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Fiuh, made it in time…..



Sorry, just need to let it out. Oh and today will be 2 chapter.

Chapter 74

Chapter 75

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TOC FIXED!!!…….for now that is

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Chapter 69

Chapter 70


Chapter 62 is here

Hello guys~

Sorry I just happened to have time now to post.

huft I really need to saved up to buy a new laptop or somekind, it’s hard working on a PC.

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Chapter 62

Chapter 62 with ads

Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Chapter 58 with ads

Chapter 53

Hello, there my friend~!

still alive and kicking, and right now I have good news and bad news.

The good news is I have a free time next week! *clap clap clap so you can expect 2 or 3 chapter (and please pray that my boss not calling me or you can be sure I can’t TL).

Fun right?! Yeaaaah!!

And now for the bad news that everyone has been waiting for!!!!!

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Chapter 52

It was a short chapter, I still have a little time today, hope I can finish it either  today or tomorrow cause if Monday come I can’t do a thing again TAT)

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Chapter 51

Hai hai~ still waiting for our beloved pig?

okay okay it was clearly my fault to be late at posting this, actually I have been finished this last sunday.

But, what can I say, my boss wanted me to go to some meeting outside of town~

Well, excused aside, please do point my mistakes in my translation when you found one.

don’t worry I won’t bite~ (maybe?)

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Piggy Duke 50

hello guys~

A bit update from me

it’s been soooo long since I last post it in here.

I know it’s my fault cause I can’t divide my time properly.

I can actually do this right now cause my meeting suddenly canceled!!

well it’s not actually a good news…..It was because Mt. Agung in Bali became active again so my boss canceled the meeting cause all flight was canceled.

I really hope it won’t become worse than this, I have a lot of friend there  and it kinda worried me if something did happen…..I really hope nothing will happen.

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Piggy Duke 48

Yup I did it when I have sometime~

please do enjoy and wish I really have time for the next chapter so it could came out faster.

oh please tell me if there are some mistake in the way I TL it.

welp, please enjoy~

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Chapter 46


Well, if anyone who knows about this phrase they were old people like meh!

…Jokes aside, Here is the next chapter! We could only update this when we both had time, so I really appreciate it for

you guys who had been keep following us till today.

And boys and girls I will say this, “treasure your friend and family, because those are the first person who will help you when you most need it”

Wise word end here dude~

Towards the chapter!

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