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Should Fix the TOC soon…..

Hey guys, Stela is back~

….well it’s unscheduled as usual….but hey let’s see the bright side, There is a new chapter here!

well, the story is getting near to the climax for this arc, I hope it will be an exciting arc and I REALLY wish to deliver it to you guys with a minimum mistake so can enjoy it to the fullest.

Oh, if you wondering why did I post my chapter so late…..Actually, it was because of a novel that I have been waiting for to be TLed finally here….


it was……soooooo good~ soooo good it made me forget about my own translation…….so you can blame the translator there why did he/she have to pick up such a good novel….if you never read it before, try it.

And thank you for William and first last for your patronage, I will try harder to fulfill your expectation!

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anyway here is the next chapter

Chapter 68

…….Oh yeah, I need to fix the ToC……..

Here comes the loves

OMG this chapter really makes me wanted to bite Charlotte!!

thank you for your support guys, And I can’t stop thanking my patreon for their massive support for me.

there are another 30 chapters before this story arc done, Hope I can tl it faster.

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alright guys without further ado please  enjoy the chapter

Chapter 67

Chapter 65 and 66 is heeeereee

Hello hello~ Stela is back in action again.

here is first chapter of the month, you can expect the next chapter a bit faster.

Chapter 65 is just a short story while chapter 66 is the continuation.

oh Yeah, thank you to my Patreon that always support me in this harsh world, and also you guys that has been giving me so much attention on my TL!! it really makes me happy that someone still supporting this small TL team of mine.

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without further ado, let’s start the party!!

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Sort chapter 64

Hello guys, a short update cause it’s a really really short chapter.

it’s Charlotte pov now.

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Chapter 64

Chapter 63 has finally arrived!!!

Okay guys here is the next chapter,

hope you guys like it and don’t forget to tell me if there are some hard to understand ENGRISH of mine there I will fix it asap.

sorry my job kinda haunting me right now. i hope you guys could Understand.

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well then  have fun reading!


Chapter 63

Chapter 62 is here

Hello guys~

Sorry I just happened to have time now to post.

huft I really need to saved up to buy a new laptop or somekind, it’s hard working on a PC.

thank you for your support up till now~ I will try my best to keep posting at least 3 to 4 chapter each month so I can finish this quickly and move to other good novel (for me at least)

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And without further ado, here is the chapter.

Chapter 62

Chapter 62 with ads

Chapter 61

Yo yo yo,

I have time today and I finished this Chapter (surprised even myself) since (again I was surprised) my boss still haven’t contact me.

Here is the link

Chapter 61

Chapter 61 with ads

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Chapter 58 and 59

Hey guys~

this chapter should be last week chapter but I forgot about it entirely because of my project.

I’m so sorry~

here is the link guys

Chapter 59&60

Chapter 59&60 with ads

Chapter 58

Hello guys!!!

I really want to say thank you,

thank you so much for your guys support  this TL site can still alive!

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oh well, please do enjoy~

Chapter 58

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Chapter 57 here~

Yha guys~ how do you do?

hmmm, before I said anything I wanted to inform you, I think this site will have quite an error for a while like it can’t be accessed or such.

well that was because there will be some server maintance or so they say.

Hmmm, one last thing.


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Chapter 57

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