Chapter 45

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45.) I Will Restrain Myself From a Horror Movie


As soon as the evening came, the place soon became darker.

Light rain began to to appear together with the evening wind.


[Fumu, it seems there is still no problem here]


The usual sight of the academy that I used to see welcomed me as I pass the gate.

The street lamps that were erected on both sides of this straight main street illuminated the training buildings.

I think it was right on time when the class finished since there are a lot of students out here. Not long after the rain starting to fall heavily, it was then that I see a girl was running with cloth on her head.


[I saw a giant bird just now! I’m not lying! It was totally black, but believe me I saw it!]


[Isn’t just you being a coward like usual and mistook it with my pet owl?]


[Yeah, right!]


It was the usual scene in the academy, but if that monster attracting perfume had been successfully spread out on this academy, the scene we saw right now would have been different.

Well, no matter how many students there are here who could use magic, no more than half of the students here are nobles that have never fought against a real monster. But there are some students here that registered in the adventurer guild and did it as some kind of side job.

Ah, that’s right. At this time Shuya should has been registered as an adventurer at the guild. If I remember correctly he should be a rank D now.


[Ah, headmaster Morozov! Good evening~]


[Foofo] (I think it is a laugh like ‘kuku’?).


As we walk, the headmaster oftenly gets greeted.

As I thought it was his own virtue that made this happen~  and he didn’t even ask those student to give their respect to him.


But as someone who walk beside him I won’t lose in this aspect! Buhi!


[Ah, Dening-sama! I was just practicing magic on my own, but I’ve this feeling that I could finally use magic! I think I could move those leaves a bit just now!]


In the morning, it was only for a short time but I had time to teach magic to those commoner students!

Looky look here~! I am not the same as the old black piggy duke! I’m also showing some growth right now!

But somehow I was a bit happy!

I don’t know since when but the students in this academy started recognizing me!

It was as if that time as the black piggy duke was a lie.


[Are you an idiot!? That must be just the wind! It’s impossible for you to use magic that easily!!]


[You’re just jealous! That there surely was magic! I am sure that I successfully casted it!]


It seems up until they speaked to me just now, they were still practicing beside the research building.

Haah, dangerous dangerous.

There is a high possibility that one room of that building over there has turned into a hiding place for that mercenary, and there is also that monster attracting perfume. My spine goes cold just by imagining it.


[Well then, see you later! Dening-sama!]


With dadada everyone left with so much vigor.

It seems they are going to the dining hall for dinner. Talking about dinner, my stomach just growled. Good grief…


[Slow-kun, as I thought, you indeed have the talent to become a teacher… And by the way, where is the real Aruru-sensei location?]


[Umm, I think the real Aruru-sensei is still okay. If not there is no way that mercenary could still be okay teaching people like this. At fixed interval, she must need to ask the real Aruru-sensei about what kind of teaching material she need to teach, otherwise she won’t be able to teach like the real thing]


I have written things about Aruru-sensei in the letter I had send to Silva.

If we are talking about justice to him, it will be set him on fire. He will save her without delay.


[Leaving that aside, Rokomoko-sensei is really taking his time with the mercenary. Is there something that is making him take this long?]


[I left about the meeting to combine the classes to him because it is something important. If they are talking about the students skills and team combination, it will become a long meeting if it is between the teacher of theoretical magic and the practical magic teacher. And if it’s him…

Slow-kun. For the sake of capturing that mercenary, I have paid quite a lot. This is exactly the time to show the Royal knight’s real power, isn’t it?]


Mercenaries should be sensitive against some change around them.

What If Rokomoko-sensei somehow show any kind of suspicious movement and the mercenary notice it, it makes me worried for a bit.

Why did that Rokomoko-sensei always flunked in the most crucial moment even when it was only the anime…


After that, we continued walking in between the training building .

We walk together as the light from the street lamp shine on the road as we pass.

From where we are, we both could see the lively dining hall that was really bright.

There are a lot of students that are currently starting their dinner, and there is also the big chair for my exclusive use set near the entrance. Then I can see the figure of Alicia and Shuya, they were talking about something and Vision, was currently neatly serving them.


I also wanted to be there and join those students.


Or should I said, my stomach was already begging me to fill it.




Hora hora one hungry stomach is coming through.




When both of us walk across the plaza, the one that’s in front of the cathedral, I did a sidelong glance toward the boys dorm.

As the number of the students decrease, the lamp that was lighting the academy became dimmer.

The water from the rain came down and it started to made stronger noises as it turned into a heavy pour.

What an unpleasant weather.

Perhaps there will be a storm tonight?




The monster attracting perfume, I know how fearsome it’s power is after seen it in the anime.

With only a sprinkle from it, Shuya was facing a powerful monster when he went to a monster’s homebase.




Well, there is no way such a think will happen!

Yoshi! Let’s go with a bang!

Let’s secure those perfumes ASAP, and then go to Charlotte’s place! She will be considerably worried since I haven’t come back!




It was an abandoned looking building.

It was the 5-floor research building where I used to do my running, but it looks so abandoned especially at night.

Ugh, scary.

It looked like a ghost will just suddenly appeared.


[it was planned to be disassembled after the summer vacation started and the students went back to their home…it never crossed my thoughts it would be used by that mercenary]


As we come closer to that building, the headmaster and I look up at that research building.

According to Art Ange, there should be a large quantity of the perfume in one of the rooms of the 4th floor of this building.

The old looking research building, even the people that walk around here rarely come close to this place.

As we open the solemn looking door, a chilling atmosphere flows out from inside the building, even thought it was summer night it made me shiver.

It was just like a horror movie, and when I thought, ‘let’s just make a simple light with my cane and continue walking’ it happen.


[Old man! Don’t come in! There is a giant bird here!]




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