the princess I swore to protect her till the day I die.

When we met for the first time, I swore a vow in the name of world destruction and the raging winds of the great spirit Alt Ange. The vow I said that day was, “—-I will absolutely protect this kid till the end”

And one day my vow and my wish will become one.

“I want to make you happy, Charlote”


[I don’t think Slow-sama will lose when he is this serious. And if you need my power to do that… I will give you my power without hesitation! I am the attendant of Slow-sama after all…!!]

[Slow-sama! Ah, I’m sorry for my over familiarity Deni… No, Slow-sama! Let’s win it! Whether it is magic or this eating competition, you won’t lose! After all according to Vision-sama story, you are already the strongest!]

Finally I have become just like a protagonist in an anime, I can feel the starting line that will be coming soon.


For this transformed white piggy duke there is no way I can lose.

This is my own story, this is my time to rise!

For now I will win that eating competition! I will show to you, no, I will show you, Shuya! I will show you I was ten times better than you!

My stomach is infinite! Now bow to this fatty piggy duke!

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12.) A Trip With My Friend! A Trip With My F.R.I.E.N.D!

The sun has just showed his face a little.

The Kurushu academy is still engulfed in silence and serenity, and there in a quiet detached research facility, a lonely pig is running by himself.

[Buoon, buooon]

I ran while tears and snot keep running through my face. To get rid of all this excessive fat from my body it’s not an easy task to do. But for that I need to undergo all this torture. I want to see that beautiful future filled with love drama as fast as possible, but this pig body is already shaken up with only this much.

Hyaaah, here I come future!

[Bububububu, bubububu]


It was just a really short distance, but I use everything I have on this sprint! I run slowly, because I’m afraid to burden my knees with this body! But I’m already different now!

[Bububububu, bubububu]

One last spurt!

All the muscles in my body are already screaming! If even after all this that fat is still there, I will seriously cry!

That’s not the case, you won’t be there anymore! Yeaaaah, One last burst!

[Guee, guee]

Haah, haaah, while I’m trying to control my breathing, I can hear someone’s footsteps coming closer.

Judging from his orderly footsteps he must be someone with a certain strength.

[Dening-sama! I have made the arrangements! You will be at the top most floor of the inn together with sensei!]

With the sun on his back he walks towards me while raising his voice.

He is a short boy with an innocent face and some disheveled brown hair

He is my second friend ever, Deppa.

[Thank you so much! I really feel sorry for asking you so much in such a short notice!]

[Please, it was only a small thing to do! You’ve been helping me when I train my magic, my whole family feels truly grateful for what you did for us! Ahh, Let me accompany you when you come running next time!]


[Oii. Why did I end riding on top of a horse while a student and an attendant are using the carriage. Even this teacher will get mad with this kind of treatment you know]

We were taking it easy on top of the carriage.

Our carriage is a type that was pulled by two horses.

When I looked outside the window, there I saw Vision and Rokomoko sensei riding horses. At first, seeing that Afro sensei’s horse really surprised me, but now I can really admire his horse. As expected of a former royal knight, taking care of his own horse is one of his specialty.

[Have you stopped to think of what would happen if I rode on a horse with this kind of body? On top of that your lodging fee is actually free, please don’t be complaining so much sensei]

[Lately you are doing quite well you know-? Even among us teachers you are being evaluated as improving, you know? And also you kinda look slimmer-]

[Nonono, it’s still a long way to call myself slim]


It took quite a lot sum of money to rent this carriage.

But I think it will be alright, after all I used all the gems Vision gave me back to bet on ‘The piggy duke will overcome himself’. There are quite a lot of people joining in the betting, but most of the people bet on ‘The piggy duke will demean himself’, so if after all this those people keep betting on my ‘worst’ side, the money will keep rolling on its own.

Such an entertainment I gave to this academy.

No, rather than Kurushu academy I would call myself the entertainment centre on Daris.


[You guys, are you seriously joining the eating competition? Aren’t you already fat enough Dening?]

[The price for the second place in that competition is a drug to reduce body weight. Sensei, you should have known I was dieting right?]

[I’m also supporting you on your diet, you know? Then we will be going first, you guys should follow after and go to the inn first okay?]

Vision and sensei rode their horses along the highway and left us.

Before I knew it they have already created such a good relationship between them.


…Forgive my Mr. protagonist.

It doesn’t mean I especially hate you… But it has somehow turned out like this.

Well, I believe if it’s you, you won’t mind it.

Or rather, you made me rethink about your existence in the magic academy.

You exude such as strong atmosphere that makes people feel attracted to that short, blazing red hair.

I believe that one day we will clash with each other, then let’s do it faster than scheduled! But I want at least to become slimmer before we do that!

For now, I will follow having such a good life.

From today on let’s aim to keep such a good life!

So please don’t come for me Mr. protagonist! I didn’t even throw that monster caller perfume at you, so please stay away from me!

