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Piggy Duke 4

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4.) Reflecting on One Own Self with A Small Voice

[The fire spirit loves hot blooded person, the water spirit loves a kind one, the earth spirit loves a straight forward person, and the wind spirit said to loves a wise one, magic power grow depend on how much you are loved by the spirit. Basically how much you are loved by spirit is a heredity from your ancestor, but there are some case where the commoner also loved by the spirit.]

In magic academy there is once a year a test consisting of class learning, martial arts, sword technique, and magic examination. If you’re not receiving at least eighty percent score on average score you can’t go in to the next grade. To cover for the lack of score from martial arts and sword technique, the heavy piggy duke having the best result in magic class and class lesson so he can safely fulfill the condition to progress every year without a doubt.

But every year there are some student cannot pass the year test. And then according to the rules if we’re not graduate after five years we will deemed as failed.

[To increase power in your magic there is an effective way of putting the spirit in a cane it likes. For example, the wind magic user Duke of Dening, grind and entire fruit of Yadogiri which is the spirit favorite and put it in his cane.]

I hear the teacher explanation intently as i occupy all of the top most seat in class. It doesn’t mean that everyone hate to sit around me you know. It’s just no one dare to sit in the same column as me. Even though they don’t need to be that reserved though. Or so i think.

But from teacher point of view i will looked like a pig boss i’m sure. That teacher stole a glance at me since he start talking.

[According to the Kurushu magic academy record there are so many alumnus holding immense magic power. Everyone shouldn’t be jealous of it, you should learn from your senior and move forward. That’s all for today magic theory class.]

After nodding for the teacher’s word, the leaving student steal a glance at me. Even i can feel the gaze i have no friend at all. There is no negative feeling but, every one still avoiding me. I know that feeling. Who in their right mind want to be friend with this piggy duke you know. Lately there is no negative feeling toward me, but my image up till now is far to worst.

I get up from my chair when everyone in the room leaves.

[Dening-san. I heard you’ve been working out lately]

In the platform Aruru-sensei talk to me while preparing for the next class.

Wearing Glasses,  smooth brown hair stretches to the waist, and  wearing a black robe.

He became the teacher for magic theory after graduating from the magic academy. His class is famous for it’s boringness, but i don’t thing it’s that boring. He is a teacher who hold basic as important after all.

[ Aruru-sensei. As expected i am to fat, so i think  i will go for diet]

As i said that i pinch my stomach a bit.

Yup, i am a piggy duke. Effect from those diet haven’t shows up, but i feel my walking speed has increase a bit.

[Wonderful thinking. And somehow your eyes looked different now, Dening-san]

[My eyes? I think it is change, probably…Ah sensei, please don’t move for a bit.]

I walk heavily toward sensei’s front. As i stand toe to toe with him, he seems to be shrinking. Forgive me sensei, I know If this piggy duke stand it’s kinda intimidating. But please forget it for now.

[Don’t make trouble for sensei]

What the heck this naughty wind spirit say, from sensei’s body it flew toward the window to the outside. There is no doubt it is some prank it is playing. I wonder will there be a strong wind when i bring a stack of paper in the corridor.

[Ex-excuse me?]

After saying my farewell to sensei who don’t understand my action, I leave the room. After all if it’s known those fairy is watching there will be some clamor. While walking along the corridor, I think about the next lesson. It’s Martial arts class. But I think I will ask permission for running around the sport ground. Even Aruru sensei know i am on a diet even though he is not quiet fond of rumor, so i believe it will be easy to get permission.

I have to become a MACHO man as fast as possible!


With a big sound i walk along the corridor, and at that time i meet someone whom face i know even when i live in my previous world.

The pair is the same year as me.

One is a boy with a blazing hair and the other one is a small strong willed woman.

The main protagonist Shuya, and my former fiance Alicia.

[Ah, piggy duke…]

[Slow the pig…]

For the protagonist I am his bitter enemy.

Well, when we was a first year it’s my fault making a move to those guys.

