57.) Magic is indeed something awesome


The monsters currently excitingly keep coming towards the highway and attacking the White horse.






But those monster only understand it once they got blown away.

What happens just now?

Why did I got blown to the tree by myself?

Whenever the white horse pass, Monsters will get blown away by a violent wind.

Slow Denning, the man who was called the wind prodigy a long time ago, right now he focused his eyes towards the town that can’t be seen yet.

The phrase, ‘run like the wind’ really suit him now.

The white horse together Slow Denning ignored all the obstacle in front of them and run straight toward the town of Yolem.


He shows them the real power of an Elemental Master.

The white horse’s body felt like its body was floating, just like riding the wind itself.

The sloppy muddy road ground got repaired steadily by itself.

The water was taken from it, the wind then dries it away, then the earth hardened itself. Those rain that came like cats and dogs was evaporating with heat before they can even reach these two.

The light shone on the path they ran, and they conceal themselves and blend together with the darkness.


If a mage from the magic city Minerva sees what happened here, he will only let out an amazed sigh seeing how astounding magic technique used here.

That skill he showed was only possible because he is an ‘elemental master’.

All the monster that came to attack, either from both side of the road or from the sky, they all got hit and blown away by bullets created by the wind.

And those monster that came after him can’t even catch up with him.

After all the white horse speed was extremely abnormal after it received some aid from the wind.


[Haaa, haaa] (piggy duke)


Since the time he first came to the academy, this is the first time he ever uses this kind of detailed magic for such a long time.

And then he felt weak after using such magic so much.

But strangely rather than stopping his magic he continues using it instead.


Somehow he became slimmer.

As he continues using his magic his face looked smarter and smarter, but the person himself seems didn’t realize it.




The white horse didn’t know what happened to them but it getting lighter and lighter than before, it increases its speed even further.

After having used so much magic his body has regained its natural size, the wind prodigy from before has finally returned.


But the thing is, there is no one know the truth yet.

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