Well thanks to Vision it was only half of it left, but it’s okay!


Ugh, whenever I remember that taste it makes me want to puke.

Vision, I know you knew about that perfume!


Kurushu Magic Academy was surrounded by a forest that stretches from the entrance of the academy to the forest highway.

If we follow that road it will make us go southeast. On that road we will find the city of Yolem, one of the cities in the Knight State of Daris.

It will take us around two to three hours of horse riding to go there. And if we are talking about the scale, it was the second biggest city in the country.

We dispatched from the school early in the morning, I think we will arrive there in the afternoon even if we go at our own pace.

You can go to sleep if you want to, this is such a pleasing short trip.

[Are you really okay bringing me with you in this trip, Slow-sama? Even though you finally could go with your friend…]

Seated opposite of me, Charlote talked to me about her anxiousness in this trip.

She rarely goes out to a place with lots of people. She always shut herself inside her room whenever she has some free time… Are you a NEET Charlote!? No, I should apologize to you Charlote, for often asking you to do such stupid things.

[Charlote, you shut yourself in your own room too much]

She is afraid that her lineage will be leaked somewhere.

Well it is something I expected, even now the empire is still searching for the lost princess of the downfallen kingdom.

[…I love to read books in my room]

It’s not a bad hobby.

It’s not bad, but she is actually an active child.

I know that because she was always with me since we were children.

The empire still can’t find Charlote’s whereabouts.

There is a chance that a spy from the empire slips inside Yolem, but if there is anyone that wants to do bad things to her, the great wind spirit-san will notice it immediately.

Well if it comes in the form of petty harassment, it can’t feel it anyway.

That great spirit-san went to Yolem a few days ago to check whether the city was safe or not.


[Eh? Charlote-sama, you like reading that much?]

Deppa who sits beside me finally makes a sound.

He is the first year commoner that I meet when I was running and then taught him about earth magic.

Since then, sometimes I saw him practicing magic alone, so I called out to him and we started practicing our magic together. I think it’s because of that, that we became such close friends now.

His name is Deppa. What an easy name to say.

[Certainly, I like reading quite a lot. But I was very surprised seeing Slow-sama making friends this fast. And it’s not just one person, he made two friends in such a short time]

She laughs a little while saying that.

Oh yeah, actually Deppa is the student that’s staying in the same room as Vision who just moved to the first floor.

What a coincidence. And Deppa is the one whom told Vision about the eating competition.

[You can do it, me!]


I watch Charlote with a smug face.

When we arrive at Yolem there might be lots of men that will try to woo her. I swear on myself I won’t get separated from Charlote even for just a second.

[S-such a thing! To become Slow-sama’s friend is an honor for me!]

[Didn’t I told you to just call me Slow? We are friends after all.

[I-I-I-I, I can’t do that! Please forgive me!]

Such an honest man, no wonder the earth spirit gladly lend him its strength.

The wind spirit loves a refined bloodline and an elegant heart, that kind of requirement is really hard to find among the commoner. So it will be hard for him to use wind magic now.


[Oh yeah, what is your name?]

[Y-yes! Charlote-sama! My name is Deppa! Slow-sama was teaching me earth magic! Umm, actually I was learning the wind magic at first but it seems I have no talent for that! Ahahaha!]

Well, in exchange he has a lot of talent in martial arts. When entering Kurushu academy there is also a test for martial arts and since he have such a natural talent for it, It seems he fascinated an interviewer when he enrolled in the school, It’s such an achievement to enter the Kurushu academy just solely using martial arts.

He was always practicing his martial arts before practicing his magic, his movement are really awesome.

It seems he has a dream about combining martial arts and wind magic to make a brand new mixed martial arts.


[I am just an attendant so you don’t need to put honorifics when talking to me, Deppa-sama]

[N-no! It’s impossible! I am just a poor son from an inn owner who is indebted to Dening-sama! You are the attendant of Dening-sama, so please don’t humble yourself! On top of that by staying in my family inn, its status will raise surely!]

Yes, he was the only son of an inn owner in Yolem. It was such a perfect time for us because he is also coming back home to Yolem, so we decided to go together. It’s so fun having a trip with your friend. And we don’t need to pay for our lodging, this time Vision was really pleased.

He was just becoming a poor man after all.

[Rokomoko sensei is a former royal knight! It’s my honor to let him stay in my inn!]


While talking with so much affection, we arrived at Yolem.

What a casual trip with carriage.

Because there is no such danger detected, I will just grab that weight reducing drug and my job will be done.

I don’t think there will be a man brave enough to face me.

With such a calm atmosphere we are entering the city.



Well, the stage has been set now Rokomoko sensei. The one who is loved by the light spirit, the royal knight whom protected the royal family.

For you the one who has thrown away your alma mater only to come back again, I want to say the truth.

For the ‘30 times’ we must remember, I will say my answer to you.

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