Even until now whenever i meet them i saying disagreeable thing like, [Shuya. Are you playing with girls again? isn’t it good to be someone from a good family.] or [Alicia is really bad at magic isn’t she?]

But I have been decided to change from my old self.

[….I’m sorry for everything i have done to you guys]

A cracking voice I don’t even know where is it from  came out, Did they hear that?  after that with my heavy step i hurriedly walk past them.


I thought i already have a change of heart, why is it so hard to apologize to someone?!?


At night i sneak out from the dorm alone and start running.

It’s been only a few days since i start running like this, but i can feel my body become better! But still there is a sound effect dossun dossun  while i ran! Hurry up and slim up my body so i will become a Macho man!


At the edge of school ground standing there is an old research building and i running circling it’s surrounding. It’s an old building no one care to use. On top of that at night there is no way anyone will come to this place.


I think it’s time to go back.

Just when i walk back to the boys dorm, a voice came out from the back of the research building.

[Wind! Wind! Damn it! Wind!]


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Piggy Duke 3

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3.) I’m So Fat The Chair Broke


In the magic academy, the job for an attendant is not just fulfilling the everyday needs of the nobles, but they also carry the burden of their academic matters. And because some of the students in the magic academy come from distinguished families, there are some case where an attendant is also searching for a useful lord.

There are also some cases where the nobles might be wooing an attendant girl who is serving another noble from a lower class than them.

But that rarely happens to Charlote.

Rather than being hated, she is serving the most powerful person in the second year of Kurushu Magic Academy. (Kurushu Mahou Gakuen)

She is serving me the piggy duke after all.

[No way Charlote—–]

When I’m done with my classes for today, I’m calling Charlote to my room.


Her tidy silver hair and those powerful black eyes full of will. As if a sculpture made from ice, so cute.

Buhi… And without me knowingly, a sigh escape from my own mouth.

But Charlote’s maid uniform is getting dirty here and there.

For someone who watched the anime I already know the reason.

There is also the case among the attendants, that because she is serving me the piggy duke, she is also receiving some harassment behind my back.

[Slow-sama, what kind of assistance do you require now?]

Charlote looks at me with shock. It’s unusual for Charlote to be showing emotion in her face, usually she rarely shows it.

[You don’t need to prepare breakfast from tomorrow on. I will eat together with everyone in the dining hall buhi]

Uuuuh, I wonder if it’s enough with food only from the dining hall…

I am becoming timid again without me noticing… No, I mustn’t!! I have decided I will be on a diet!! I have to throw away this fat from my body!


After Charlote bows gracefully towards me, she leaves my room.


At the magic academy, students can spend their time as they pleased after the class sessions are over.

But as usual, in my room at the boy’s dorm, fourth floor I am doing nothing.

The boy’s dorm has five floors. The top most floor is for the royalty, the fourth is for the higher nobles, the third floor is for those not so high rank nobles, the second floor is for the low rank nobles, and finally, the first floor is for the commoners.

The higher the floor, the bigger the room will be.

I heard that in the first floor, the commoners have to share a room with two or three persons.

We call it, the tako room.


[Buu… buu]

While being half naked, I begin my muscle training.

[Buu… Buuuuuuuu]

But I can’t even do a single push up. Oi, what does this mean piggy duke! You don’t have any muscle at all! Also my stomach is growling.

Normally I would have eaten at least two portions or more when it was lunch, but I have to pass on that now!

To pull out my will, I am standing in front of a mirror.

In front of me, I see a big fatty is standing there.

[How terrible…]

My wish is to be standing right next to Charlote.

I can’t stand beside her if I’m this fat. My goal is to become macho.

I understand piggy duke’s feelings, he has been running alone all this time. He has no one, he doesn’t even have any trusted friends and no matter how much he is being scorned, for his heart keeps calm and strong.

Because of all that, I will grant him his wish.

Honestly I want to go straight to them and scold those who bullied Charlote, but things will turn bad if I go there now.

