Last Chapter fo the month I guess?

Hello guys~

Sorry, I guess This will be the last chapter for this month. Hope you will enjoy it.

Chapter 81

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Now for Stela news~ (you can just ignore it since it will be just an update about what will happen next)

We have bad news and good news,

the good news is…

We got new TL-er for Din no Monshu!!!

But the bad news is

I still waiting for permission to TL the series……

anyway, someone told me to search for proofreader.  I’ll try my best searching for a good one.  Wish me luck guys~

Now, let’s sleep…..

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  1. Thank you very much for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for doing this chapter!

  3. thank you for guys hard work

  4. ¡¡Thanks for translate this novel!! I’ve been waiting to know about this story a long time… (En español estan muy leeeeeento)

  5. Deppa is a girl in the manga, right?
    Slow wearing girl uniform? I wonder how this scene will play out in the manga…

  6. Yoooo, just recently started the series from the manga. Too bad the chapters haven’t even reached the 30s.

    I’m very glad to see you guys being dedicated to an awesome series~ quite the sum of mistakes, thus maybe the recommendation of a proofreader. Other than that, great work guys!

    Is Ko-fi still available to you? I might send some in the future if so!

  7. I’ve just recently started the series, specifically yesterday, via the Manga.

    I was pretty bummed out that the TL hasn’t even reached the 20s mark yet, until I came upon you guys’ work on the LN.

    Thanks for the work and dedication the team’s past, present, and future members have given into the series! There are quite the sum of mistakes in the translations but other than that, great work!

    On another note, is Ko-fi still available?

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