some short chapter

Hello guys, here is some short chapter. both have been proofread and edited.

the next chapter still halfway done. Need a moment to gather some motivation and time to do it.

hope you guys forgive me.

oh and give praise to our beloved friend Xinshou that still help me despite my f*** up schedule!!

Chapter 94 (edited)

Chapter 95 (edited)

Hey guys, sorry for the long radio silence.

Just got home and finally decent connection to upload. This one is the unedited version. I will update it once I have the edited ver.

So for now, please enjoy

Piggy Duke 94

Hello and sorry


I will try to rush as fast as possible another 4 chapters until this arc end.  after that, I will try to finish the rest of Din no Monshu chapter 1 (part 2~4) and chapter 2. Din no monshu was, much harder than I expected, I was forced to learn more since it wasn’t as simple as Piggy Duke. but don’t worry, I will still continue piggy Duke until the end (this will answer some of your question).

oh yeah, I will become more and more busy from now on (I hate it but need the money) I hope you guys could understand.

and please welcome our proofreader


oh and if you guys interested we have a new discord channel (still learning how to set inside it though)

please join us if you have some time to waste!!

Nuooooo, another 3 minute

No comment here!!! 2 minutes before the date change!!

Piggy duke 92

Din no monshu vol2 chp 1 (1 of 4)


Din no monshu will be in part until I am done with the current piggy duke’s ark


Sorry, no chapter this week.

Hey guys, it was truly unfortunate. I can’t post any chapter this week. I had some unlucky days it made impossible for me and my team to do any kind of translation or even our RL project.

I know I often delayed posting the chap, and I really feelings bad about it.

We will try our best after we take care of things here. Don’t worry we will not stop translating this one and also we will translating din no monshu starting next week.

Hope you guys can forgive us and be patience.

And once again, we are truly sorry.

Sorry for the new delay and a new teaser

Hey guys~ sorry for the delay.

This chapter was hard…. I think there might be still a few mistakes here and there even after I take my time asking my friend to edit it.

And here is the chap, pls enjoy.

Piggy Duke 91

And starting from February, I will do as I promised to you! because finally, we can finally start this series!

the title? oh if you forget what I said before then please wait at February 7th, I will post the first.

And thank you RTD since you gave us permission to do this series >.<)

Oh btw, Mr. maniac will be the one who translates this new series.  He and I currently working in the same project and since the project come to a halt he will do this series for fun (lol).

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To our fellow pig lover

Aaaaaand I have return~

well, that was fun and educating, especially for the ‘pronunciation’ class.

That class makes my tongue cramp, but somehow I survive it and rather miss my English course there now…..

Oh well, that is my current situation and now for your chapter

Piggy duke 89

Piggy duke 90

And I won’t forget to thank you to each and every one of you who still support me.

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PS. you can expect the next chapter in the next 48 hour. currently editing and also re-read it since it was longer chapter than usual.

Happy (late) new yeeear~


Hello guys~

We are back in action!

Well even though I said ‘get back in action’, I am still occupied with my job, lol.

So, since I will join an intense English course for a week starting from the 10th this month, hoping I can increase my translation quality.

And thank you guys for your support, and especially my patreon

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I’m sorry for last month lack updates…..

Hello guys, stela here.

>>please, don’t be afraid to tell us if there is any wrong text or you think we did some mistranslation<<<

Please enjoy

Chapter 84

Chapter 85

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

I’m so sorry for the lack of update last month. Last month was……Hell for our team, it seems I jinx myself with my previous post.

all of a sudden I got a lot of work, it was fun and educative for me, at first. Whenever I start translating the chap, next job will come in. I will be given the deadline of 1 day to finish, and my team and I thankfully could do it. But thanks to that it makes me dizzy seeing so many words in only such a short of time.  From the schedule, I have made with my TL team, we should be able to finish this time arc (another 8 chapter) before the new year. But sadly, (or maybe thankfully) it seems they will give us more work by the end of this year.  If by some chance we can’t do it, please forgive us. And we will try our best for you our beloved reader.

special thanks to our patreon

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First 2 chapters of the month

Hello guys,  There is nothing special happening besides….. waiting for answers regarding Din no Monshu.

Also thank you very much for my patrons for supporting me all this time. And to each and every one of you for keep reading this despite my still bad engrish……..Why did it feels like I just raise a flag here?

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and here is the chapter

chapter 82

chapter 83

and please don’t be afraid tell me where I did wrong on my translation.

…………..But seriously, why did I feel like I just raise a flag here?


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