For the sake of Charlote so she can be proud of serving me, I will become a great human being! In the anime the reason Charlote liked the piggy duke might have been because he is a kind man, but that is not enough anymore!

Piggy duke though it would be bad if he became a great person but couldn’t marry Charlote. I believe that kind of thinking is wrong. He never relied on anyone, and though it was impossible to tell anyone about his thoughts.


Piggy duke thought he would be separated with Charlote if he spoke his thoughts, but this is wrong. Even if it’s just a little, there has to be someone who can help. Now In this silence I’m remembering about my knight.

He has someone which to depend on each other and keep trying hard together.

After Charlote became a slave, I won’t have her taken away by that protagonist.

Alright, I have decided, now its muscle training time!

Whenever I have time for it, I will keep training my body!

For the sake of standing next to Charlote, it’s time to fix my life!


In the morning, with a worried look in her face she is seeing me off.

[…Please do take care, Slow-sama]

After coming down from the boy’s dorm stairs, I walk outside.

The students and also the attendants see me like I’m something unusual.


[It’s the piggy duke…]

[Is it possible that piggy duke is coming to the dining hall?]


Without minding those guys, I keep walking to the banquet hall we use as the dining room.

The students are seated in a long desk that looks so much crowded. Well then, where should I sit? Because of my big body I don’t want to squeeze between people… After thinking it over I sit in a corner near the entrance.


This is bad, most likely the chair seems to have broken in pieces. I’m still too fat aren’t I?

Pupupu, seeing such spectacle they laugh unexpectedly.

I knew it, I am the piggy duke! Go on a diet! No, more than that, why the hell did this chair suddenly broke? Are you really fine?

As I sit, some attendant bring me the food.


With great vigor I bring the food to my mouth.


[Nomnomnomnom, wha?]

Before I realized it the food disappears. Wasn’t it to little? It was gone in an instant.

The seasoning was so thin, and did the other students feel satiated with this amount of food?

When I looked at the other table, I saw the other student’s stunned faces. …What?  What the heck?! As soon as I saw them they avoid my stare, those who were talking to their friends put down their tableware in a hurry. I’m kinda hurt with their reactions.

…I’m still hungry, what should I do.


[Dening-sama. If it’s okay with you, please eat this]

As soon as it that was said, a festival like breakfast is happening in front of me.

Ah, it seems those who want to flatter me have come. A beautiful blond haired guy. Hmmm, I think he’s in the same year as me… Ah, he is the viscount’s second son, I’m sure of it! Another person who never appeared in the anime is coming!

[My name is Vision Greytroad. It’s a pleasure to meet you]

I can hear someone somewhere smacking his mouth. Somehow I can feel this blond man is also hated a lot. But if possible I want to repay his courage. He could talk to me in this kind of atmosphere.

The Banquet hall became quiet. Everyone is looking at me and this blond guy.


Piggy duke is screaming hungry-hungry from inside me. This guy… That’s why you are not good! Where the hell did that promise of a diet went now!

As I stand up from my seat, I decline the blond student offer.

[I had enough with this food. Thank yo—–u, UWAA! UWAAAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!]

The broken seat’s bedding began falling out! Suddenly the banquet hall became quiet and after that a thunderous sound of laughter could be heard. Oh man, I am so embarrassed. Dammit! Don’t laugh!  I am in the middle of a diet after all!


As I slowly get up, I looked sharply to everyone around and the place suddenly became quiet again.

[I had enough of food…]

After saying that and as I walk outside the dining hall my stomach keeps growling.

At the same time roaring laughter could be heard from inside the hall.

As my face keeps turning red, I run to the boy’s dorm.

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The Piggy Duke 2

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2.) Well Then, Shall We Start The Diet?

This fatty! This fatty! This fatty!

Don’t joke with me, piggy duke!!

As I have the same  memories as the piggy duke’s,  I am getting mad!!

This lass, why he became so hated? To the point that he will exiled from this country, I know the reason!!

