Piggy Duke 49

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.hack//G.U. Last Recode (English Subs)

49.) The Wind Prodigy (The All Geniuses) and…


When someone fall into a truly dangerous moment, I heard time will looked stopped for them.

If I compared it to the situation before, when I was surrounded by the water soldier that Natalia made before, the situation right now was far far more dangerous then that time.

In a blink of eye, the research crumbling down as if wanted to crush us that was below it.

This so friggin bad!

I know that roar, a roar that was so loud as if it was the end of the world!


[You are joking, right?]


As soon as I saw that I pull my body as far as I could, but the headmaster still rooted there, not moving.


It was as if he wasn’t care about himself and more concern about Natalia’s safety.




As if that bird wanted to crush the thing beneath it, it glide down from the school’s wall, without killing its momentum, it slams its head towards the water sphere.


Such bravery!

Then the giant bird goes back to the sky while Natalia riding on its head.

That bird head was full of blood after it rammed its head toward the water sphere, and right now In its mouth it was holding the cane that was swimming around inside the water sphere before.

Even thou it was my enemy, I really can’t help admiring what it just did.

As if it was dancing inside the rain, the mysterious bird that Natalia ride right now starting to fly away towards the sky.


[Do you think I will head towards the enemy territory without any preparation? Those reckless behaviour was only a monster would do]


It was as if it was a dream, I can’t believe the thing I see right now.

There was a big building right in front of my eyes before, but now it was gone.

Right now it was just a rubble that scattered on the ground, and those dust that was coming from those rabble was covering the street turned into mud because of the rain.


[Piggy Duke, you are someone with the highest level of threat. it was such a pity I still don’t know how did you able to change the magic formation…..But this is farewell, magic academy]


After saying those words directed at me, Natalia and her mysterious bird fly towards the chatedral.

At this rate she will leave this academy in no time, and then she will fly towards Yolem

[Wai- Wait a sec]


Without thinking I start to chase after Natalia that was currently flying away.

Wait, wait, run my body, wait you..


[Goodbye, Daris. My hometown.]


Slowly but surely my gap with Natalia getting farther and farther, I understand that there is no way that I can possibly catching up with her.

But I force myself to chase her.

Natalia was my enemy, but at the same time she was not.

Eventhough she was an enemy in the anime, but she was actually not.

The mysterious bird that Natalia ride slowly but surely fly higher and higher heading towards the cathedral, a few students at the plaza who seen it by chance was in panic.

The sound from the destruction of the research building should have echoed throught out this academy.


[Wait——-Natalia Wndle!!]


Those voice of mine, I wonder will those people hear it.

So much for me seeing the mercenary disappearing inside the dark sky, even before that I was stumbled a stone and diving, head first, towards the muddy street.





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  1. Not the last time we see her, I think.

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  4. thediabolicalgenius

    November 10, 2017 at 7:57 am

    Just caught up and I still enjoy it as much as I did. It’s a shame you can’t update as much as you like anymore, but I still have it in my reading list on novelupdates, so I can always know if you do.

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