[Buhi, bu, buu]

This piggy duke has calculated everything!

As the next head of the family in this generation he cannot be with a woman who was just an attendant. He made a plan to make himself hated by plummeting his family’s name, causing an accident here and there, and eventually getting exiled from the country.

After getting exiled from the country he has a dream to live a simple life with Charlotte somewhere quiet using the money he saved secretly.

But that dream won’t come true.

After losing his only reason to live because Charlotte became another member of the protagonist’s harem, he died as a slave after all.


[Buhi. Buhiii, Buhiii!]

I’m running until my sweats came out like a water fall. After taking off my school uniform and wearing modest and simple clothes, I began to run again.

The sweat began to stick to my clothes and my feet start to wobble.



Oi piggy duke! No, ME! How much you didn’t exercise!!

[Look!! The piggy duke is running!! His figure is just like a moving orc!!]

[It’s true–. Will there be a pig rain tomorrow?]


While listening to the bad mouthing I keep running.

The reason why the piggy duke never got on a diet in the anime no matter how much bad mouthing he got, I know it. He needed to keep looking incompetent and like an idiot.

The empire’s number one military personnel, Dening Household.

The current head Valderoy Dening had been doting on him.

The reason it’s so simple, the piggy duke holds wind magic which is much stronger than the current head.

For generations, there is one tradition in the Dening of the wind duke’s household needed to follow.

That was the wind guidance.

Among the candidates for the duke, the one who is loved the most by the wind spirit will be the next head of the family!

After the piggy duke was born, the next head has been mostly decided.

When the piggy duke became aware of this, he was already receiving training to be the next head of the duke household.

But when he was 6 years old.

The piggy duke meet with the dead eyed Charlotte in the slave market, and because of some mischievous wind spirit whisper, he learnt Charlotte’s background.

In front of his eyes he saw a withering girl that was actually a princess from a downfallen kingdom.

What happened to her, the piggy duke knew everything up until she became a slave.


[My knight, Silva!! Buy that slave! I don’t care how much it is! I want her to be released from that place!]

[Slow-sama… Please look, the price of that girl. Isn’t the price a bit superficial?]

[Slow-chan. Un, it’s a bit pricey isn’t it?]

[Father you said it’s my time to choose my own personal attendant! Just take the next 5 years of my pocket money!]


From there, little by little the piggy duke changed.

He neglected a healthy life, always saying irrational orders all around, the genius next head of the duke house had become a selfish young master.

And as for the piggy duke, this school life is the important one.

He spread the name of the piggy duke to lower the name of the duke’s house all over the country.

[Buhii, buhii, buhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii]

In the anime it was successful, the piggy duke’s plan was a big success.

The day the piggy duke was exiled from the country, the head of the Duke’s house said to him, [Slow, don’t you ever show your face to me again]

Isn’t there any different way for the piggy duke?

[BUhii!! Buhii!]

I remember.

There was an event in which the general manager of the anime said,

[The piggy duke is a clever, strong, kind, and also have a strong will against sorrow. This is a story telling us about his sorrowful life seen from the other side. The piggy duke had all the power to accomplish things, but in the end he only saw Charlote being stolen by the protagonist. This is an anime that I poured my all, to tell you a story about a boy who keep all those secrets within himself]

[Buhi, bu, bu. Buhyaaa. Buhyaaaaaaa!!!]

It hurts!

With great momentum I was thrown to the ground. It hurts, I think it will leave a scar in my face. What a sad figure. This is the one, the piggy duke who’s loved by the wind spirit. Somehow I know Charlote is also looking at me now. The piggy duke frail heart begin to tremble.


[Aah. The piggy duke just fell! Uwaa, he is running with that kind of body after all]

[Heh. Go die Piggy. It’s really a poison for my eyes. No matter how much of a Dening household person he is, isn’t that impossible~]


The wind spirit told me what the students are talking about. A rolling pig is an interesting, and a spectacular spectacle after all. [Hey look. That is the piggy dance from the piggy duke] S***, don’t say a thing if you don’t even understand. I can hear it all you know. Just go play some swordplay somewhere… Wait, I can hear what they are saying, then it means…

Is it possible that the piggy knew all the abusive words directed at him in the anime?


[Aah. The piggy duke is looking at here]

[It’s impossible to overhear us in this distance. He can’t hear it. Ooy, piggy duke. See he can’t hear it]


I just remove the mud sticking to my clothes, and continue running circling the vast sports ground again. It is actually sword technique class but, I asked the teacher to let me run on my own. With an astonished looked he, the teacher, allowed it. I believed he is feeling relieved inside. Since I have never once joined the sword technique class after all.

[Buhibuhi, buhi. buhhibuhi]

This school education revolve around class study (theory), martial arts, sword technique, and magic. But for the piggy duke in the anime, he tossed away the martial arts class and sword technique classes. As of now I know the reason. Because it’s impossible to get good results with this kind of body.

The rest of the students are holding swords in the center of the sports ground and having a mock fight in a groups of two.

For the friendless piggy duke making a two person team is an impossible feat. Even now when there are so many students bad mouthing him, there is no one who thinks of him.

[Buhibuhii. Buhi]

For not telling anyone about his feelings for Charlote, actually the piggy duke is an idiotic one.

Never depending on anyone, He was an idiot for just thinking about one single girl endlessly.


But I won’t walk on that kind of future now.

With the memory from my previous life. I have decided on a few things.

The first one, I will start training now.

I need to lose some weight at first.

[Buho. Bbuu, Buhoo]

The piggy duke in the anime never once looked out for his own appearance.

The only human close to him was only Charlote and he felt somehow relieved.

But I know it will eventually bring him to his own destruction.

[Buho, buho]

I think that because of my previous memory the piggy duke personality ceased to exist.

But it has not disappeared.

When I’m looking at Charlote’s figure, this piggy piggy duke’s heart begins to shout.


Ah, I have fallen again! It’s natural if I began to run with this kind of heavy body. S*** you are so fat piggy duke! Look at your own self more!


[He dropped again. What are you doing, piggy duke]

[Isn’t he getting scolded from his papa? look, there is a rumor that Duke Dening has a strict rule about appearance]


The looks from the girls are piercing me.

They said things like ‘Still running again’ or like ‘But it’s kinda too late to begin dieting now, it is impossible’.

Dammit! It’s irritating me! Shut up! But even though I am getting irritated my piggy duke’s heart began to tremble. Don’t bother with what the others see buhi he said. …No, It’s different! I will tell them off now piggy duke! That’s why you are no good! There is no way this world will move according to your plan, too naive!

It’s impossible for me to carry it on my own!

Now, let’s start running again!

This piggy duke!

[Buhii. Buhii, Buhibuhi]

From now on I will remove this dark kind of piggy duke and aim for the white kind of piggy duke!

Run for it! The famous white piggy duke!

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Because The Pig Duke Has Been Reincarnated, This Time I Will Say I Like You Chapter 1

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1.) The pig me, I am a pig duke aren’t I?

When I open my eyes, I can remember all of my previous life memories.

I get up from the bed in a rush and look at myself in the mirror.

[Wow, I’m so fat]

Grey ash hair and a big body that shows its prosperity, no it’s a pig body.

But I know this face from my life before.

He was the most hated character in an adult anime called ‘Girl and Shuya because of his face ‘.

‘Girl and Shuya’ is an anime about a boy from a baron household which is holding a talent for fire magic and was entering this academy. There he made a good relationship with the girls and not just helping them to solve their problems, he also gave them solutions about foreign affairs.

And the person who will be loathed by him is me.

The third son of the Duke’s Household the pig duke, Slow-Dening.

Someone who looked down on people, always bragging his family name, a fatty, having characteristics the same as an orc, and finally the man who will be banished from the country.

It is the tragic future that awaits the pig duke.


[As I thought, so fat]

And his misfortune doesn’t just end there, his attendant for whom he secretly has a crush will become one of the protagonist’s harem. The pitiful pig misfortune doesn’t end like that, his parent even told  him they don’t have any connection to him and he was just a boy they  picked up from the bridge.

[Man, this is just like a real orc isn’t it]

While thinking about those thing, I hear a knock from my door.

[Slow-sama have you woken up? The breakfast has been prepared]

My attendant, Charlotte.

As a student of the Kurushu Magic Academy I should have  eat breakfast in the dining hall with the other students, but because I was abusing my family’s name I could have a luxurious breakfast in my own room.

[I am awake. Enter now Charlote]

A beautiful girl with silver hair hanging her shoulder.

A majestic feeling of a snow goddess overflowed from Charlote, exceeding that of an attendant.

But it is that isn’t it.

I know all about Charlotte’s secret, the truth was she was a princess of a ruined foreign country.

[I will prepare it for a bit,  please wait for a moment]

Yeah, this was the same Charlotte that will be stolen by the protagonist.

But, there are some people who watch the anime think that the piggy duke wanted to tie the knot with Charlotte.

And eventually I am one of those people too.



After Charlotte was picked up by the Dening household, she has been together with the piggy duke since he was 6 years old.

Charlotte was helped by the piggy duke when she was sold as a slave in the forest of one of the Dening Household territory.

Since Charlote was a child, she had an obligation she wanted to pay to the piggy duke, but as the war with the empire went on in the border they slowly got separated.

And after that winter,  the second year of the magic school.

In the anime to help the protagonist from a great danger against him,  Charlotte became one of the harem member.

It doesn’t matter how hard he tried, it was too late when the piggy duke realized that Charlotte was attracted to the protagonist, 

All the things he tried to build become meaningless, and he became a laughing stock.

The worst character piggy duke, became the number one in the popularity ranking in anime “Girl and Shuya”.

There are three reason why it became like that.

The first reason was that the protagonist simply is not popular.

There also people that think like ‘Like hell you deserve a harem!!’  was also there.

It can’t be helped, all the girls in the “Girl and Shuya” are so cute after all.


[Slow-sama the preparation for breakfast is ready. The soup is still hot, please let it cool first]


The second one is because the misfortune the piggy duke had.

The setting was that piggy duke knew that Charlotte was a princess of a downfallen kingdom.

And the piggy duke was fighting to protect Charlotte from assassins of the imperial and also other countries, which aimed for her all day and night.

But that achievement was not came to light, the good parts were all taken by the protagonist in the anime.

On top of that, the love that piggy duke held for Charlotte never came to light till the end.

In his last year the hated piggy duke, while he was turned into a magic slave, in his last breath he was calling Charlotte name.

And that tragic end is really well received by the viewers.

And there is another reason why the piggy duke is taking first place.


[…Charlotte. Thank you for everything buhi]


Hearing my word Charlotte is honestly surprised.

So surprised she dropped the teapot she was holding, and made a really loud voice when it dropped.

[Fo-forgive me, Slow-sama]

[No, don’t mind it]

I saw the surprised Charlotte  gathering all the broken pieces in haste.

The broken pieces as if announcing its own magnificence float above the red carpet beautifully.

It wasn’t told in the anime but—–

[The wind mischief quietly begin (wind dance)]

—–The piggy duke written in the history, was extremely loved by the wind spirit.


The current season was summer.

The piggy duke, no, I am 16 years old.

It has been a year since I entered the Kurushu Magic Academy, my bad reputation in school was known not only around the school premise but to the other countries too.

But I won’t mind those things now.

[Charlotte, it’s kinda late but… good morning]

My attendant, Charlotte.

No, the princess of a downfallen kingdom Charlotte Lili Hughjack.

[Go-good morning, Slow-sama]

I am looking to your eyes that are peeking while you lower your head.

In the anime it couldn’t be fulfilled .

But I will become a man that is appropriate for you, I vowed that in my heart.

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